Big Brother 14 -2012 Day 17

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Big Brother 14 -2012 Day 17

Post  Banjo on 2012-07-28, 10:52

Later today is the POV comp. Meanwhile, yesterday at the nominations.....

Friday, July 27, 2012
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Did Shane Nominate for Eviction?

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

There are a lot of variables going on inside the Big Brother 14 house. There are the teams, the Coaches Competition, the Power of Veto and countless other minefields to step on. Sadly for Shane, I'm not sure he's mentally equipped to handle such pressure, and I don't have much faith that Britney is a skilled enough player to offer much guidance. Still, I doubt they can screw things up too badly.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shane nominated Ashley and Joe for eviction.

Originally Shane wanted Wil instead of Joe, but Janelle won the Coaches Competition and gave Wil immunity, knowing he was in danger.

Also it looked like Shane was going to nominate Frank and Joe, but it seems some last-minute campaigning from Boogie and Frank got to Shane. Their pitch (that if Ashley won PoV and saved Joe, then Frank would go home) must've scared Shane.

By nominating the two remaining people on Janelle's team, Shane has made it abundantly clear that he's aligned with Boogie and Frank. In fact, Shane's alleged Final 2 partner, Danielle, isn't happy about these nominations. Probably because it takes away her power to decide who goes home.

This sort of feels like another sign of how stupid Shane is at this game. If one of them wins the Power of Veto, Shane HAS to nominate someone from Boogie's team, and there's a chance Danielle could turn to Janelle's team and team up to evict the replacement nominee.

And making it SO obvious that Shane is working with Frank and Boogie only puts a bigger target on his back. Of course after all his competition wins, Shane literally thinks he can beat everyone at any competition, so he's not a big believer in strategy.

But to play Devil's advocate, this might work out OK. Janelle's team has not proven themselves in competitions at all, and they seem much closer to one another than Boogie's team does. plitting up Janelle's team is important because they are a solid unit, but Boogie's team isn't so close. Heck, while campaigning before the nominations, Ian and Jenn went upstairs to talk to Shane and Britney BY THEMSELVES, while Frank went upstairs with Boogie. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know about that team, nothing will.

Will Shane win an impressive third straight PoV competition (only one person in Big Brother history has won three consecutive PoVs, season 9's Crazy James)? Or will someone from Janelle's team step up, win, and put a monkey wrench in Shane's plan to get rid of Joe?

Booted ‘Big Brother’ Star JoJo Spatafora Talks ‘Showmance,’ Willie and Cocktails

by Carole Glines | July 27, 2012 at 9:14 PM | Big Brother, RealityTV

JoJo is eliminated from the BIG BROTHER house LIVE on Thursday, July 26.

What a week on “Big Brother“!

On Thursday night, bartender and go go dancer JoJo Spatafora became the third player evicted from the Big Brother 14 house after producers had earlier sent Willie Hantz packing for threatening the other house guests. [Note: four total players are now gone—three voted off, Willie removed by producers for his misbehavior] But before the wannabe TV hostess (whose New York Italian style evoked “The Jersey Shore”) left the game, she appeared to be getting into a reality romance with her Big Brother co-star and team member Shane Meaney.

What was the truth about their relationship? And what made the other house guests vote off JoJo instead of the other nominee, sweet-as-molasses nurse Danielle Murphree?

In this exclusive Xfinitytv exit interview, JoJo revealed how she really feels about Shane, why she stayed loyal to Willie, what kind of cocktail she’d mix for the house and what she’s doing next.

How did it feel being evicted from the Big Brother house? You actually seemed to take it pretty well.

Yeah [but] I didn’t take it that good when I was [first] nominated. I tried to keep my cool and keep calm and not lose control. After I didn’t win the veto [which would have kept her “safe”], I did want to cry but I told myself I didn’t want to let this get to me. I am stronger than that. The last day I woke up and I did cry in my bed a little bit but those tears were me fighting for what I wanted. I accepted that it is what it is and I tried to stay positive.

