BB day 82 Wednesday

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BB day 82 Wednesday

Post  Banjo on 2013-09-11, 14:20

The live feeds have been down longer than ever before, I think, but are supposed to be back up at 9pm PDT tonight. We should then be able to deduce who won HOH and who won the POV. Judd seems to be the most likely to go.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Remain Out As HGs Move Ahead In The Game Toward Season Finale

Posted: 11 Sep 2013 05:46 AM PDT

We’re down to the final days of Big Brother 15 and while the Live Feeds remain blacked out today the game has moved far ahead inside the house.

Yesterday the Final Five faced an eviction and we’ve already counted those votes on how that’d turn out. Following the eviction the remaining four headed out back for another competition where just three of them could participate.

Word has it there was no live audience at yesterday’s eviction so don’t expect much of a chance of legitimate spoilers, but let’s run through the options.

Since Spencer is outgoing HoH that’ll leave Andy, GinaMarie, and McCrae to compete to be the new Head of Household. Any rumors before tonight’s show that one of them has won is likely a 1 in 3 crap shoot more than anything. Of course there could end up being some legitimate leaks and we’ll keep an eye out today for those.

All three HGs competing have won HoH with McCrae and GM at two wins while Andy has just one HoH win. They are all fully capable of pulling out a win on this competition.

There isn’t a lot for this next HoH to do with just three other HGs left in the game. He or she will earn safety and a spot in the Final Three, but the other two in that F3 will be decided by the Power of Veto. So the real power comes from the Veto this week as the winner of that medallion will cast the sole vote to form the F3.

Tonight’s show is expected to feature the eviction, HoH competition, and nominations, but is likely to stop short of showing the Veto competition. Our hope is that when the Feeds return tonight after the special eviction show that we’ll learn who has the Veto which will help us determine who is going home next ahead of Thursday’s show.

Which three HGs do you want to see make it to the Final Three? Andy, GinaMarie, McCrae, and Spencer are likely all that’s left in the race to the half-million dollar prize.

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