BB day 43 Friday

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BB day 43 Friday

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John finally calls out Andy. Everything he says is true although I don't think Andy will ever get close to emulating Ian Terry, let alone actually win. He may make it to jury, wherein he will be another non-entity.

'Big Brother 15': What's the Deal with Andy?
Friday, August 02, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

There's a lot of drama on Big Brother 15 and a lot of HGs to analyze, but I'd like to take some time to discuss the one person no one inside the house seems to notice: Andy.

The gay public speaking professor from Chicago has been flying so low under the radar he's barely even visible. In fact, he's the only HG who I've never heard mentioned as a potential target on the live feeds.

His strategy seems quite simple: do nothing. As far as I can tell, he's only done four things in the game. He runs around the house, from room to room, walking in on conversations to find out what's going on. He says "Yeah, yeah, yeah" a whole lot whenever anyone talks to him about the game. He promises he will never tell anyone what people tell him, then immediately runs to find Amanda or McCrae to tell them everything. And he was almost attacked by a bird.

After five weeks on Big Brother 15, he is the ONLY houseguest who has never won a competition and never been nominated. He claims he's not a floater (he is in an alliance with Amanda and McCrae), but he seems to be an even worse type of player: the do-nothing.

A Brief History of Do-Nothings

A do-nothing is an HG who simply doesn't play a role in any of the actual events in the game (HoH, PoV and nominations). As I said, Andy has never won HoH, never won PoV (in fact, he's never even played in a PoV competition) and he's never been nominated.

After five weeks in the game, he is one of only 19 HGs to go this long as a do-nothing. But is that a good thing?

Probably not. Of those 18 other do-nothings, last season's Ian Terry is the only eventual winner. He played a complex game of doing nothing in the first half of the season, then doing everything in the second half, winning four HoHs, two PoVs and being nominated twice, all after reaching the jury. But his game is the exception, not the rule.

Season 12 runner-up Lane and season 5 runner-up Michael (aka Cowboy) are the only other do-nothings from the first five weeks who made it to the finale.

There have been four do-nothings who finished in third place: season 12's Enzo, season 8's Zach, season 3's Jason and season 2's Monica. Another three finished in fifth place: season 14's Jenn, season 12's Ragan and season 2's Bunky (all three of whom were gay like Andy).

In fact, do-nothing is a popular style of gameplay for gay contestants, as season 7's Marcellas, season 6's Beau and season 5's Will also made it through five weeks without winning anything or getting nominated. Two of them finished in ninth place, with Beau going to sixth.

The verdict is that being a do-nothing in the first five weeks is a great strategy if you want to make the Top 6 (14 of the 18 former do-nothings got that far), but it's not a great strategy if you want to win the game.

I'll be curious to see how long Andy can go without ever winning a competition or getting nominated. Only nine HGs have survived week 6 as a do-nothing, and only two have ever made it past week 7 as a do-nothing (season 8's Zach and season 6's April).

Is Andy the next Ian Terry, setting the stage for a slew of competitive wins in the second half of the season? Or will he follow in the footsteps of another do-nothing gay professor with a bowtie, Ragan Fox, and finish in fifth place?

I missed this because I don't stay up that late but it looks like Amanda is running ahead for America's vote for the third nominee.  Meanwhile last night at the voting ceremony she revealed that she and McCrae are in a "BB engagement". Exactly what that portends after they are both out of the house is unclear, but if they really do get engaged it will be the most bizarre pairing in BB history, or even human history. roflmao 

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Did a Huge Fight Change the Game?
Friday, August 02, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

A marathon fight broke out on Big Brother 15 Thursday night that could change the game, but probably won't. There was also a clear sign that Hell may have frozen over.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

GinaMarie is the HoH, but that hardly matters. The real fireworks came as Amanda and Jessie went at it for more than an hour, though sadly the live feeds didn't show most of their fight. We only got bits and pieces, and a lot of second-hand conversations about how
"unreal" it was.

Even more bizaree? Aaryn said something NICE about Candice. Yes, the Devil is ice skating tonight.

Amanda vs. Jessie

Why does Amanda, and now everyone, hate Jessie? Well, for starters, Jessie is making a big deal over Helen inviting Aaryn to the BBQ party she won from the HoH competition instead of her. Jessie thinks this means Aaryn is higher up on the totem pole than she is.

