BB 13 week 9, day 2.....culinary excitement last night

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BB 13 week 9, day 2.....culinary excitement last night

Post  Banjo on 2011-08-30, 14:06

Well maybe "excitement" may be an overstatement, but last night on Showtime BB After Dark there was a long segment where they showed us Rachel making a cinnamon roll and Porsche making sugar cookies. Rachel had the cinnamon roll crust laid out on the kitchen counter in a big circle of dough. She spooned in the ingredients and I was waiting to see how she rolled it up into a "roll" without spilling the ingredients. But then Showtime cut away to hype shows in the upcoming season, and when they came back Rachel had already rolled it up and was ready to put it in the oven. Meanwhile Porsche was cutting out the cookies from the rolled out dough. I was so disappointed... Cry

Later, Rachel's cinnamon roll was a big hit with the other HG's. But to me it looked more like apple cobbler.... scratch But at least it was good. :lol:

Meanwhile, Porsche was baking her cookies, and some fan has figured out that they were in the oven for 23 minutes ! Both I and the fan agree that our cookie baking experience would show that 23 minutes would result in them being burned to a crisp. In my oven 13 minutes max. at 350 degrees would be sufficient, sometimes 9-10 minutes depending on the recipe. She must have had the oven turned way down...just one of those BB mysteries that keeps us watching.... roflmao

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