BB 13 week 8 day 2... POV results this afternoon...

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BB 13 week 8 day 2... POV results this afternoon...

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-22, 12:30

We will find out on the live feeds. It will be on CBS on Wednesday. Dani is convinced that she will be backdoored and be evicted on Thursday, going to the jury house where Brendon is now. Having those two alone in the jury house, until the 3rd evictee arrives next week, is a recipe for fireworks and Dani says there will be some. They don't routinely show what goes on in the jury house but will very likely show Dani's arrival....if she goes.....which is still not 100 % , we're hoping. scratch

Right now they are getting dressed for the taped POV session. Dani has a rather exotic getup..... woohoo

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