BB 13 week 8 day 5.....double eviction night.

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BB 13 week 8 day 5.....double eviction night.

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-25, 16:22

Big doings tonight babyees !!! Tragically it looks like Dani will still be evicted. You can't fault her for doing everything humanly possible to get someone to flip their vote. Adam was obstinate, it will be his downfall sooner than later, and although Rachel seemed open to the idea of switching last night, she seems to have reconsidered today and told Shelly (who appears to be switching, although you can never be sure about her) that she can't vote for Dani to stay. It would be an unprecedented miracle if Dani can pull this off. Meanwhile none of them realize that there will be a double eviction tonight. They think it will be next week. You might wonder how they can get all the events into 42 minutes, minus commercials, but they did it last season and here's the link to watch how they did it....the entire 42 minute show: rlUrzM

Later after the tragedy Cry Cry Cry Cry I will return and examine how the second eviction will affect strategy in the last 3 weeks. wave

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