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BB day 7/12

Post  Banjo on 2014-07-01, 14:23

Of course nothing is happening in the house today. Some exercising in the back yard (Running; the beefcakes don't seem too interested in lifting weights this season, as compared to past seasons, at least not yet.)

Brittany did have a brief "seminar" on her bikinis which was not without its interest, but it didn't last long and we have yet to see which one she picks for today's "display".

Hey ! Looks like a new one !


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Big Brother Network: "Big Brother 16: Week 1 – Counting The Votes" and 6 more

   Big Brother 16: Week 1 – Counting The Votes
   Big Brother 16 Reveals First Feeds-Only Vote
   Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 1 Power Rankings By Adam Poch
   Big Brother 16: Will The Bomb Squad Alliance Explode?
   Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 1 Monday Night Highlights
   Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 1 Monday Daytime Highlights
   Big Brother 16: Joey Exposes Team America Twist

Big Brother 16: Week 1 – Counting The Votes

Posted: 01 Jul 2014 10:30 AM PDT

This Thursday the first Big Brother 16 live eviction will take place when one cast member is sent packing with the undesirable title of “1st Eliminated Houseguest.” We’ve been watching the Feeds and know which way the wind is blowing as the votes are readied.
Joey Van Pelt on Big Brother 16

Joey Van Pelt on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Since Friday after the Veto Competition things seemed pretty set on where they were going. Really even before the comp there was a plan, but more of a backup option. Once all the pieces came together the opportunity was seized and the table was set. Time to feast on the first sacrifice.

Once Donny won the Veto it was obvious that he’d use it and save himself. Before the competition Devin had suggested to Caleb and Frankie that one of noms come down and Joey go up. They weren’t interested unless Donny or Paola actually won it themselves. Problem solved.

Joey even becoming an initial target goes back to her revealing her all-girls alliance and then pretending it never existed. This was possibly an attempt to cover for the other girls while not realizing how seriously the other HGs might take her actions. It made HGs suspicious of her.

On Saturday night Joey imploded her game by confronting Devin and telling him that she wanted him to go up and be the first evicted. Joey didn’t realize you don’t broadcast these sorts of plans, especially not to the target. It all worked in reverse and suddenly the house was fully against her.

You see, the first week of Big Brother can be kinda funny. Everyone seems to be in a bit of a daze as they acclimate to their new surroundings and when an easy target presents itself HGs tend to pile on in a mass, nearly unanimous vote. Most HGs are just excited that it isn’t them and will go along with whatever it is. “You want to vote out my mom? Yeah, let’s do that. I don’t trust her either!”

Joey is that easy target and as it stands she’s set to be voted out unanimously on Thursday.

Even Joey’s close ally Brittany came to her yesterday and explained, as Joey sat alone crying in the Storage room, that she (Brittany) wasn’t turning her back on her but she needed to watch out for her own game and was going to turn her back on her. Yep.

To her credit, Joey did make an attempt at campaigning yesterday and even made a bold move. She revealed to Hayden that she was “America’s Favorite” (rather than explicitly “Team America”) and that she had been awarded special powers that activated Thursday night. She suggested if he kept her then she’d keep him safe with those powers.

So yes, Joey out’d every alliance she joined this season in her brief time there. First the girls alliance then the alliance with viewers. Sigh. We’ll have to wait and see how much damage was done to the Team America twist. If Hayden doesn’t say a word then it’s done, but after she goes he may start to mention it and things could unravel. Not to mention, what happens when its first member departs?

Do you see a different vote coming this week? Still a few days left for things to change.

Big Brother 16 Reveals First Feeds-Only Vote

Posted: 01 Jul 2014 08:15 AM PDT

Brand new for Big Brother 16 is a Live Feeds subscriber-only voting system that will let those dedicated fans impact the game every week this season. The first voting round has opened, but it won’t last long so open up your Feeds or grab the Free Trial and cast your vote now!
Big Brother Feeds-Only Voting Week 1

Big Brother Feeds-Only Voting Week 1 – Source: CBS

In the preseason we were teased with news that Big Brother fans who were subscribed to the Feeds would have access to an exclusive voting system separate from what’s seen every season as part of’s open offerings to fans. Considering online fans are often more invested and naturally more informed than TV-only viewers who only get part of the story, I was anxious to learn more about what sort of impact we could have.

