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Post  Banjo on 2011-10-18, 14:47

Now why would I bring this movie up at this late date, you ask ? Stay with me.......... :lol:

While waiting for Terra Nova to start last night I noticed that Waterworld was on one of the Showtime channels and would end just as TN started so I watched the last 1/2 hr. and noticed a few things...one that I've wondered about...the actress that played the little girl with the map on her back...what ever happened to her . Was she a one-hit wonder, never to be seen again ? In the credits I see that she is Tina Majorino....never heard of her. But....wouldn't you know it, IMDB shows that she's been in a lot of productions and series that I never saw. She did take 5 years off from acting after Waterworld which is maybe why she seemed to disappear forever.


Then I noticed several other names, Jack Black played the 'pilot' in the earlier scene where the airplane wraps itself up with the cable. Not the later scene where it's restrained by the cable and crashes on-deck.

Then there's Kim Coates who played a 'Drifter', and gets beat up and thrown overboard by Costner. He's been in a lot of productions but I recognized him from his role as 'Tig' Trager in Sons of Anarchy. Of course Jeanne Tripplehorn went on to play the senior wife in Big Love, and we all know about Costner and Hopper.

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