BB day 75 Wednesday

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BB day 75 Wednesday

Post  Banjo on 2013-09-04, 15:10

Nothing happening today out of the ordinary and nothing on tonight's CBS show that we don't already know, so the only suspense this week is who gets the double eviction on Thursday, and who wins HOH, because with the house being down to 5 for the final 2 weeks , it's coming down to the real brutality as each HG struggles to prevail.

Big Brother 15: Counting The Votes For Week 10

Posted: 04 Sep 2013 07:54 AM PDT

With two evictions ahead this week things are going to be crazy, but that’s why Double Evictions are so great! Well, most the time, but not always. While we can’t anticipate with any great certainty who will be sent packing in round two on Thursday we can take a look at who will be the first HG evicted that night and make a guess at the second.

The house was thrown for a loop on Monday night when Elissa decided to pull a 180 and start driving at full speed toward Crazy Town. After railing for Amanda’s eviction awhile now she decided it’d be best for her game to keep her in the house. Maybe she realized she was in the minority against a majority alliance or maybe DR just got in her ear enough to confuse the matter, but either way Elissa is now planning to vote to keep Amanda. But is it enough?

Amanda faces off against Spencer with four total votes this week which means a tie-breaker is possible and with the way things are heading that’s probably where we’re going to end up.

Amanda obviously expects McCrae’s vote and as long as they think it’s possible for Amanda to stay then McCrae will give it to her. He had previously mentioned voting with the house if he was going to be her sole vote.

Amanda also expects Andy’s vote. She doesn’t have it. He’s told her he supports her and suggests he’ll be voting to keep her, but he won’t and she doesn’t see that coming.

Andy’s vote is actually heading toward his Exterminators alliance to keep Spencer safe and in the game. He told the alliance about Elissa’s flip and believes that should convince them of his loyalty and I’d agree. Andy won’t turn on them. At least not this week.

Without Andy’s vote the whole situation with Elissa is powerless, but very entertaining all the same. Elissa has handed over her wedding ring as collateral which seems strange since she’s also the one giving her vote to Amanda with nothing in an immediate return.

Judd’s vote will be going to support Spencer and no one expects otherwise with or without all this sneakiness and deception going on.

If McCrae and Elissa still vote for Amanda while Andy and Judd go to Spencer then we’re at a tie and that’s going to fall on GinaMarie.

GinaMarie, as a member of the Exterminators alliance, is planning to vote out Amanda without any doubt. McCranda know she’s likely them even though they are unaware of The Exterminators, obviously since they think Andy is still with them. I doubt they’ll even both campaigning to GM since they think they’ve got the votes in the bag.

When the first double eviction round of live voting hits we’ll see Amanda voted out 2-2 with the tie-breaker going against her. A nice feather in GinaMarie’s cap.

The second round is a lot trickier to predict just because we don’t know how the HoH competition or Veto competition will turn out. If Elissa doesn’t win either of those then I’d expect her to be the second victim of the night. That’d likely make both sides of the Amanda-fence happy. Should Elissa win either of those then we’ll probably see McCrae go as long as he didn’t win the other. After that the possibilities just keep spinning so I won’t waste our time walking through every permutation.

What do you think will happen on Thursday? Will Amanda or Spencer be voted out?

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