2009 schedule

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2009 schedule

Post  Covina Guy on 2009-05-20, 10:43

Per MediaWeek, here is what CBS announced today as their fall schedule:


How I Met Your Mother
Accidentally on Purpose
Two and Half Men
Big Bang Theory
CSI: Miami


NCIS: Los Angeles
The Good Wife


The New Adventures of Old Christine
Cary Unmarried
Criminal Minds


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Mentalist


Ghost Whisperer


Crime Time Saturday
Crime Time Saturday
48 Hours Mystery


60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Three Rivers
Cold Case

Program descriptions:


Accidentally on Purpose
Former Dharma & Greg star Jenna Elfman plays a 39-year-old San
Francisco movie critic who gets pregnant after a one night with a
man 10 years her junior. The cast includes Ashley Jensen, Grant
Show (Swingtown), Jon Foster, Lennon Parham and Nicolas


The Good Wife
After a Chicago district attorney resigns in disgrace and is sent
to prison, his stay-at-home wife must go back to being a lawyer to
support the family. Julianna Margulies (ER), Matt Czuchry and
Christine Baranski (Cybill) star.

Three Rivers
Organ transplants and donation through the eyes of doctors, donors
and recipients is the focus of this new medical drama. The cast
includes Joaquim de Almedia, Christopher Hanke, Daniel Henney,
Justina Machado, Katherine Moennig, Alex O’Loughlin and Julia

The Bridge (midseason)
After being voted to become the police union’s leader, a tough and
dedicated police officer (Aaron Douglas) has his hands full dealing
with criminals on the street, corruption in the ranks and his own
bosses. In association with Canadian network CTV and CBS Television

Miami Trauma (midseason)
A team of trauma surgeons in Miami who race against time to save
patients with less than one hour to live is the focus of this new
medical drama. The cast includes Richard Coyle, Elisabeth Harnois,
Jeremy Northam and Lana Parrilla.


Arranged Marriage (midseason)
Three single adults unlucky in love rely on their closest family
and friends to choose someone for them to marry. Beginning with the
first meetings of the families to the actual wedding day, the
couple is documented through the day-to-day joys and struggles in
their arranged unions.

Undercover Boss (midseason)
In this new hidden camera reality series, an executive goes
undercover in disguise at the company he works for to get a real
look at the people working there and the company itself.

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Re: 2009 schedule

Post  jojo on 2009-05-20, 21:42

Will Survivor every end???? The King of Original Reality TV IMO. I believe it was one of the first...

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Re: 2009 schedule

Post  Ancient Roswellian on 2009-05-20, 22:01

Thanks again CG for covering this for us. Hugs

I love Jenna Elfman and can't wait to see her!


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Re: 2009 schedule

Post  Penny on 2009-05-21, 05:51

@jojo wrote:Will Survivor every end???? The King of Original Reality TV IMO. I believe it was one of the first...

I think "The Real World" on MTV was the first reality show or maybe they both came out the same time?

One of Bethany's (my daughter) friends was in the top 50 to be in the 2nd Survivors show! Charisa lives in San Diego!

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Re: 2009 schedule

Post  Banjo on 2009-05-21, 18:57

Wow ! CBS gets 6 blocks of my life Rolling Eyes . The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother (Cobie Smulders !!! :dead: ) , NCIS, Medium, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and possibly a 7th if Two and a Half Men doesn't interfere with 24 on Monday's which it probably will, as it did this season.

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Re: 2009 schedule

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