How much did you expect the elimination?

Like 90% expected it. It was pretty obvious when me and Shane were nominated. I think Shane was the main target but once he was nominated I knew it was going to be me. [Shane later won himself immunity and Danielle was nominated in his place]. Danielle isn’t a threat to anyone in this game, but I thought maybe I had a chance because [her coach] Dan [Gheesling] is a threat.

Would you do anything differently with your strategy if you had to do it over again?

Yeah. I would not have trusted Willie and listened to him. That is pretty much it, but I also wish I could have shown weakness in the first Head of Household and veto competitions but I had no choice but to fight for my life.

Producers pulled the plug on Willie after he got violent in the house. Why were you loyal to Willie?

Because we had the same coach and [on] the first week, we made an alliance. I knew he was a good competitor in the competitions. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about but I didn’t know he had that crazy side to him. He just played too hard too fast. I thought I had it made the first week. I was forced into an alliance with two strong male competitors but it back fired because Willie is a villain!

Do you think that sealed your fate in the game?

Yeah. It definitely had a huge part. It should have been him going out this week and I would have had a week to redeem myself with the house.

Speaking of the other players, you got cozy with Shane towards the end. Are you guys hooking up?

No. He was my best friend in the house. We have a lot of similar characteristics. We love to laugh and joke around. It is very important to have people like that in the Big Brother house but no romantic feelings – at least on my end and I don’t think on his. We understand that it is a game. You can’t let feelings take over the game.

But do you think there’s any possibility you would date him after the season is over?

We will definitely be friends after the season ends. He is my type — but he is not. We will party and have fun. I could see us hanging out and if something happens it happens. If not it doesn’t. When you are in the house you can’t let romantic feelings get in your head. It is all just for fun and makes time pass quicker. We do joke about afterwards hooking up but who knows what will happen. We shall see…

You told host Julie Chen you’re rooting for Shane and also your mutual coach, Britney Haynes. Why do you think they can win? What do they both bring to the game?

I’m rooting for Britney because I love to see the underdog and she is competing against three extremely competitive coaches and two of them have won the game before. I’m rooting for Shane because he stayed loyal and true to his word since day one. Even though he knew that the whole house was going to vote against me he still gave me that one vote. He deserves it more than anyone else in there.

Other than Shane and Britney, who else will you miss of the other competitors and why?

I will miss Ashley [Iocco] and Jenn [Arroyo]. They are my East Coast girls. I will miss Ian [Terry], too. He is a sweetie. He is himself no matter what. You have to respect him for that.

Why does coach Mike “Boogie” Malin always get his way on the show?

I don’t know. You tell me! I wish I would have watched his season so I would have been more prepared. I can’t figure him out.

Did you take home any mementoes from the Big Brother house?

I took home my blue unitard from the fiesta veto competition.

What’s it like living there, really? What would fans of the show be surprised to know about the house itself?

It is really, really bright all the time except for at night when you are sleeping in a pitch black room. It is actually smaller than it looks on TV.

You’re a bartender. Are you going back to bartending?

I still will be bartending on the side but it is not my main job. I work in promotions and will continue that [and] possibly still continue go go dancing as well. I like to keep busy and do whatever comes my way.

If you had to mix up a cocktail specifically for the Big Brother house, what would it be and why?

I’d do a Goldschlager and sour mix. The gold because everyone is out for the money and Ian used to always say “comedy gold.” Sour is the opposite of sweet and let’s face it the house is not that sweet!

What else can we expect from JoJo?

Should I be an actress? Who knows? The possibilities are endless. I’m down for anything. I love the entertainment industry. I’d love to get into hosting.

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Re: Big Brother 14 -2012 Day 17

Post  Banjo on 2012-07-28, 22:16

'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 3 Power of Veto?
Saturday, July 28, 2012

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Shane won the first Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 14. Then he won the second one. Is it finally time for someone else to win, or did Shane continue his one-man domination of this game?

