BB 13 week 6 day 7

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BB 13 week 6 day 7

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-13, 15:57

We're waiting for the POV comp. this afternoon. Dani has put Adam and Shelly up for eviction. Whoever wins the POV will be able to take one of them off the block, if they want to, or leave both up, in which case Shelly is the most likely to be booted. If the POV winner does save one, then Dani as HOH has to name a replacement.

The names have been drawn for the POV comp. Dani and Adam will be playing among others, but not Brenchel, which is a plus for Dani's strategy. She has said that she doesn't want to win POV. With that power plus her HOH power it's too much of a target on her back later. Obviously if Adam wins POV he will take himself off and Dani may "backdoor" Jeff which is her original plan. That means that she would put him up as a replacement for Adam and there is a good chance that he would be voted out rather than Shelly. But Jeff and Jordan are both playing in the POV and if Jeff wins he will most likely keep the nominations as is, meaning Shelly goes. Since Adam winning POV is the less likely outcome and Jeff winning is the more likely, since Dani doesn't want to win, otherwise she would give Jeff a run for his money.

Results here as soon as we know...... two thumbs up

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