Today is Daniele's birthday.

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Today is Daniele's birthday.

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-20, 12:19

She's 25, I think.

Singing "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" of the very few times that production will let them sing in the house.....royalties must be paid if song isn't in the public domain.

Some fan reactions;

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Happy 25th Birthday, Daniele! Very Happy
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*sniff* Our little girl is all grown up. Very Happy
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Good morning, my Island Hoppers!

Just came in to plug in the coffee, grab a cup and head out to the links.

But before I go, a few things:

Yesterday, on the LFUs at 11:44pm BBT, I read the following:
"... Jeff just came in. he just got out of the DR. His face is red. WBRB screen cuz of DR talk."

Do you think that the DR may have started to "push" keeping Dani to Jeff? I know they don't come right out and say it, but what if they play a little on his doubts about the NHGs...for pure TV, Dani gone would be boring...

I read later (can't remember on which thread) that Jeff was thinking that he may need Dani for the next HOH comp...I know that he and Jordan have already started to go round and round on this and if Dani does not pull off POV, maybe he could still keep could hope.

Also, could Dani and Rachel have talked? Is it possible that they are acting (i.e. Rachel being nasty to Dani) so that no one would suspect that they are working together? We know that there are instances where we don't see everything in the house (trivia/palms, cameras all on one event while other things going on, etc.)...

Go, Dani! Get yourself a nice BDay bling around your neck today!

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