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BB 15 day 22 Friday

Post  Banjo on 2013-07-12, 15:27

I don't agree with John that BB 15 isn't a "real" season. It certainly is a different type of season and the MVP concept has backfired on production in an unforeseen way. Even with production knowing that Elissa would be an HG, I doubt they expected the massive MVP votes she has gotten just for being Rachel's sister or that Rachel herself would be campaigning for those votes. Also, the racist/ethnic slurs by a couple of HGs have introduced an element never seen in past seasons. This has taken most viewers aback and if it continues production will have to step in, in some manner, not necessarily with an eviction but with 'counseling' and letting the offenders know exactly what viewers are thinking of them. If they then choose to ignore the evidence then stronger measures could be taken.

Why 'Big Brother 15' Is Not a Real Season
Friday, July 12, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

I love Big Brother. It's my favorite show of the year. I look forward to investing my entire summer to the live feeds, watching every moment unfold and being a fly on the wall for three months of the year.

I love it to an unhealthy degree. It's only been two weeks, and already I find myself still awake at 5am, captivated by the HGs chatting and making strategic plans in the hammock as the sun comes up.

But I've been disappointed by Big Brother 15. Sure, I've loved the nonstop strategizing and gameplay and crazy alliances and shifting allegiances, but the game has left me feeling angry instead of overjoyed. I've become bitter and resentful. And I've finally figured out why.

Big Brother 15 is not the same game I love.

Each year we're told to expect the unexpected and await new and exciting twists. But the MVP twist with three nominations for season 15 is a step too far.

For the most part, the fundamental format of Big Brother hasn't changed since season 3. Back in season 1, America voted for who would go home each week and the result was less than stellar. In season 2, the HGs voted themselves, but there was no Power of Veto.

In season 3, the Power of Veto was introduced and the real game was born. Since then there have been slight changes (making it so the Power of Veto winner couldn't be nominated, limiting PoV players to six, making it so extra players were chosen by random draw), but those were designed to increase the use of the Veto and to keep it fair.

Throughout it all, the format remained the same. The Head of Household competition decides who is in power that week. They nominate two people (or in the case of season 9, two couples), a Power of Veto competition decides if one comes off and the HoH nominate someone new, and then the other HGs would vote. That's been how the game has operated for 12 straight seasons.

Sure, there were twists with the HGs. Sometimes they knew each other (exes, twins, friends, enemies, All-Stars, Dynamic Duos) and sometimes there were teams (the cliques of season 11, the coaches of season 14), but the fundamental structure remained the same. The only change was the social dynamic of the people inside the house.

That has all changed in season 15. The MVP vote, and the third nomination, changes the entire format that has been in place for 12 seasons. Now the HoH's power is greatly diminished and the viewing public has more influence with the actual game.

Sure, America has voted before to give people power. We've voted for an evicted HG to come back into the game in seasons 6, 9 and 13, we controlled Eric's decisions as America's Player in season 8 and we gave Jeff the Coup d'Etat in season 11. But none of those consistently altered the entire structure of the game. Heck, none of them even turned out so well. The returning players were promptly evicted a second time, Eric's game was ruined because America made him do things against his best interests and Jeff was still evicted.

The MVP twist, however, makes Big Brother 15 resemble the awful season 1. It gives America a huge amount of power every single week that changes the entire game, and strips power away from anyone who wins actual competitions.

In the history of Big Brother, since season 2, there have only been two instances in which the evicted HG was not someone the HG nominated. It happened in season 11 with Jeff's Coup d'Etat (something that caused Chima to have a meltdown that got her expelled) and in season 12 with Matt's Diamond Power of Veto. Now in season 15, this scenario has already happened twice in the first two weeks, with Elissa's MVP nominees David and Nick getting evicted. For more than 150 other evictions, the people who went home were nominated by the HoH, a huge amount of power, but thanks to the MVP twist, the HoH has almost no power whatsoever. As Aaryn proved in week 2 on Big Brother 15, winning HoH can be of absolutely no value in the game other than simple immunity.

One of the joys of Big Brother, for me, is that the HGs are isolated from the outside world, but now the outside world is creeping in and affecting what happens inside. That's what this MVP twist does, it shifts the power from the HGs inside the house to the people watching at home, and I thought season 1 proved that was a terrible idea.

I will continue to watch Big Brother 15, and I hope that, at some point soon, the MVP twist goes away and it turns into a regular season (like with the coaches coming into the game or the Dynamic Duos, couples and cliques being disbanded).

