Blue Bloods S2 finale

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Blue Bloods S2 finale

Post  Banjo on 2012-05-12, 15:20

That was a good finale but my gosh !, what's going on with Det. Baker ? Now she's pregnant as seen in an early scene yet no mention of it or acknowledgment of it in any way. It's bad enough that she isn't given any expanded role or we get to learn her backstory. Abigail Hawk is an accomplished actor, surely she can carry a plot line besides walking in and out of Frank's office looking beautiful. Is it a plot among the writers and producers to tweak her fan boys ?

I even considered the possibility that Abigail was pregnant in real life but that seems unlikely. There is very little bio/info on her that I've been able to find. So I suppose that by the start of S3 she will have had the baby but again without the slightest notice by anyone in the NYPD. Geez people, get it together !

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