SPOILER WARNING: Thie article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shane nominated Joe and Ashley for eviction.

Shane won the Power of Veto! THREE-PEAT!

He won't use it, he wants Janelle's team gone. This is the best way to insure one will be leaving. It will be Joe.

Seriously, this is just getting a little insane how good he is at the competitions. Not only has he won all three PoVs, but he also kind of won two of the three HoHs (he was a part of the team that won the first week). In other words, Shane has won five out of the six competitions so far. At this point, the rest of the house will definitely take him out the moment he DOESN'T win the Veto. True...

And it gives him all the power. While I'm sure Janelle's team will try their hardest to get him to backdoor Frank, I don't see that happening, Shane may not fully trust Boogie and Frank, but he DEFINITELY doesn't trust Janelle or her players.

It's unclear what the competition was (most likely physical since the HGs were given shoes). It sounds like Ashley did quite well and Joe was out almost immediately. If/when the comp is quizes or game knowledge Shane probably won't win because he didn't know anything about BB before being picked. He hadn't even seen a show......unbelievable ! :P

This win also fast tracks Shane to the list of the best players ever. Only eight other people have ever won three PoVs in a single season, a list that includes Janelle and his own coach, Britney. And he's only the second person to win three in a row (Crazy James Zinkand did it in season 9). But that's not all good news, because of those eight people who won three or more PoVs in a single season, NONE went on to win the game.

Anyway, Frank, Wil and Danielle were also chosen to play and Jenn got to host (so at least we know she'll be on TV at least once this week). The HGs were given new shoes .

There has been quite a lot of campaigning in the past 24 hours since the nominations. Here are some of the most important factors.

-Janelle was coaching her team very hard, and by coaching, I mean telling them exactly what to say and what to do. She wanted her players to go up to Shane and say there are no hard feelings about the nominations and they still want to work with him and take out Boogies team, laying the groundwork for backdooring Frank.

-However, it was clear Janelle's team doesn't believe this, and Wil refused to go up because he admitted he wasn't very good at the "lying" portion of the game. He hates being disingenuous and two-faced, and that's EXACTLY what Janelle is telling him to do.

-The funny/infuriating part is how much Janelle and her team make fun of other people for being so rude and awful and negative. In particular Janelle has expressed how much she HATES Frank and how she hated having to suck up to him last week.

-Equally funny is that Janelle is talking about what a liar and a dirty player Boogie is, when in reality she's the one telling her team to lie while Boogie is telling Frank not to lie to Shane.

-Wil has drunk the Kool-Aid about 20 times over, even referring to Joe, Ashley and Janelle as "my players." More than anyone else, he is not playing his own game. Wil has basically become Janelle's Avatar in the game, playing on her behalf.

-Danielle's allegiances are somewhat questionable. She basically guaranteed Janelle's team that she would save one of them if she won the Power of Veto.

-But Danielle is also cozying up to Shane, and their flirtation is definitely getting a lot stronger with a ton of HoH room cuddling.

-Jenn and Ian don't even seem to be a part of the discussion. It's amazing how uninvolved they've been in the game thus far.

-Finally, Janelle is telling Wil that she's pretty certain the coaches are entering the game this Thursday (either she's a good guesser or production is being a little loose-lipped in the diary room). Obviously she's already trying to rally her team to protect her.

-This twist is really that makes everything this week so hilarious, because all of these deals about next week and the future are utterly pointless because if/when the coaches enter the game, EVERYTHING changes. The coaches will almost certainly enter the game starting next Thursday. 10 votes per person are allowed at Brother and most of the fans will/are voting to allow them to come in because it's the best way to shake up the game which would otherwise drag along. Of course it's the coaches choice to come in or not but no one believes they will turn down the chance.

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