Big Brother is still my favorite show and always will be, I just wish season 15 was still the show I fell in love with. I'm fine with adding twists and turns, but why change the basic, underlying structure that has worked for so many years?

With the power structure suddenly shifted for the first time since the start of BB15, massive upheavals were bound to happen and so they have but what is most illuminating is how immature some on the losing side now are. Aaryn in particular is far below her 22 years in maturity, but Jeremy surprised me by actually congratulating Helen and Elissa on their game play and win while keeping its likely hood far below the radar. He will still be repugnant to most but at least he appreciates good game play. I don't agree with John that the 'blonde-tourage' is as bad off in coming weeks as he thinks it is. Aaryn will be targeted next no doubt and they will try to backdoor Jeremy but he is still the biggest threat in the comps.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: The Fallout from Nick's Eviction
Thursday, July 11, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Nick Uhas was evicted from Big Brother 15 in week 2, and now the Brenchel Army is running the show. With Elissa's BFF Helen as the new HoH, things are looking bad for what's left of the Blonde-tourage (Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie). Oh, who am I kidding, things are looking bad for them every week for the next month no matter who wins HoH.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Now begins the long summer of predictability. A strong group of people has 100 percent of the power, and four people are on the chopping block, waiting to go home one-by-one. With two more in the crosshairs. Here's what happened on the live feeds after Nick's eviction and Helen's HoH win.

Also, here's what happened as the night when on and things got very heated.

The Celebration

With Helen as the new HoH, her alliance is as happy as can be. Along with Elissa, Candice, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd, they were jumping around the Have-Not with huge smiles, cheering about how amazing everything is and how everything is in their favor.

Helen is definitely a classy lady, but this whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. They are so morally superior, gloating about how they're the good people in the house and they triumphed over evil. I don't care if it's true and Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Jeremy are offensive bullies, self-righteousness and moral superiority are two things I can't stand.

They're basically The Friendship from Big Brother 6 (aka the Nerd Herd), only this time the American public actually likes them. Or more accurately, America just really HATES their opponents (making the Blonde-tourage the equivalent of an evil, bizarro version of the Sovereign Six, which I guess makes Jeremy the Evil Howie, Aaryn the Evil Janelle and Nick the Not-So-Evil Kaysar).

So now it's just a whole lot of patting themselves on the back and Elissa talking about how happy she is for Helen. Everything up to now has at least been good TV, but all of this self-congratulatory nonsense is going to get very boring very quickly.

There is some slight discord as they try to figure out who the fourth vote to evict Elissa was. Howard and Spencer are conspiring to blame Jessie, but they're basically shooting themselves in the feet and are just bumbling in the middle. No one really trusts either of them and they've quickly figured out that Howard and Spencer probably split their votes on purpose to try and cause confusion. They may think they're part of the group, but they're not, although Candice still trusts Howard more than Spencer.

The only slightly interesting part is seeing factions grow within this group. Judd and Jessie have a final 2 deal, as do McCrae and Amanda. Andy is close to both of those duos, but he's also close with the trio of Helen, Elissa and Candice. That trio is also growing closer to Jessie. It might create for some interesting dynamics in a month or so, but that's a long time away.

Aaryn Figures It Out

OK, Aaryn is digging herself a deeper and deeper hole tonight (more on that below in the updates).

As for the game, Aaryn has already figured out what's happening and why it's happening. She knows the other side is united behind Elissa, knowing she'll win MVP every week so they can control at least one nomination, and since they have the numbers, they're always safe. She knows that she, Jeremy, Kaitlin and GinaMarie are just going to be picked off one-by-one and there's nothing she can do about it.

She's understandably upset and is now throwing a pity party about how unfair it is that there's absolutely nothing she can do and that the other side is going to make it to the jury because they're taking the coward's way out.

Aaryn approached Amanda about it and Amanda confirmed this strategy. Aaryn asked if she feels badly that it's so unfair. "It may not be fair," Amanda said. "But that's the game." So to everyone who says that this MVP twist isn't unfair, you need to stop. Because even the people in the house who are on the winning side acknowledge that it's unfair.

I won't harp too much, but Aaryn is right. Yes, it's smart, yes, it's a winning strategy, but it's also the easy way out so that they don't have to compete. Basically, that entire side of the house can coast because they don't need to win HoH, they don't need to win PoV, they don't need to campaign for votes.

