BB 13 week 10 , day 4...Live feeds down.....

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BB 13 week 10 , day 4...Live feeds down.....

Post  Banjo on 2011-09-07, 13:33

.....until after tonight's show airs on the west coast, that would be 10 pm MDT, but one of the studio audience members that was there for the taping has tweeted this:

Kalia Booker was evicted by a 2/1 vote
Adam voted to evict Kalia
Jordan voted to evict Porsche
Rachel broke the tie sending Kalia to the Jury House.

Adam Poch is the new Head of Household.

Endurance Competition will be played out on the Live Feeds beginning Thursday night ....

This info is considered to be reliable, you never know, but the results do look likely, certainly that Kalia was evicted.

If Adam is the new HOH we can be certain he will not nominate Jordan since his hero, Jeff, is her boyfriend, already in the jury house.

But since he must nominate two people that leaves only Rachel and Porsche to put up. The POV was also played last night. Depending on who won it (I'll see if I can find out) we can expect one of these scenarios:

Jordan, Rachel and Porsche are the only ones that could have played in the POV. The HOH isn't eligible.

If Jordan wins she doesn't use the POV, R and P stay up, and she and Adam vote Porsche out.

If Rachel wins she does the same , ditto on above...

If Porsche wins she takes herself off the block and Adam is forced to nominate Jordan as the only remaining player.

Then it becomes interesting....Porsche will probably vote to evict Rachel...not a certainty. Adam too, never vote for Jordan, as above, and Rachel goes to the jury house leaving Porsche, Adam, and Jordan as the final three to compete for final two next week. Meaning that Jordan has a very good chance of being in the final two for the second year and getting enough jury votes to win the $500k, again.

But since the POV has already been determined we can reduce the possible scenarios if someone can crack the security and find out who it is , and believe me a lot of peeps are trying.

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