BB 13 week 7 day 6. POV players already picked.

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BB 13 week 7 day 6. POV players already picked.

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-19, 22:09

This usually doesn't happen until Saturday morning with the POV comp. taking place on Sat. afternoon.

We know from standard "rules" , not requiring picking, that the HOH will play: Jeff. The two people nominated for eviction will play: Porsche and Kalia. In this special case we know that Dani will play because she drew the "POV guarantee" card in the HOH comp. We know that the "host" for the POV does not play, Rachel in this case.

That's 5 out of 8 HG's accounted for and the live feed transcribers are saying that they will tell us who the 3 remaining to be picked are as soon as they figure it out. But if it is three remaining to be picked there's no mystery because there's only 3 other HGs : Jordan, Shelly, and Adam. But I don't think all 3 will compete, so we are still waiting to see which one or two will be picked. scratch

Okay....this just in: all 7 will play because of Dani's "guarantee" card. Normally it would be only 6 playing. Well......this should be interesting. They think it will be some sort of "mental" or "game" type of comp. because they had a hard physical comp. yesterday in the HOH comp. Rachel thinks it will be a "spell words backwards" comp. because that's what they did at about this time last season. But there's no reason to put any stock in that theory, over any other, but it probably will be a "mental" type of comp.

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