The no-floater summer has turned into an entire house of floaters, if you define a floater as someone who just floats along and lets the current take them down the stream, not doing any work. Heck, it also works as the other definition since people like Andy and Judd spent most of last week in Aaryn's HoH room acting like her best friend, lying to her face about their votes up until the last minute. At least people like Candice have enough respect for themselves not to kiss Aaryn's butt.

The Tears and the Silence

Finally, here are some other reactions to these events, some expected, others not. GinaMarie has been sobbing and holding Nick's possessions that he left in the house, like his hat. That's been going on for about two straight hours.

Kaitlin, meanwhile, just goes on and on about how she doesn't want to be there and she should just self-evict. It probably won't happen, because it has never happened in the history of the series, but it would be interesting.

A painfully tragicomic twist is that Aaryn and GinaMarie are both saying that they don't need to be there because they have modeling jobs and pageants on the outside world to earn money, unaware that they've both lost their jobs.

Jeremy, however, hasn't erupted like you might expect. He's been incredibly quiet, almost too quiet. He briefly complimented Elissa's game then had a quick chat with McCrae about how the Moving Company is over. Other than that, he's just been walking around not saying a whole lot.

Now he's basically just resigned to starting from the ground floor and having to win his way back to the top.

UPDATE (10:15pm): OK, I'm officially done trying to defend Aaryn and Kaitlin from a game perspective in any way, shape or form. Instead of trying to be civil and potentially avoiding being the first one of their group to get evicted, they've chosen to be petty, awful human beings like always, except now they're going on the attack instead of making mean comments in private,

Starting at around 10:12pm, Aaryn and Kaitlin accosted Jessie, wondering why she voted against them. They then proceeded to call her a "slutty bitch" and made fun of her because Judd is her fifth attempt at getting a showmance. She was upset, as was Judd.

Making rude, catty comments to each other in private is one thing, but actually getting into heated fights and yelling those cruel, hurtful things at poor, defenseless girls (even if Julie Chen kinda started it during her chat with the HGs on the live show), is apparently my breaking point. Get rid of them. Now.

UPDATE #2 (11pm): Later, after Helen got her HoH room, there was some drama over which bed everyone would sleep in and Kaitlin and Jeremy argued with Jessie. Then Aaryn got into Candice's face over beds using a "ghetto" accent (that's how Candice described it). I have no idea what Aaryn is thinking, because she's just digging her grave deeper and deeper.

That was followed by a bit of a fight between Candice and GinaMarie because GM called everyone "cockroaches" (she later clarified that it was because of the way everyone scattered) Howard then picked up Candice, took her away, and tried to talk her down. He's trying to keep the peace, but it's not easy when the other side is provoking Candice, who is eager to finally fight back.

Candice really wants to go off about all the racist crap she's been putting up with, but Howard wants to stay calm. It's some pretty interesting stuff about race as Candice thinks Howard doesn't want to be seen as a black man yelling at white women. Howard is focusing on the bigger picture, trying to win the game and the money, so he's trying his damnedest to rise above their ignorance and be the better person.

UPDATE #3 (11:15pm): The never-ending night of insanity continues as Amanda gets involved with Aaryn and tries again to explain that Aaryn is definitely being portrayed as a massive racist on the show. Aaryn refuses to take the hint, believing that there's no way the show would do that to her.

Aaryn thinks Amanda is just trying to stir crap up and she says they'll just have to wait to watch the show when they leave to see who's right. That's gonna be one giant slice of humble pie.

The whole thing devolved into a huge shouting match about making fun of Jessie and how Aaryn has been complaining about Jeremy and Kaitlin's showmance this past week (and she said this in front of Jeremy and Kaitlin). It's utter anarchy.

Jeremy has no idea what to do and just kind of leaves when Amanda goes as Kaitlin and Aaryn start getting into it with Jessie again about why they stopped being friends.

UPDATE #4 (11:30pm): Now Howard is crying alone in the Have-Not room, rocking back and forth against the suitcases, saying "Help me Lord" repeatedly, clearly trying to control his desire to go off. He has referenced that he has anger issues in the past, and as he does this, he gets called away to the diary room, but he kept trying to calm himself down.

This entire night is just getting ugly and nasty and hard to watch. I'm fine with scheming, backstabbing, lying and gameplay, but all of these serious personal attacks and a conversations about race and bigotry are just not what I really want to watch.

I really think this whole race thing is spiraling out of control and I'm starting to think that the producers may need to step in at some point. I was against expelling Aaryn, but at this point it might be necessary to remove her for her own safety, both inside the house and out.

