BB day 45 Monday

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BB day 45 Monday

Post  Banjo on 2013-08-05, 17:48

Everyone is ridiculing Jessie behind her back and think she "has lost her mind". Meanwhile Judd doesn't seem too enthusiastic about continuing the fake 'showmance' with her. Yesterday and today consisted mostly of plotting, scheming, and telling stories. The funniest thing was when they discovered packages of "dental dams " in the storage room and Helen had never heard of them. When she read the instructions she just about cracked up.
Watching Amanda get her mandatory spray tan every few hours was pretty entertaining but the machine broke down at the last session so everyone has to go on lock down inside while the maint. crew fixes the tanning booth.

Big Brother 15: Judd The S-T-U-Double-D Stealing Kisses With Jessie

Posted: 05 Aug 2013 11:30 AM PDT

Judd and Jessie kissing

Judd has been back and forth on his showmance/fauxmance with Jessie for weeks now and last night it finally went somewhere, but was it just all part of his BB15 game? Considering Judd was getting lots of hands-on attention from Aaryn on Sunday this has been quite a good time for him! Judd the Big Brother Stud indeed.

Earlier on Sunday Judd spoke with Aaryn and decided that he needed to start flirting with Jessie again to make sure they could keep tabs on her plans. They’re worried about her involvement in the “Evict Amanda” scenario that bubbled up on Sunday.

Later that night Jessie spoke with Elissa and it was suggested she (Jessie) get to flirting with Judd so she could try to sway him over to their plan for evicting Amanda. Hah!

These plans came to a head late last night when Judd and Jessie found themselves alone in the backyard on the couches. Jessie asked Judd to come snuggle in bed with her, but he wanted to stay up. Spencer got a clue and bolted so they could be alone.

Flashback to 2:59AM BBT 8/5 Cams 3/4 so find Judd and Jessie start having a little makeout session. After a series of kisses Jessie sits back with a very satisfied smile as though finally getting a guy to kiss her in the house was the real Big Brother prize.

She tells Judd that she can’t stop kissing him now that they’ve started and says this could be trouble. Jessie also starts telling him things she heard in private so if this was all part of his plan then it worked well and it worked quickly!

So what do you think of Judd and all this attention he’s getting from the ladies?

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