BB day 57 Saturday

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BB day 57 Saturday

Post  Banjo on 2013-08-17, 14:37

They threw the Habaneros and head cheese in the trash straight away and will subsist on Slop for the week. They are experts at fixing up Slop to be variable and palatable . You wouldn't get me in the same room with head cheese ! very sick 

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 8 Have-Nots?
Friday, August 16, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

If you thought Big Brother 15 was done with Have-Nots just because they haven't actually shown them or their food for almost the entire season, think again. The remaining HGs competed and we have the results below.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Helen, Elissa, GinaMarie and Amanda are Have-Nots. This is the second week in a row for Helen, Elissa and GM, with Amanda taking Aaryn's spot from last week. It's the third time for Amanda and GM and the fourth time for Helen and Elissa.

America voted to give them Head Cheese and Habaneros. I can only assume this is America's way of punishing the HGs for such a terrible season.

It's interesting that Helen and Elissa have been on the exact same schedule as Have-Nots. Both were Have-Nots for the first two weeks, then they had four weeks off, now they're both Have-Nots for two weeks in a row again. It's also interesting that they were both Have-Nots in week 2 when Aaryn won HoH and nominated them, which is going to happen again this week.


-With their fourth times, Helen and Elissa tie the all-time record for most weeks as Have-Nots. Michele Noonan from season 11 is the only other HG to reach four weeks since Have-Nots were first introduced in her year.

-Andy, Amanda and GM are all tied with three times as Have-Nots. In the past four seasons, other than Michele, there have only been six HGs who reached three weeks as Have-Nots.

-Spencer, McCrae and Aaryn have only been Have-Nots once each.

-This is the seventh week of Have-Nots for the season, setting a record since the concept was introduced in season 11. Seasons 11 and 12 each had six weeks of Have-Nots while seasons 13 and 14 only had five weeks.

-This season has also had the highest number of Have-Nots. The previous high came in season 12 when there were 19 Have-Nots designated throughout the season. With this week, season 15 is now at 29.

If Helen is evicted on Thursday then Amanda has clear sailing to the final 4 and probably the final two...zap 

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations
Friday, August 16, 2013

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

For the fourth time on Big Brother 15, Aaryn is the HoH and must nominate two HGs for eviction. The first time she put up Helen and Elissa, but the MVP usurped her power and Nick went home. Then she followed orders and put up Howard and Spencer, with Howard going. Then she followed orders again and nominated Jessie and Spencer, only to backdoor Judd. Is Aaryn through following orders, or will she continue to do as she's told?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Aaryn nominated Helen and Elissa. Just like back in week 2. Also like week 2, Helen and Elissa are both Have-Nots.

Of course this time the target isn't Elissa, but Helen. Well, she's Amanda's target, which is good enough because Amanda has some sort of magical mind control power that forces everyone to bend to her will. This week there are several different stories being told in the house.

The 3 A.M. alliance (Aaryn, Andy, Amanda and McCrae) want Helen gone because she's a big threat to Amanda's game, and apparently wanting Amanda to be evicted is the only prerequisite for becoming a target.

However, they aren't as forthright about their intentions with Spencer and GM, trying to avoid making it seem like they're all working together. After Aaryn's HoH win, there was a very extensive session of the others bashing Elissa. During the live show she said she didn't want to sit next to Aaryn or GM, thus offending them. Now everyone resents Elissa because they think she's a snob and doesn't really want to be on the show. In fact, Elissa has said that she'd rather go home instead of to the jury house so she could be with her kids.

When Aaryn spoke to Elissa, she said the plan was to backdoor Spencer, though I'm not sure how anyone could believe that.

When Aaryn spoke to Helen, she said she wants Spencer gone, but the rest of the house wants Elissa gone, so she made these nominations because she feared Helen would save Elissa if she won the Power of Veto.

Of course those are all lies designed to keep the peace in case Helen wins the Power of Veto. Aaryn and 3 A.M. are in total control of this house, and once again, Aaryn is forced to do the dirty work while McCranda keep their hands clean. And Andy is...just going along for the ride.

It's reached the point where Amanda and Aaryn are already talking about how Spencer needs to go next week (unaware that a jury member will be returning). Strategically, I realize keeping Elissa is smart because she's not a threat to win competitions or the game, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to watch the live feeds when the HGs spend every minute talking about how much they hate Elissa and how she doesn't deserve to be there, while simultaneously plotting to keep her around for a few more weeks.

Right now, Helen is out the door unless she wins the Power of Veto, in which case Spencer the pawn will most likely be nominated. At that point, they might evict Spencer or take the easy road and just dump Elissa already to weaken Helen even more. The real fun will begin Thursday when one of the first four members of the jury comes back into the game, hopefully as HoH to try and change the balance of power. Because watching 3 A.M. saunter to the Final 4 is really boring and disheartening.

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