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Post  BoardMomma on 2011-03-14, 20:00

Craig and I watched this over the weekend. I won't go into the story line...I think everyone should see this movie whether you are in to Facebook or not.

I will say that the best "burn" line in the movie that I just loved is "You are not an A- censored hole, you just try really hard to be one."

Probably the movie hits a little too close to home. So if you are like me and can't stand Facebook but go there cause there are people there you need to get in touch with on are not going to change your thinking once you see the movie. You will however recognize the "newest" generation of "alien bred-sheep. (Don't know what that means...see todays jolt. )

Surely I could have spent that two hours doing something better....especially in the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami. But then again with Facebooks net worth...I'm thinkin' that little prick with all that money needs to repent and Japan is great place to start. He could even market it in Facebooks charitable contribution to making the world a better place. But wait, that net worth is internet maybe it's not real.

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