BB 13 week 10 , day 5...tonight's HOH comp.....

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BB 13 week 10 , day 5...tonight's HOH comp.....

Post  Banjo on 2011-09-08, 14:04

.....will be an endurance comp. This favors Rachel and Porsche over Adam based on previous performances where Adam is usually first or second out. We know it will be an endurance comp because on the live feeds everyone is now sequestered in the HOH room while production builds the comp. set in the back yard. The endurance comps. sometimes run past the CBS show times and we have to watch the end on the live feeds. Either way we will know the HOH winner tonight.

The most likely possibilities but not all of them statistically speaking:

Porsche wins, she puts up Rachel, Adam votes her out, Porsche and Adam go to F2.

Rachel wins, She puts up Porsche, Adam votes her out Rachel and Adam go to F2.

Adam wins, he puts up Rachel, Porsche votes her out ditto #1.

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