Big Brother 14 -2012 Day 37

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Big Brother 14 -2012 Day 37

Post  Banjo on 2012-08-19, 12:51

Nothing happens today except the CBS show tonight that will show the things that we already know, the end of the HOH comp., Shane won, and it should show the nominations he made , Frank and Boogie, but won't show the POV comp. until Wednesday that Frank won.

Meanwhile :

‘Big Brother’ Evictee Wil Disses the Houseguests

by Carole Glines | August 19, 2012 at 9:35 AM | Big Brother, Interviews

Wil Heuser on "Big Brother" (CBS)

“Big Brother” lost one of its most flamboyant characters on Thursday night when Wil Heuser was sent packing. Although the openly gay internet comedian and marketing consultant befriended some of his fellow houseguests, including Ashley Iocco and Jenn Arroyo, he alienated “Big Brother” power players Frank Eudy and Mike “Boogie” Malin this week. Wil, who donned a sailor hat to leave the house in style, was voted off by the alliance after Frank and Boogie decided the outspoken competitor had to go.

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But in this exit interview with, Wil is getting the last laugh by sounding off on his former roomies. Here, Wil dishes on the behind-the-scenes bad cooking, sloppy behavior, blow-drying and Botox rumors!

What was it like being eliminated from the show?
I knew that there was a group of people working together and no matter what I did, I think the writing was on the wall. I tried really hard to convince Frank that he had an opportunity to make a huge move in the game to get rid of a big player, either Shane [Meaney] or Dan [Gheesling] — which didn’t take. So I had a couple of days in the house to kind of prepare myself. I realized how much I missed my family and friends and there’s a silver lining to every situation so it’s not as tough as I thought it would be. I was wracking my brain on how to make a good exit—[and I came up with] my trusty sailor hat! I was ready to rock out of there! I’m going down with it!

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Should you have used a different strategy in the house?
I wish I would have used my intuition—from day one, I said the coaches were going to come in [as players]. [But] I thought, maybe everyone’s right and the coaches aren’t going to come in and there will be safety on my team.

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Do the coaches turned players have an unfair advantage?
Big Brother is expect the unexpected and life isn’t necessarily fair. There were four of them and a bunch of new cast mates. You can look at it from a lot of different perspectives. You can say it’s not fair but also, we all had time to see how each other played. For me personally, it kind of backfired in my face. Before they entered the game, I think Janelle [Pierzina], myself, Ashley, and Joe [Arvin] were in a really good spot. But when [the coaches] came into the game, we were just being picked off. Janelle was a coach, so I don't understand his comment, but he was picked to be on her team..

What’s your opinion of Frank and Boogie?
I kind of feel like Frank is just a sock puppet. I think he’s doing most of Mike’s work for Mike. I told both Jenn and Ashley before I left, if you get a choice, you’ve got to get one of them out because that’s sort of how Mike has played the game in the past, especially in All-Stars. He needs a teammate to get through it and any moves Frank is making are obviously determined by Mike. [But] no hard feelings. I think they’re both really great people.

Britney [Haynes] commented on the show this week that she thought Boogie uses Botox. What do you think?
You know what? She might be right! I personally never used Botox. I think Britney might know a little bit better because she looks like she uses Botox. I don’t necessarily buy the fact that she’s 24—she acts like she’s 80 [laughs]. But she has her high school moments, too.

Who will you miss most?
I’ll definitely miss Ashley. The last week in the house, the writing was on the wall for me and she’s just a very positive, sweet, good-natured person. Both she and Jenn.

What about Chef Joe [Arvin]?
Joe? [Sighs] Somebody needs to stab him in the throat and cut out his voice box! His voice is so annoying. [Wil mimicks Joe]: “The loudest voice in all the land! All 50 states, I tell you! He could win the voice competition if he tried real hard!” I think I’m going to have to have some reconstructive surgery on my right ear drum.

He brags about his cooking. How is it, really?
Horrible! I wasn’t a big fan of his cooking. My bowels didn’t particularly care for it. [Laughs] A lot of butter and oil. To his credit, I think he worked with what he had in the house. I know the have-nots appreciate it but certainly it’s not my style of cooking.