Also, everyone is convinced Jessie was the mastermind of a short-lived rebellion to evict Amanda last week. The story goes that she tried to team up with Judd, Spencer, GinaMarie and Aaryn to get rid of Amanda. It's kind of a half-truth, one of those momentary hypotheticals that lasted about 20 minutes because Jessie felt bad for Howard and wanted to see if there was any way to save him.

Making matters worse, Candice told Helen about Jessie's plot a few days ago, thinking it was a conspiracy to evict her over Howard. Candice had absolutely no knowledge that those people were working together, she just guessed. The fact that she guessed correctly (proof that she's actually a smart detective) is causing a lot of trouble for Jessie, since Helen then went to Amanda with this information.

Amanda has been on the warpath, interrogating Jessie about this rebellion and demanding answers. She stopped just short of waterboarding Jessie, though I suspect she would've done it if not for the cameras.

The Fight

This led to an epic blow-up between Jessie and Amanda. There was a ton of screaming about how Jessie tried to get Amanda out, because this season the mere thought of evicting Amanda is not allowed. Things devolved quickly into catty stuff about how Jessie is a slut who tries to get with all of the guys in the house. Ironically, these are the same things Aaryn and Kaitlin said about Jessie three weeks ago after Nick was evicted, and Amanda actually showed up to DEFEND Jessie.

Jessie fought back about how Amanda claimed she had a boyfriend when she came into the house, but now she's with McCrae. Sadly, the feeds switched away from their fight for most of it. However, there were second-hand accounts on the live feeds about what was going on.

Andy explained that the two were going back and forth over Jessie allegedly masterminding a plot to evict Amanda last week. He said told Helen, Elissa and Spencer that he agrees with Amanda's points, but Amanda was being a bully.

Then Candice went down wearing one of GinaMarie's fancy pageant dresses. Aaryn came up to the HoH room and told everyone that Jessie was trying to blame Candice for the plan to evict Amanda, but Candice was defending herself.

Here's when Hell froze over, because Aaryn actually COMPLIMENTED Candice for the way she handled herself in the argument. Yes, the Amanda/Jessie fight was so epic that it made Aaryn briefly like Candice.

The oddest part happened after the fight was over. McCrae was mad at Amanda for getting into a pointless fight and making herself an even bigger target.

Then Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Judd were in the HoH room saying that Candice is STILL the target. So the fight seems to have changed nothing. Or maybe Amanda and McCrae are just telling Aaryn and GinaMarie what they want to hear while secretly plotting to keep Candice and get rid of Jessie this week. But that would only serve to anger Aaryn and GM, so I'm guessing they're simply setting up a new target for next week.

That quintet then engaged in some highly questionable behavior. There was plenty of faux lesbian grinding between Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie. At one point Amanda (only wearing panties and a t-shirt) mounted GinaMarie and GM grabbed and spanked her butt. There's also a lot of sexual flirting between Aaryn and Judd.

The Lay of the Land

So it looks like Candice and Jessie will be the nominees, with Candice as the target and Spencer as a potential replacement.

McCrae coached GinaMarie on how to handle nominations, and it was embarrassing how easy she was to manipulate. The worst part is that she seems to blame Spencer for betraying Nick by not sticking with the Moving Company, yet there's no blame for McCrae, who was ALSO in that alliance with Nick. GM is a total joke, a useless player who doesn't really have any sort of game plan or strategy. Regardless of the racism, I'm offended as a fan and student of Big Brother that she's there and has won a competition.

Amanda and Helen definitely seem to be the ones controlling the game, with McCrae doing a great job of working as the man behind the curtain. Aaryn is slowly regaining the power she thought she had (she's Voildemort in the first three Harry Potter books), while Andy is happy being the Flying Monkey to Amanda's Wicked Witch.

Aaryn and Spencer are bonding over the fact that they used to be huge targets and are now off the radar. Judd is trying to put as much distance between himself and Jessie as is humanly possible.

Meanwhile, Elissa may be playing the best game right now simply because no one even seems to notice that she exists. She's kind of like Peeta in The Hunger Games, painting her face like a tree to avoid capture. Or Buster at the Milford School on Arrested Development, where "Children should be neither seen nor heard." Keep doing nothing, Elissa, it seems to be working!

Will there be a coup? Will anyone rise up against the tyrannical reign of Amanda? It probably won't happen this week, but with a double eviction, jury and the potential end of the MVP twist on Thursday, there may be war ahead.

Despite high drama, Candice is probably going home unless she wins the Power of Veto, in which case Jessie could be the fallback. As crazy as things were on Thursday night, it unfortunately doesn't seem to have changed anything.

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