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Re: BB 15 day 22 Friday

Post  Banjo on 2013-07-12, 16:23

Nick Talks 'BB15' Eviction, Racism & Elissa!
July 12, 2013, 11:54 AM EST
Entertainment Tonight.

Power changes hands extremely frequently inside the Big Brother house, but last night's episode featured two seismic shifts as Nick was evicted and Helen won Head of Household. And while live feed viewers are already aware of the insanity that unfolded following Nick's ousting, when I sat down with him this morning, Nick was still unaware that, enraged by his eviction, Aaryn and Gina-Marie verbally attacked Candice, further separating the "Blonde-tourage" from the rest of the house.

"Why did I have to miss that," Nick (jokingly) lamented when I broke down last night's break down for him. But he was privy to a lot of the controversial comments that have already been spewed this season, so I got his take on the racial divide in the house, his unexpected ousting and how the MVP has changed everything.

ETonline: The look on your face said it all last night, but did you have any idea the house was going to evict you?
Nick Uhas: I did not, no. not at all. I saw how David took it because he no idea -- none! -- so I had mentally prepared myself. But I really thought I was OK because I had a faux-alliance, a real alliance and these reconfirmations throughout the day from very public figures in the game. Then, right at the last minute, I started thinking there could be a coup, and if that happened, the only person who could have pulled it off would be Spencer. But I told myself to suppress my paranoia because all that would have done is damage The Moving Company, so I was suppressing it as hard as I could while still taking precautions.

VIDEO - I Played Big Brother & Lived To Talk About It

ETonline: You hinted to Julie in your eviction interview that you might have done too much, too soon, too publicly. Do you think that was your downfall?
Nick: No because the MVP totally changed the game. It makes everyone 1,000 percent more paranoia and ready to game than usual. In a normal Big Brother schedule, you only have 3 options -- nominees, Veto and replacement. You only have one option for getting backdoored, so if you're not on the block, you're pretty much good to go. With the MVP, you have so options to get backdoored and you have no idea who it’s coming from ... I mean, we pretty much knew it was Elissa, especially when she blackmails you [laughs]. But I think it's the MVP that’s making everyone play so hard, so fast. I'm not disappointed in my gameplay, I'm disappointed in the situation. I feel like I had it in me to go so much further.

ETonline: After you were evicted, Gina-Marie cried -- hysterically -- for a good half-hour. What's the deal with you two?
Nick: I take that as a compliment [laughs]. That's fantastic. It took such a long time for me to warm up to the fact that her feelings could be real that it was almost too late for me to acknowledge those feelings were genuine. I can see it now because, as honest as I was, I was being very cautious with my words. Looking back at it, if [her feelings] were real the whole time, we were so deep. The house puts you in a situation where you need somebody because the house is so crazy, you need someone to vent to. It might not be all gaming all the time, but it's what is on your mind -- and you can’t bromance that conversation.

ETonline: And yet you turned down two showmance opportunities; first with Jessie, then with Gina-Marie. Were you vehemently opposed to a showmance?
Nick: Absolutely, 100 percent. My biggest fear coming into the house was the females. My Achilles Heel was going to be girls, I knew that because I'm so prone to relationships in the real world. It was a slippery slope and I knew that if I got started I wouldn't be able to turn back. I really wanted to put the brakes on all females approaching me, but that Jessie thing was crazy! But it's Jessie, so if it wasn't me, it was Jeremy. If it wasn't Jeremy, it was Judd, so...

ETonline: Controversy has been swirling outside the Big Brother house regarding racist comments made by Aaryn, Gina-Marie and Spencer. Inside the house, what was the perception?
Nick: It's news to me. I was not privy to a lot of those conversations, I wouldn't partake in those kinds of conversations outside the Big Brother house, but I know outside the house, the best way to absolutely drop that conversation is to go radio silent. And for the most part, I was radio silent in the house, but when those conversations came up, I was really silent.

RELATED - Julie Chen Addresses BB15 Racism

ETonline: Does it surprise you that all three of those people have been fired from jobs as a result of their comments?
Nick: That's the real world. You cannot do or say those kinds of things in the real world. They may not know that what they're saying or doing can have these kinds of repercussions, but that’s life. It's important.

ETonline: While multiple people have made racially insensitive comments, the bulk have come from Aaryn. What was your opinion of her inside the house?
Nick: I was very unaware of these conversations, so, knowing her personality, it's kind of shocking to learn all of this. She's a sweet girl, very outspoken, but I wouldn't peg her as the kind of person who would release that kind of information about herself to the outside world -- especially since she was being so cautious about what she said inside the house.

