Happy Hour answers some questions, raises others.

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Happy Hour answers some questions, raises others.

Post  Banjo on 2011-07-28, 19:59

The weekly Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy took fan calls that answered several questions and threw out some info that may or may not be true but is interesting nevertheless. As to how Shelly saw what the set up crew was doing, a fan pointed out that on the live feed she had said that she found a small "peep hole" in the blocking wall and watched through it. Of course production will hunt it down and patch it..... tongue

Another fan called in claiming that a friend worked on the show, with CBS for 15 years, and had told her how the Golden Keys will work tonight. She claims that the GK holders will be given the choice of using the key to unlock a "prize box" without knowing what's in it. In the past these sort of prizes have ranged from $1-$5 all the way up to Hawaiian vacations. However if they choose the prize box they give up their spot in the Jury House, should they last long enough to make it to the Jury. I think the jury members get a guaranteed $50k. As Chelsia and Missy pointed out, any GK holder would be stupid to pick the prize box.

Also, they explained how the time zone diffs. affect how the live feeds resume after the network show. This is important because we'll need the live feeds to see who wins the HOH comp. since it's expected to run well after the live show ends. If I understand them correctly I'll be able to start watching live feeds here at 8 pm MDT even though the live show also runs here at the same time, actually it is already over, and the west coast viewers will be able to start watching live feeds before the live show even starts out there, meaning they'll be seeing the comp. taking place before it even starts on CBS. Genius !

One guy calls in and says," I am one of the few straight men that watches Big Brother"..... roflmao They thought this was so funny that they gave him a BB t-shirt. The next guy calling in said, "Hey, I'm straight too" ! . They gave him a T-shirt too but told the rest of the call-ins not to try that again... :lol:

Anyway, everyone looks forward to a wild and interesting night and they urge everyone to get the live feeds. Or you can go here:


and follow the descriptions of the live feeds as well as fan posts, spoilers, etc. Soon it will take over your life...... two thumbs up

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