BB day 67 Tuesday

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BB day 67 Tuesday

Post  Banjo on 2013-08-27, 14:47

Unless something totally weird happens nothing will change between now and Thursday and Aaryn is evicted. Some HGs think that production will roll in some new feature this week or use an old one such as Pandora's Box, which hasn't been used yet this season. If they do use Pandora's Box then it would make sense that Aaryn would be the one to receive it. The person chosen to receive goes in the Diary Room alone and must make the decision as to whether to open it. If they say no then everything stays the same. If they open it, it could could grant them a special power (which in Aaryn's case may save her from eviction) or give them a large cash prize, $10k in previous seasons, or a trip to Hawaii,  or be a punishment of some sort, or just an irrelevant, silly "prize" such as the season when Britney won and opened the box only to have Jessie Goderz the "Pectacular One" pop out and lead her through a series of pumping iron exercises.  So it's a crap shoot as to whether to open the box but almost everyone does.

Big Brother 15: Where The Houseguests Stand As The Numbers Dwindle

Posted: 27 Aug 2013 08:47 AM PDT

After this week’s eviction there will be seven HGs left in the Big Brother game. Divisions in the house have shifted and now spread across the spectrum ending with Elissa on one side and McCranda on the opposite end. The remaining four other players fall somewhere in between on a sliding scale that could move with where the power falls on Thursday.

These four “in between” players, Andy, GinaMarie, Judd, and Spencer, find themselves in an excellent position to play the field. If you missed yesterday’s write up on The Exterminators, the latest alliance (of sorts), then be sure to start there first.

Andy is in the best position here falling right of center and edging closer to McCranda. He’s deeply embedded with McCranda but he’s got his other foot in the Exterminators’ boat. The only place he’s not welcome is with Elissa who seems to be the only HG in the game to recognize his duplicitous behavior having called him out privately on several occasions for running everything he knows back to McCranda.

Yesterday after the Veto Ceremony he assured Judd he was dedicated to The Exterminators but in the next breath said they needed to “keep this up,” referring to his alliance with McCranda, in case they won HoH on Thursday
. Andy’s immediate interest in The Exterminators was to secure the other three votes to insure his safety. Once he gets that he can dump them and like a moth to a flame he’ll be free to move where the power is once again.

Since Elissa unable to compete for HoH this week it is highly unlikely he’ll be nominated next round.

GinaMarie slides closer to Elissa on this scale. She has maintained a good social game with both sides, but McCranda does not trust her. At least Amanda doesn’t, as she declared yesterday, and that’s as good as speaking for both her and McCrae.

With Elissa ineligible to compete GM might need to be worried about being a pawn in the next round of “Evict Elissa” should McCranda grab the power.

Judd is definitely over on the Elissa side of things though he’s held up appearances with McCranda. Just as Amanda declared GM could not be trusted she said the same for Judd. He was part of the post-Ceremony meeting with McCrandy, but that was mostly for appearances and so they could tell him the Amanda & Andy fight was fake before Aaryn had the chance to break that news.

I’d put Judd in the safe zone for at least another week. The Exterminators won’t target him and McCranda has bigger fish to fry at this point.

Spencer is probably the closest to center right now. He’s not at odds with Elissa and his name isn’t GinaMarie or Judd when it comes to McCranda. That’s good enough for him at this point. Unless he wins HoH he’ll be a non-factor again next week, but I don’t think he’ll even risk that happening.

When it comes time for the next HoH competition only six of them will be able to compete, but I believe only four will be trying. Andy and Spencer have the most to lose by winning HoH. No one in the house will be after them and picking sides via nominations would only expose an allegiance that might later have to defend. Both privately said that they want Elissa gone next week, but if they’re unwilling to stick their necks out then they might as well be wishing for gumdrops to rain down in the backyard.

GinaMarie and Judd will both be fighting to win and are Elissa’s best hope for safety. If either wins HoH then I think we could see McCranda up on the block together for the first time. Speaking of, McCranda will be gunning for the power as well. Should they get the win then you can likely say goodbye to Elissa as McCranda won’t break a tie in her favor.

As for this week, well I completely skipped over that or any positioning for Aaryn because at this point because Aaryn is heading to Jury. They know it. She knows it. Everybody knows it and are just counting down the days.

Which HG do you want to see gain power next and who should go up on the block?

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