ETonline: Ironically, your eviction puts Aaryn, Gina-Marie and Jeremy in the minority. Do you think they stand a chance to win now?
Nick: If they don’t bring people back on board with the "Blonde-tourage," they're doomed.

ETonline: Based on your interview with Julie, it seems like you think Spencer masterminded your eviction. I don't watch the live feeds, but the show made it seem like Elissa, Candice and Helen truly made that happen. Are you surprised they're capable of such complex gameplay?
Nick: That does not surprise me at all. In fact, there was a point in time where I told McCrae that the house should separate into threes: the Blonde-tourage should go on one side with me and Jeremy, McCrae, Amanda and those three [girls] would be a group and then Spencer, Howard, Andy and Judd would be the third group. I don't put it past them, they're smart women, so it doesn't surprise me.

ETonline: It seems like people only hated Elissa because she was Rachel's sister. Is that accurate?
Nick: She would have been much better off if we didn't know. I think it would have been a super huge advantage if she kept that 100 percent to herself. But The MVP was like giving Adderall to the entire house because everyone's brains were constantly going 24/7. You really couldn't hide much in the house. But, yes, the house would have been much more open to accepting her as a "normal member" had she not been Rachel’s sister.

ETonline: Lastly, which houseguest do you think stands the best chance of winning?
Nick: I think Helen or McCrae. I think that because they both have the mental and emotional endurance required. I think everyone else kind of lets too much loose, and they get under people's skin too much. Amanda definitely has the mental game, but her social game is too abrasive. Andy has a good chance of going far because he's neutral, Judd will be at someone's disposal. Spencer has a good chance, but I think he's played too much, too fast. He'll be seen as too untrustworthy very quickly. Howard is very smart, he's played a super low-key game even though he can't hide those muscles. Jeremy is one of my favorites because you know what's on his mind all the time. He'll go far because he's super smart and can actually be physical. But, it's Big Brother, anything can happen.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

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Re: BB 15 day 22 Friday

Post  Banjo on 2013-07-12, 16:44

I don't stay up late enough to watch this stuff on the live feeds but it got pretty bad last night....

Fight Night: ‘Big Brother 15′ Feeds Go From Bad To Worse As More Racist Attacks Continue

Posted: 12 Jul 2013 09:31 AM PDT

Big Brother 15 - GM & Candice fight

Last night the Live Feeds gave us the most Big Brother 15 action we’ve seen all season and it’s only week 3. When the eviction show ended the Feeds burst in to fire with fights, threats, and more fights. What started as a sobbing mess of near pity transformed in to some of the worst hate we’ve seen yet. It was too much and went too far.

The first fight broke out at 9:21PM BBT when GinaMarie, who had yet to stop crying over Nick’s eviction, lashed out at Jessie and blamed her for Nick’s eviction. Jessie was trying to hide in her bed which was unfortunately in the room the Mean Girls alliance had now adopted. Jessie told her she was sorry she was feeling so bad, but GinaMarie responded saying it was “all your fault.” Kaitlin jumps on Jessie and blames her as well. GM suggests Jessie was just jealous of her and Nick which prompts Jessie to leave while telling them if they want to be mature then they can talk to her.

Big Brother Live Feeds

GinaMarie follows her out to the other room where the rest of the house is sitting and starts a lengthy, rambling rant. Her nonsensical blabbering is full of gems like these that must be watched to fully enjoy:

GinaMarie loses it

“I say stuff from my heart.”
“I’ve been single for 2 years. I haven’t been this upset since I broke up with my fiance and I wasn’t even that upset.”
“I just have a heart of gold.”
“I bust balls, but I don’t hurt people’s feelings.”
“I had such a connection with this kid [Nick], it’s retarded.”
“You didn’t see what me and him were like by ourselves. We didn’t need to show people how we felt. We just did it towards each other.”
“Good luck and I’ll see ya around. Thank you.”

Next up we’ve got a fight over broken alliances as the Mean Girls gang up on Jessie. Again. Flashback to 10:09PM BBT. Jessie tries to explain to the girls that she didn’t like the way they were treating her when she was on their side. Kaitlin is yelling at Jessie for having the audacity to lie to her in the Big Brother house. How dare she!

