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BB day 17/22

Post  Banjo on 2014-07-11, 15:36

Discussions and explanations going on today as they wait for the Battle of the Block later.  Derrick is now explaining that Caleb is not his target in his nominations. Donny isn't entirely convinced.

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Are the Week 3 Nominees?
Friday, July 11, 2014

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

For the first two weeks of Big Brother 16, the two HoHs were on the same page. They were all members of the Bomb Squad and, despite the eight-person alliance blowing up, nominations were relatively simple. Now there's actual conflict as the two HoHs have different opinions.

Even more exciting, while the first two weeks were about some of the worst gameplay ever, this week is featuring some of the best, with astounding moves and surprising revelations.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

HoH Nicole nominated Amber and Donny.

HoH Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb.

How the Nominations Happened

If you thought Derrick's manipulation of Caleb to keep Zach last week was impressive, this week will beat it. Derrick's strategy was to convince Caleb that he should volunteer to be one of his nominees so he could throw the Battle of the Block competition in order to ensure Amber's safety as one of Nicole's nominees. It would also make sure Caleb would be one of the players in the Power of Veto competition, which he assumes he will win.

Derrick played on Caleb's ego and his obsession with Amber, making it sound like Caleb would be the beast-mode cowboy in shining armor, saving his queen. Derrick's inception was so subtle that, after a brief conversation, Caleb was convinced that it was his own idea. However, Caleb would only do it if Amber said it was OK.

Caleb then spoke to Amber about it and she was skeptical, but Caleb was steadfast in his belief that this was a good idea. And he managed to convince her to accept.

Nicole feels badly for putting up Donny, but she did it by process of elimination because she didn't want to nominate anyone else. And when Donny talked to Nicole, he urged to to put up Christine because she's in the Bomb Squad.

Now the plan is for Caleb and Jocasta to lose the Battle of the Block so that Devin can be backdoored as long as he doesn't get picked to play and wins the Power of Veto.

Derrick Gets Outfoxed by Nicole

As brilliant as Derrick's manipulation of Caleb is, that's nothing compared to the season's truly diabolical and brilliant couple: Hayden and Nicole. That's right, those two are onto everything and everyone.

When Derrick and Nicole first spoke in the HoH room, he did his best to convince her that the Bomb Squad wasn't really a formal alliance and that he didn't know who all of the other members were, but she knew he was lying (because Christine was honest about it with her). Derrick was foolish enough to think his lies worked and that he could actually convince the rest of the house that the Bomb Squad wasn't as tight as it really was.

He suggested an alliance and even proposed a Final 2 deal with Nicole because they're both super fans. Unfortunately for Derrick, he had no idea how much she was playing him.

Later, Hayden came up to the HoH room to cuddle with Nicole. Nicole told him all about Derrick's lies and his proposed Final 2 deal. Hayden agreed that the Bomb Squad is still in effect and she can't trust Derrick at all. They also know he has a Final 3 deal with Zach and Cody. Despite Cody's flirtation with Nicole, and Derrick's assumption that those two are close, Nicole knows how sketchy Cody is too. Hayden and Nicole pretty much don't trust anyone in the Bomb Squad.

Zach is a bit of a wild card. He spoke to Nicole and was much more forthcoming about the Bomb Squad than Derrick, unafraid to say anything and everything on his mind, from how close he is to Cody to the fact that Frankie shares everything with him. His game is so aggressively erratic that I can't tell if he's a genius or a moron.

But basically, Hayden and Nicole have a perfect read on the entire house. And despite their own alliance with Christine, they know that she is the female equivalent of Derrick and dangerous in her own way. They may seem like dim-witted blondes, but that's obviously an act.

Find Out Team America's First Mission>>

The first two weeks of Big Brother 16 were all about the worst players, but week 3 appears to be about the best. I originally thought it was Derrick, but Hayden and Nicole are proving to be even more formidable than I thought. Then there's Zach, whose game is unlike anything I've ever seen. Now that people who know the game are in charge, things are getting intense.

These noms. have one strong and one weaker player on each team. So we'll have to see what the comps. are before making a winners prediction.

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: What Is Team America's First Mission?
Friday, July 11, 2014

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Team America is in effect. On the Big Brother 16 live feeds late Thursday night, Derrick, Frankie and Donny were given their first mission, and it's not going to be easy.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Viewers have chosen for the three members of Team America to convince three other HGs to spread a rumor that someone in the house is related to a former player. Derrick was the first to get the mission and explained it in great detail to Frankie.

The rules are fairly simple. A member of Team America must tell the rumor to someone else in the house. If that other person spreads the rumor to another HG, Team America gets one point. They must get three points by just after midnight on Monday to succeed and win $5,000 each.