Who’s the biggest slob in the house?
Britney’s the biggest slob. She doesn’t clean up after herself, doesn’t do any dishes. She and Janelle were the worst in the house as far as messiest, almost inconsiderate to other houseguests.

Is anyone a neat freak?
Frank. He’s very — everything has its place, gotta shower. I’m convinced he took a blow torch into that shower and burned off a layer of skin every night.

How did you keep your hair looking so nice?
I think most of the time it looked like I had hidden a couple of birds in there! [But] I definitely got the Keratin treatment, had the flat iron handy, put a couple of extensions in. Well thought out! [Laughs]

And Frank’s famous for his red curls.
I had some competition with Frank. He definitely put in some blow drying time with me. Those curly tresses took some blow drying!

Did you take home any mementoes from the house?
I attempted to and looked in my suitcase this morning and they were all snatched away. I think I made out with a couple tee shirts and outfits I wore. Maybe I’ll get my key back.

Janelle told us last week that houseguests were hoarding items for Ebay. True?
Right. I attempted to, just stuff from competitions. I think I had a giant Jalapeno [from the chip and dip competition]. It’s mysteriously gone missing! It’s a hot commodity in this economy, apparently.

What did you learn about yourself during the game?
I’m still trying to figure that out. When you’re in that house, everybody lies, everybody is manipulative and I was thinking to myself, I would never conduct my personal life like this. It’s going to be a shock getting back to reality and trying to make the right decisions instead of the wrong decisions for the right reasons for the game.

Who can win?
I’m certainly hoping that the house flips and players like Jenn and Ian [Terry] and Ashley have the chance to hold on. I think Danielle [Murphree] stands a really good chance. She’s a tough competitor. Britney is hiding behind the big group; maybe she’ll break free of them. Mike and Frank have a great setup going on. But not for of them is being evicted on Thursday, probably Boogie, unless Shane can be convinced to do a crazy substitution, and Boogie will certainly try.

What are you doing next?
I’ve just been shot out of a cannon and am dying to see the Spice Girls perform at the Olympics. I’m hoping some friends and family DVRed some stuff! I have an online show called The Wil Show—variety, comedy, and music videos. I’ve had a lot of time in the house to think of some fun ideas. The world is my oyster, and I’m going to shuck it, baby!

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Re: Big Brother 14 -2012 Day 37

Post  Banjo on 2012-08-19, 12:59

Saturday, August 18, 2012
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 6 Power of Veto?

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

On Big Brother 14, the live feeds are always turned off during the Power of Veto competitions. Usually they last for about two hours or less. But this week the feeds went down for seven hours, so there was possibly some big action in the house.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Shane is the HoH and he nominated Frank and Boogie.

Ian, Ashley and Jenn were picked to play in the Power of Veto competition.

Frank won the Power of Veto.

Obviously he's going to use it on himself, and Ian seems to think Ashley or Jenn might go up as the replacement nominee and they'll just vote Boogie out. Of course Frank and Boogie have vowed to work overtime on Shane to get him to put up Dan as a replacement nominee, but I doubt that will work.

The competition itself was the "Stay or Fold" challenge about guessing things. It came down to Ashley and Frank, and Ian seems to think Ashley's actions made it look like she might've thrown the game (though, more likely, I'm guessing she got confused because it's probably the most complicated game the show has). Also, Joe may have accused Frank and Boogie of cheating during the game.

The whole thing had a Candy Land theme as they had to guess quantities of various candies like marshmallows and licorice. I can already hear Ashley's diary room sessions in my head as she talks about how she'd like to live in Candy Land.

This marks Frank's second Power of Veto win in a row and his fourth competition win overall. He's now won the last three competitions he's played in. It continues the total domination of the two big guys as Shane and Frank have now won 9 of the 12 competitions, with Danielle winning two others.

The big mystery is why the feeds were down so long. When they came back the HGs were already in the backyard, so that means the competition ended, the HGs were locked down inside, production cleaned up the entire competition set-up, ten they opened the backyard. Why all the downtime? That's a mystery. So is the purpose of that Mystery Box in the arcade room.

What do you think of Frank winning the Power of Veto again? Should Shane put up a pawn to send Boogie home, or should he backdoor Dan?

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