Judd comes in to check on Jessie and Kaitlin yells, “Judd, get the f&*k out of here right now!” He ignores her and talks to Jessie. When Kaitlin starts yelling at him for lying to her he tells Jessie they should leave. Keep in mind Kaitlin had never heard of Big Brother before she was recruited. No wonder she’s shocked by lying.

As they get ready to leave Kaitlin says, “it’s okay, Judd can be like your 5th chance of a showmance.” It seems if you aren’t having sex in the HoH room on camera, then you just aren’t committing to your brand new relationship, huh Kaitlin? They ask Jessie how she thinks she’s being portrayed on camera and Judd reminds the girls to ask that of themselves. He stays calm and escorts Jessie out of the room.

Now for where things really take a turn for the worst. While before we had seen some disgusting bigotry from Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin they went from chickenshit, behind your back racists to up in your face ones. Flashback to 10:53PM BBT to find Candice entering the back bedroom to find her belongings on the ground from Aaryn flipping Candice & Howard’s bed.

Candice tells them “I know someone’s got one more time to flip my bed then there’s going to be all hell in this house.” Kaitlin shouts back “Wooo! Gonna see the black girl come out of you!” Aaryn says “Whatcha gonna do, girl? Whatcha gonna do?” along with a “I wouldn’t get in your bed anyway with all them crabs” and antagonizes her with “Where’s your class, girl? Where’s your class?”

Howard comes in to break things up. The Mean Girls continue to shout at Candice while he tells her to come with him and leave the room. She doesn’t. They keep yelling and she gets louder in return. Howard is shouting for her to leave. GinaMarie jumps out of bed and gets in her face yelling “whatcha gonna say?” over and over. “You want the black to come out?!” GinaMarie yells at her as Howard moves in between them. “You want the whites this way and the blacks this way?” GinaMarie yells as she gestures around the room.

Howard literally picks her up and carries a defiant Candice out of the room. As soon as she leaves Kaitlin says “ohh I just wanted to smack her right there.” Candice and Howard go to the Have-Not room to talk it through. This is where things get really sad.

Candice crying

Howard asks Candice if she wants him to go home because he’ll go home if he has to defend her. “I can’t let them talk to you like that,” he tells her. Candice says they flipped their bed and she’s just supposed to let them? She asks him what she’s supposed to do. He tells her to ignore them and let them have it. She says she won’t sleep in the HN room. Her family wouldn’t be proud of that.

He encourages Candice to sleep upstairs on the HoH couch instead of down there in their bedroom. She says she won’t do that. Howard pleads with her to stay away from them because “if they call your name one more time, I’ll go home.” Candice covers her face, starts to cry, and tells him “I can’t do this.” Candice is adamant that they sleep in their bed, but Howard says “I’m not sleeping there.” “So that means we’re supposed to let them have our bed, Howie?” she replies. “We ain’t letting them have it, we’re being bigger right here. That’s it,” he asserts.

Ten minutes later Candice is still with Howard and crying, rightfully so. “We ain’t running from nothing. This ain’t the sixties. We’re just being smarter,” says Howard.

No one coming in to this game should be facing these situations. There is no excuse and no justification for this.

Perhaps in some weak willed attempt to put an end to this, as if this would work, we see Amanda head in to the back room to try and put an end to the hate. Amanda seems to have been a force driven by production on this issue before with Aaryn, but I don’t know if this was the case again last night.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Flashback to 11:09PM BBT. Amanda comes in shouting “we’re going to clear the air right now.” She starts in on all the Mean Girls “saying shoot about everyone.” It’s more about talking smack but quickly shifts to the main issue. Amanda tells Aaryn straight to her face “they are picturing you on the show as very racist! Everybody knows. I’ve been questioned. Everyone’s been ques-” Fish come on. Ten seconds later they’re back.

Amanda: “I’ve been trying to help you!” Aaryn denies it saying that isn’t helping her and “it was f&*ked up what you just said.” “It’s the truth. I can’t make you say anything you didn’t say,” Amanda replies. “I didn’t say anything racist,” claims Aaryn. Amanda tells Aaryn that production has questioned almost every person in the house about her racism. Aaryn again denies it and says she doesn’t believe production would portray her as a racist “when I haven’t said anything.” Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and the other offenders are never going to stop something they don’t even believe they’re doing.

I simply can not believe how bad it’s gotten in that house. Racially driven hate is now forcing HGs to feel like they can’t be in parts of the house or sleep in their own bed. It’s too much. Production has to put an end to this.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where Candice and Howard ending up sleeping last night? On the floor of the Have-Not room.

Candice and Howard on floor

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