The teaser details hinted at a question on asking Feedsters which HG they wanted to do everyone’s laundry that day, but the first real voted turned out to be Have-Not foods.

We get to pick between giving the Have-Nots either “Vegan S’mores” or “The ‘Wurst BLT”. I’m guessing that’s a liverwurst sandwich but I have no idea what’s normally in S’mores that wouldn’t already be vegan so that could turn out weird. Update: Reader “Ktan” explained to me that neither chocolate nor marshmallows are vegan (I was thinking vegetarian).

This vote is pretty neat since the Have-Not food is typically an open viewer poll, which I guess is being covered by Team America content right now. Speaking of Team America, did you know Joey spilled the Team America beans yesterday in an attempt to garner votes? Anyways, it’d be awesome if Feedsters got to control that third and final vote for a Team America member. We might see a much different result from a more constrained voter based. That probably won’t happen though.

What kind of votes and choices would you like to see happen in this season’s Feeds-Only voting? Make your suggestions in the Comments section below. I have a feeling Big Brother is watching for your ideas so don’t hold back.

The voting closes today (Tuesday) at 4PM PT / 7PM ET so do not delay. Just log in to your Feeds subscription and then click the tabs on the right hand side for “Vote.” If you don’t have Feeds yet then you can join right now using the Free Trial to cast your vote.

Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 1 Power Rankings By Adam Poch

Posted: 01 Jul 2014 07:00 AM PDT
Big Brother HG - Adam Poch

Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

During Big Brother 14 Matt Hoffman & I did a live show called Rants & Roars – on it I would do a weekly ranking on each player, giving them each up to 5 strips of Bacon if they had a good week, and up to 5 strips of Tofu if they had a bad week. When Big Brother Network asked me to do a couple of weekly columns, I decided to bring it back – so here we go…

Big Brother 16 Week 1 Rankings:

Amber – 1 strip of Bacon: She has not been seen much on the CBS show, but the live feeds are obsessed with her. No, not because she is beautiful, but because she is all that Caleb talks about. She has been great holding her own probably because she is unaware how crazy in love he is with her.

Brittany – 3 strips of Bacon: Leaving her kids must have been really tough, getting nominated week 1 must have been even tougher. But kicking ass at the BotB to pull herself off earns her some bacon! Also watching her on the feeds the first day, she was cleaning the kitchen & filling the ice trays. Something I did often.

Caleb – 1 strip of Tofu: Winning the 1st (well, 2nd) HoH was good, making safe nominations that did not ruffle the house was also good. So why did he get Tofu? 2 reasons… 1) his infatuation, borderline stalkerish with Amber (“I see the way she looks at me.”) and 2) he not only killed a hog with a stick – but bragged about it on the live feeds. Yes, I know you have to kill pigs to make bacon, but don’t beat your hog & tell everyone about it! He’s lucky he won that HoH or else he’d get 5 strips of Tofu for that alone!

Christine – 2 strips of Bacon: Anyone willing to film their opening naked is not afraid of exposing themselves to the world. Seems like she has such a great sense of self, so the internet trolls will not get to her. Her alliance with Nicole (#TeamNicotine) is cute for now, but she will not be afraid to get her hands dirty later.

Cody – 2 strips of Tofu. I am rooting for him as a fellow Jersey boy and Super fan, but what has he done so far to get into game mode? Not much. He is lucky there are other physical threats in the house, and can play the “laying low” game for now.

Derrick – 1 strip of Bacon: Duh – he’s a cop… of course he will get bacon as long as he does not do anything bad. We have not seen him cry about missing his daughter, and is not seen as a threat. He is mentally making a file on each player. Waiting to see how he uses it later, or if they figure him out.

Donny – 5 strips of Bacon: Winning Veto when you are on the block is the BEST feeling in the BB House. You guarantee your safety and foil any plans or possibilities of the HG’s voting you out. He’s brought some great comedy to the house, which we will need as you can feel the tension starting to build.

Frankie – 4 strips of Bacon: So far he’s played the best complete game. He’s well liked by everyone in the house, he won the first HoH to show he can compete, worked with Caleb during nominations to make sure he would be safe if his nominees lost BotB, & he’s been there to listen to people vent. His only flaw was nominating Victoria, someone he formed an immediate bond with. You are going to upset people by nominating them, but why “target” a friend this early when there were 10 other people he could have put up.

