BB day 90 Wednesday

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BB day 90 Wednesday

Post  Banjo on 2013-09-18, 13:40

This is it ! The final day ! It will be epic !  If Andy wins the HOH 3rd round then this prediction is probably accurate. Of course if GinaMarie wins she will take Spencer to the Final Two also because both she and Andy know he is the weaker vote getter from the jury.

September 18, 2013
Big Brother 15 Winner Predictions
By: Matthew Boyer | Tagged: Big Brother, Big Brother 15

Some seasons of Big Brother are easier than others to predict the outcome. When you have two close allies both make it to Round 3 with a stack of the third HG’s allies in Jury then you know who is headed to the F2. Tonight as we prepare to find out who won Big Brother 15, well, not so much.

If you’ve avoided reading who has won the first two rounds of the Final HoH in anticipation of seeing those comps play out during tonight’s show then go no further. Otherwise, let’s discuss who could win the big prize.

The Round 3 comp will feature Q&A rounds where the HGs have to finish the sentence for each of the nine Jury members. We’ll hear things like “Amanda: I thought the fiercest competitor this season was…” then Julie cuts in with “A: Aaryn or B: Amanda.” The HGs will guess the answer then the rest of the clip will play, “Amanda: Me! I was the best player this season!” Some of the questions will be obvious, but not all and we have seen low scores on this round where just one question can decide the winner.

I’m expecting Andy to beat GinaMarie and win this round. It’s nearly a toss-up, but I’m giving Andy a slight edge here with the expectation that he might know the HGs a little better and be able to keep his calm during all the pressure.

Now Andy winning Round 3 won’t be enough to win it all. He’ll still have to survive the Jury and a lot of that will depend on who he takes to the end. Picking GinaMarie for the F2 could be very bad and I’m really thinking he’s got to know that. In that case Andy will take Spencer with him and will win by a healthy margin.

So there’s my prediction: Andy wins Round 3, takes Spencer, and Spencer is runner-up

The live feeds are shut down for the season now. We feel that a part of our lives are gone.Cry  The three survivors gave their goodbyes.....

9:55 AM BBT

All 3 saying their Goodbyes to the Live Feed watchers...

Spencer: Live Feeders, what's up! This is Spencer. It's been awesome. It's been crazy. It's been a lot of fun. I hope that you've enjoyed the show. I feel sorry for you having to watch these two. But I want to congratulate you on watching me for these past 90 days. And all my shenanigans I've been involved in. And all the competitions I've sucked at. And ya'll are awesome. Thank you so much for your support and fandom and ya know we couldn't do all this stuff without ya'll. So...

Andy: My turn? Live Feeders, I'm so appreciative for you. You guys are what put us in this house basically. I mean, we all know that and are really grateful for it. And I just want you to know what an amazing experience this has been. I'm really glad, honored that you guys got to share it with us. It's something I know I will never forget. Your dedication to this is something I really appreciate as well because if it weren't for you we wouldn't even be here. This has been such a life changing experience for myself. I mean, from walking in on Day 1 I never thought I'd be here right now. I mean, not to undermine myself as a player but it's been a crazy 90 days and ummm (Spencer: "verbal filler") and well, like ummm, I know I have more to say, let's see. I'll try to think of some insider information to fill them in on... the worst competition of the season, one of the worst (Spencer: The Have Not). Oh My God! You have no idea how hard it is being a Have Not, Live Feeders. Being a Have Not, I was more scared... is the camera even on me? **laughs** Well, I'm not done yet! (One of the cameras has moved to GM; GinaMarie: Come sit next to me; he stays where he's at) He continues... One of the worst things ever in this house is being a Have Not. And I think you guys can agree with me, Have-Not Competitions ran more fear in me than HOHs, without a doubt (GM: absolutely). And we love you Live Feeders, I love you. Do not, whatever you do, vote for Elissa to be America's Player because she's awful. (Spencer says the voting is already closed. Andys asks, "Is it?" Spencer replies, "Yeah, it probably closed at noon yesterday") That's my final plea, America. I love you and I respect you and please don't vote for Elissa to be America's player. PLEASE! **they start laughing**

GinaMarie: Hi, Live Feeders! What's up? It's your girl GinaMarie from New York. I just want to say, um, I know you guys are super duper fans. Thank you from our hearts to you guys at home. Thank you for watching us. Thank you for supporting and being super dedicated. We hope we kept you guys smiling, crying and lauging all through this season. Um, this time in the house has been amazing. We know how much you guys love us as much as we love you guys. And it's been crazy times. It's been sad times and we would never change it for anything in the world. And we know how much fans you guys are. So before we say goodbye, I guess we say we'll see you on the outside. We love you! Thanks fans! (Andy & Spencer join in with thank yous and goodbyes) BYE!!

They blow kisses.

Andy says that was a pain.

GM: That was cute. Good job guys.

Spencer: To Andy, I thought you were going to do the heart thing (makes a heart symbol with his hands) like a true goober. Then he says, "If the Live Feeds are still on I'll leave you with this thought, Andy sucks".

GinaMarie: I'll leave you with this thought, Nich Uhas, miss you! Ha Ha

Andy: Remember, don't vote for Elissa! Please!

Spencer: Yeah

Andy: I'm begging you! Vote for David!

Spencer: Find me on Facebook.

Andy: Follow me on Twitter. @AndyHerren

Spencer: Did you hear what he said? At idiot Herren.

Andy (as the feeds are going off): Why didn't you guys back me up when I did the Elissa thing?

Spencer: I did...(and we fade to black Very Happy)

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