Donal Logue in "Hackett"

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Donal Logue in "Hackett"

Post  Berry on 2007-08-28, 00:57

I enjoyed watching Donal Logue in "The Knights of Prosperity" and was bummed when it was cancelled. Am glad to see the network realizes they have a talented guy here and apparently,they are ready to try him in something else.

FOX has recruited Donal Logue to star in its single-camera comedy pilot "Hackett."

A lingering project from this past development season, "Hackett" will also star Rachel Boston and Morgan Murphy, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The logline for "Hackett" goes that the main character is a "bad-boy literary luminary" who leaves his Ivy League teaching career in disgrace and finds himself working at a public school in Ohio.

Boston ("American Dreams") will play the school's principal with Murphy ("Jimmy Kimmel Live") as another teacher.

Barry Sonnenfeld ("Pushing Daisies") signed on to direct the "Hackett" pilot back in February, but difficulties casting the main role kept the comedy from going forward.

Logue spent last season as the lead in ABC's "The Knights of Prosperity." He previously had a long series run on "Grounded for Life," which premiered on FOX and moved to The WB after two-and-a-half seasons.

Feature credits for Logue, who also appeared on a recent episode of FX's "Damages," include "Zodiac," "The Patriot" and "The Tao of Steve."

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