Hayden – 4 strips of Tofu: Some people love seeing nudity on the feeds… but I did not need to see him strip 2 minutes into the live feeds. I have seen more of his ass so far than I have seen him “gaming.”

Jocasta – 3 strips of Tofu: Ok, I admit, I am no Mr. Blackwell, but this girl has some horrible fashion sense. I mean, a bow tie with a bathing suit? REALLY?

Joey – 5 strips of Tofu: A few never’s for the BB house… Never out your secret alliance… Never tell someone you are coming after them when you have ZERO power… and most important, NEVER let live feeders see your tampon string!

Nicole – 1 strip of Tofu: As the other half of #TeamNicotine – she seems like she is just happy to be in the Big Brother House. Not sure if she has the ability to do the dirty work when she will need to.

Paola – 2 strips of Tofu: Nominated the 1st week, and did not seem to know how to swing. I may be 15 years older than her, but put me on a playground and I will be rocking that swing. Yeah yeah yeah haters, I know you will mock my challenge prowess for that one! Unless she gets paranoid and starts freaking out, she should be safe this week – and then will probably fly under the radar for a while.

Victoria – 2 strips of Bacon: She was able to compete well with Brittany to get themselves off the block. And since she cannot eat bacon… I guess I will eat them for her. THANKS JUDAISM!!

Zach – 1 strip of Tofu: Some people think he is the next Dr. Will. Cmon people it’s only week 1. But he does seem to have a few of his traits. For now he is just snuggling with Frankie, which could just be game. His biggest mistake was admitting to Frankie he is gonna throw challenges. NEVER tell people you are throwing challenges!!!

So that leaves us with Devin… who earns this year’s first TOFURKEY OF THE WEEK! Even though he claimed to have watched a lot of Big Brother while going through casting, he did not seem to process this is a LONG game. He makes alliances, breaks alliances, goes rogue bringing people into his alliance. We see it every year, someone playing too hard too fast. Let’s see what will be shorter, his “major league baseball” career, or his time on Big Brother.

OK kids, as they say in the BB house, it’s a long way to Thursday – so even though it looks like Joey could be going home, and ruin the twist one week in (remind anyone of Annie / Saboteur twist from BB12) – you never know what can happen inside those walls!

Big Brother 16: Will The Bomb Squad Alliance Explode?

Posted: 01 Jul 2014 06:00 AM PDT

With an alliance of eight Big Brother 16 Houseguests, the Bomb Squad mega-conglomerate was bound to hit some snags. Now with some showmantic (or lack of) drama brewing inside it some of its members wonder when it’s going to explode.
Bomb Squad alliance - Hurt Locker

Bomb Squad alliance goes *boom* – “Hurt Locker” – Source: Universal Studios

Caleb confessed his burning love for Amber on Sunday night earning him a deflating “thank you” response. Thanks to Devin having a talk with him (1AM BBT), Caleb is coming to slowly, very slowly understand that maybe that didn’t mean she loved him back. Now his over-sized alliance is waiting to see what happens between them and how it could impact their plans.

Cody and Zach were out playing late night pool at 2:30AM BBT when the topic of what could happen. Cody is confident “it doesn’t hurt as all.” Zach is a little more worried and notes that “ever since he came out to her” they haven’t been looking at each other. “That’s bad for us,” explains Zach.

Cody sees what he’s talking about and notes that “his ego is so bad” that he could decide that since he brought Amber in to the alliance then he can take her back out of it at will.

Overnight there was also talk from Caleb about bringing Brittany in to their fold (2:57AM BBT). Yes, a ninth member. Or, maybe an eighth if he decides Brittany should replace Amber. Brittany certainly seems to be “playing” the game more, but does the Bomb Squad really need any more cooks in its kitchen or simply votes to keep its control?

Most of the Bomb Squad alliance members have known this ridiculously sized group couldn’t last. It’s just a matter of what breaks it first and with so many moving parts it’s a race to that title. If Caleb’s rejection goes as well as some of us suspect then we could see their “BS” alliance fizzle out in no time.

What would you do if you were a Bomb Squad member? Stick by Caleb and oust Amber, add on Brittany to keep him happy, or maybe even decide to make a move on eliminating Caleb altogether? Share your thoughts below.

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