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CSI:NY & CSI:Miami

Post  Penny on 2011-08-26, 09:25

The CSI:NY premiere looks like it will be good! two thumbs up

CSI: NY Revisits 9/11
By Rachel Thomas, About.com Guide August 19, 2011

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 will be addressed in the season premiere of CSI: NY when Mac and the team flashback to that fateful day, revealing how each of their lives were deeply impacted.

We all know that Mac lost his wife, Claire (played by Eastwick's Jamie Ray Newman), on 9/11, but we'll finally meet her and get a glimpse into Mac's life before it was forever changed. On the anniversary of 9/11, Mac will finally get some closure about his wife, whose body was never recovered. In addition, we'll see the moment when Det. Flack and Det. Messer met for the first time as they arrived on the scene at the World Trade Center and formed a bond that will last forever.

While most of the premiere deals with the tragic events of 9/11, the episode also takes place in present day where Mac and his team are attending the memorial/dedication at the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance, a memorial to the 416 first responders who lost their lives on 9/11. Interestingly, series star Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band were instrumental in getting this memorial built when the project ran out of money.

The season premiere of CSI: NY airs on September 23.

Carlos Bernard Heading to CSI: Miami
By Rachel Thomas, About.com Guide August 17, 2011

We loved him when he helped Jack Bauer fight the terrorists on 24 -- and yes, we even loved him when he turned the tables on Jack and joined the other side. Carlos Bernard is going to once again be on the wrong side of the law when he goes up against Horatio Cane on CSI: Miami this fall.

Bernard's season-long character (name TBD) is described by series co-executive producer Barry O'Brien as "Donald Trump meets the Kennedy family." He will be an incredibly wealthy political figure who uses his power to keep his serial killer son out of jail.

As the season moves along, Horatio will soon discover that Bernard's character has been using his power to influence much more in Miami than he ever thought possible. I guess you can say he has his hands in many important cookie jars. Fans can expect their relationship to be explosive at best.

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