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Nothing of strategic importance will happen until Wednesday when we see the results of last Saturday's POV comp; In which Donnie won the POV, taking himself off the block. This forces Caleb, the one remaining HOH after Frankie was deposed, to renom. a replacement to sit beside Paola. His options are very limited so he will nominate Joey who will then be voted out on Thursday's live show. This is one of those weeks where all strategic decisions line up perfectly and require little analysis to foresee the outcome.

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 1?
Sunday, June 29, 2014

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

The first live eviction of Big Brother 16 isn't until Thursday, but now there's nothing to do in the house but wait for it. All of the competitions and ceremonies are over and we have our final two nominees of the week.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

HoH Frankie nominated Brittany and Victoria while HoH Caleb nominated Donny and Paola. Brittany and Victoria won the first Battle of the Block, meaning they're safe and Frankie is no longer HoH. Donny won the Power of Veto.

Donny saved himself. Joey is the replacement nominee.

Just like that, it looks like the first member of Team America will be evicted before the other two members are even chosen. Though evicting Donny was the original plan, backdooring Joey was always the back-up plan.

It's probably for the best since Joey has proven to be, perhaps, the worst player ever. Over the weekend she made a house announcement encouraging everyone to go to HoH Caleb and tell him who they wanted to be the replacement nominee. Joey wanted it to be a transparent house vote, basically hoping that Caleb would ask everyone, everyone would give a name, and Caleb would pick that person.

Joey's campaign for transparency went so far that she went up to Devin and told him she was trying to get him to be the replacement nominee, claiming she had enough support to do it. Yes, she really is THAT bad at the game.

Brittany seems to be the only person who is actually on Joey's side. Unfortunately for them, there's an eight-person alliance in charge right now, the Bomb Squad. Members include Caleb, Devin, Frankie, Zach, Cody, Derrick, Amber and Christine. They're very cocky, but they're also highly divided with numerous sub-alliances (Frankie/Zach, Frankie/Caleb/Devin, Frankie/Christine, Zach/Cody/Derrick, Caleb/Devin/Amber, Zach/Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Christine).

Joey's massive incompetence when it comes to how the game is played should get get her evicted over Paola's general uselessness. Either way, El Quatro is not only dead, but its two founding members are nominated and the dream of having this be a "girl power" season are severely dashed.

It's also slightly troubling because it's reminiscent of season 12, when the Saboteur was eliminated first and the Brigade was able to keep the house so congenial all season that no one ever suspected they were together. Let's just hope that doesn't happen this year.

What Happens To Team America If Joey Goes Home?

Posted: 30 Jun 2014 09:00 AM PDT

Big Brother twists have a knack for imploding like an unprepared Houseguest in the first week of the game. So when Big Brother 16 set up “Team America” with a three-week slow boil I started to wonder what would happen if its members start getting evicted before they’re even gathered together for the first time. Cue Joey’s first week in the house. Guess what’s likely to happen?
Joey shrugs it off on Big Brother 16

‘What’s Big Brother?’ asks Joey Van Pelt – Source: CBS

While I questioned the choice of a complete Big Brother novice as the top pick as America’s ally other’s pointed out that most of these votes are a popularity contest and Joey came off as very popular. They’re right. Joey was very friendly and I liked her a lot as a person during our interview, but I wouldn’t want to rely on her inside the house. I don’t wanna say I was told ya so, but…

As of Saturday night, in spectacular fashion, Joey cemented her position as the then upcoming Veto Ceremony renom and was working hard to make sure she’d be the person to go home first. With that now seeming like a forgone conclusion this week we’re left to ask, what will become of Team America?

At this point the only HG to know about Team America is Joey. Production could just restart the process of getting three HGs and make Round 2′s pick the new “first” pick. No one inside the house would ever know. We’d obviously know, but would it really matter?

Or Grodner (Big Brother executive producer) could admit defeat in Round 1 and roll with the punches. Winners of Team America’s second and third votes could be a duo instead of trio. Of course that assumes we don’t also lose said HGs to the Saboteur Curse.

Background: Saboteur was BB12′s season twist & failed miserably week one with Annie, the secret Saboteur, was voted out unanimously. Oops.

There are probably even more options and scenarios I haven’t considered and we could end up surprised. Or we could end up really surprised and see Paola go home on Thursday negating this entire issue. What do you think Big Brother might do should Joey, leader of Team America, be voted out this week?

For the record, I”ll point out that I raised this possibility before the Feeds even turned on way back on Thursday night. Just another reason to follow me on Twitter & Facebook!

   So on Team America, it'll take weeks to assemble all 3. What if Joey gets voted out before that? Do we vote a new member in? Dunno. #BB16

   — Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) June 27, 2014

I’ll close with the same joke as I did on that night. Was this just a risk they were willing to take?

Caleb Asks Amber ‘How Do You Like Your Rabbit Cooked?’ – Big Brother 16 Live Feed Updates

Posted: 30 Jun 2014 07:00 AM PDT

From before the time Caleb Reynolds walked in the Big Brother 16 house he’s had wedding bells in his mind for the very beautiful Amber Borzorta. Now he just has to let her know she feels the same way.
Caleb explains their romance to Amber

Caleb explains their romance to Amber – Source: CBS

How did Caleb know he was destined to be with Amber before the game started? According to the Big Brother Feeds, Caleb saw Amber at the airport and wished for the chance to be with her for 90 days in the BB16 house. I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what was said.

So here they are, face to face, a couple of Big Brother spoons. Caleb has his chance at Amber and he’s not going to let it get away. Ever since the Feeds came on last week we’ve seen Caleb holding therapy sessions with various HGs telling them about his deep, deep feelings for his future wife. Totally normal when you’ve just met someone, right? Of course!

Most Houseguests advised Caleb to just wait and not say anything, but after days of saying “tonight’s the night I tell her of our love” he finally did it. How did it go? How do you think?

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 2:05AM BBT on Cams 3/4 and you’ll find Caleb nestled in his Love Nest bed while Amber perches as far to the edge of it as she can without falling off.

Use your Big Brother Feeds Free Trial & Rewind the Feeds to watch anything you missed!

Caleb kicks off the awkward moment with a nervous laugh and the quick declaration, “I like you.” He explains neither one of them wants a showmance. “It’s not what I want. It’s not what you want.” That might be the last accurate statement Caleb makes in this conversation. No, wait. “I don’t know if I’m seeing what I’m seeing, or if I’m seeing something incorrectly.” That was the last.

Amber explains she doesn’t do showmances and Caleb is glad, because he doesn’t either. It’s Day 11 for both of these seasoned reality TV vets, mind you. He goes on to say that he’s attracted to her for more than just being gorgeous. He likes her for her morals and religious convictions.

click thumbnails to see full-size gallery

bb16-20140630-0205-caleb bb16-20140630-0205-caleb-amber bb16-20140630-0206-caleb-amber

Here’s where it really turns. “There’s a certain way you like at me throughout the day and I’m sure you feel the same way.” Uh oh. Run, Amber, run. “You look at me a LOT,” explains Caleb to Amber. “Am I wrong?” “I don’t know,” says Amber. “I didn’t know I looked at anybody a LOT.” Caleb says that “everybody sees you [do it].”

Caleb says he hopes that when this is all over… she interrupts him to say “this is all news to me.” Nevermind that, Amber, Caleb has more to tell you about your undying romance. Settle in and just accept it already. roflmao 

When this is all over, Caleb explains, he’s going to stay here in California and they can be together and go on a “big dinner date” and watch a movie. He’s already got big, big plans. Just accept it.

click thumbnails to see full-size gallery

bb16-20140630-0215-amber bb16-20140630-0215-caleb-amber

Now Caleb raises a concern. When he comes in a room she leaves. Caleb doesn’t know why, but “it happens everytime!” He thinks it might be because the house sees them as the next Romeo & Juliet and that could make them a target. He’s pretty sure that’s it even those “we” haven’t given them a reason to think that. Oh yes, he’s already elevated their relationship to a “we” status. Perfect.

Amber drops the F-Bomb on Caleb: Friends. She wants to be friends with everyone. Not passionate lovers. Friends. I’m guessing Caleb is hearing a much different F-bomb though. He says he hasn’t be thinking about this too much. Lie. He can not stop talking about her and his obsession. Daily discussions on it. But no worries. Caleb says he understands and is much more interested in knowing her outside of the house. Translation: he thinks she doesn’t want a showmance, but loves him just as much and wants a real world romance. And babies. LOTS of babies.

click thumbnails to see full-size gallery

bb16-20140630-0216-amber-escapes bb16-20140630-0216-amber bb16-20140630-0216-03-amber

This goes on for way too long. Amber thanks for him for telling him about their romance and slowly backs out of the room and runs for safety.

Later Amber laughs about the whole situation to the other girls. The word “crazy” gets tossed around. Flashback your Feeds to 3:02 as Amber goes to Jocasta, Victoria, and Nicole for help. There’s even more talk on this there for you to watch on your Feeds.

click thumbnails to see full-size gallery

bb16-20140630-0302-amber-crazy bb16-20140630-0303-amber-fire-room bb16-20140630-0304-amber-fire-room

It’s hard to blame Caleb for his infatuation. Amber is a beautiful woman for sure. Ships have sailed for less. But Caleb, you’re getting way ahead of yourself. It’s creepy. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize here. Oh who am I kidding? There’s a good chance this will keep blowing up in his face and he’ll mistake the flames for her burning love.

As for Amber, come on, girl! Use this to your advantage. Bat your eyes, smile his way, and use him to advance your game and keep you safe. He’s already said he would take you to the end. Let him! Sadly I’m not sure Amber knows of the power of “love” in this game as she’s another complete novice to the series. And we’ve already seen how novices are doing so well this season.

Let’s just keep watching and see what fun develops from this. Now no one wants to see Caleb get hurt, but some highly awkward moments and chuckles at his romantic attempts are fair game, right?

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