UPDATE: On Friday afternoon, Derrick and Frankie filled Donny in on their first mission. They decided that the rumor is that Zach is the cousin of Amanda from season 15. To help the story, Donny's role is to confirm to any suspicious people that Paola told him this information as she was leaving.

It was Frankie's idea, so that's casting even more doubt over Frankie's alleged Final 2 deal and bromance with Zach. The more interesting part of the meeting was that Frankie kept talking about how they need to be completely honest with each other and he thinks there's a specific reason each of them were voted by America. It sounded like he was considering telling them about his famous sister, Ariana Grande.

The mission could be even more difficult because there's so much complex gameplay going on right now with the upcoming nominations. I'll have a more in-depth description of the campaigning when the nominations are official, but it looks like the plan to backdoor Devin may work out, but not without a few bumps.

Here are some various highlights of Thursday night's activities:

-Hayden fake-proposed marriage to Nicole and she reluctantly accepted.

-Cody gave Amber a massage, sending Caleb into a jealous rage that they will start a showmance and make him look like a fool.

-Derrick pulling some major league inception on Caleb to make him think that being nominated and throwing the Battle of the Block is a good idea.

-Derrick and Nicole strategizing together, with Derrick mistakenly thinking that she believes his lies about the Bomb Squad not being a real alliance.

-Nicole and Hayden cuddling while making it clear that they don't trust Derrick, Cody or even Christine.

-A late-night game of "Truth or Dare" that was truly disgusting, with lots of licking. Caleb put Hayden's big toe in his mouth and Hayden dropped his pants and twerked his naked ass right in front of the camera.

Needless to say, it was a weird, wild night with silliness, showmances and strategy. Nominations and the Battle of the Block will most likely come Friday afternoon and evening.

Paola Shea – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview
By: Matthew Boyer | July 11, 2014 at 2:00 PM EDT

Following an action packed week in the Big Brother 16 house we saw Paola Shea become the second member of the cast to be evicted in a 10-2 vote on Thursday night. Now that she’s out of the house she’s learning some surprises and reacting to all the craziness.
Paola Shea - Evicted from Big Brother 16

Paola Shea – Evicted from Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Paola had a great energy for our interview and was a lot of fun just as we saw inside the house. While the events leading up to her eviction didn’t leave us much surprise, she’ll definitely be missed for her antics and entertainment.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): Your time in the house was brief, but exciting. How did it stack up to your expectations?

Paola Shea: It was definitely different from what I thought it’d be in the beginning. First off, I didn’t think I’d be good friends with someone like Donny or Jocasta. Everyone in the house got along pretty much and I didn’t think that was going to happen. I didn’t think I’d get along with the majority of the house. It was cool that I actually did.

BBN: What would you say was your best move & what was your worst?

Paola: My best move was definitely staying low the first week because people saw a soft and fun side of me instead of the feisty fireball that I am. That’s what saved me the first week.

My worst move was making that deal with Devin.

BBN: Speaking of that deal with Devin, did you actually throw that competition or did you change your mind?

Paola: I definitely changed my mind in the middle of the game. Just because I saw how Brittany was feeling and she had asked me if I was working with Devin. At that point I felt kinda guilty but we were losing already so it was really hard to stay focused and get back on track to winning.

BBN: How did you decide to handle the situation when it came out that maybe you had thrown the competition?

Paola: It was a difficult situation. I do feel for Brittany, but at the time Devin was HoH and I wanted to cater to the HoH. Definitely at the beginning I planned on throwing it, but in the middle I had the change of heart. Brittany didn’t deserve what she got from Devin in the beginning and him bullying her.

I wish I had told Devin at the beginning to “screw off.” But yeah, that’s what happened and that’s why I’m here.

BBN: In the first show we saw the “El Cuatro” alliance of women come together, but by the time the Live Feeds turned on it was over. What happened there that we might not have seen?

Paola: At the start, Joey and Nicole were getting close with the other side of the house with Cody and Hayden. Then Amber and I started getting close with Caleb and Devin. I think that’s kinda what happened. I knew that Nicole wasn’t going to fit in with me and Amber, but more of Christine and that side of the house.

I think Joey really screwed us over with the whole girls alliance thing. So that’s why we were like “no more girls alliance” because Joey blurted it all out.

BBN: The Bomb Squad alliance. Did you detect that in the house?

Paola: I didn’t even know about that. I so hope that everybody is after Devin. I don’t know why I’d be a target to any of them. I’m supposedly the weakest player.

BBN: You were trying to use that as an advantage. Do you think that helped your game to tell people “keep me around, I’m a weak player”?

Paola: I honestly think people thought about keeping me, but at the end of the day the twists are so crazy. The Battle of the Block, they probably want to be partnered up with someone who is a strong competitor, but Zach sucks too. He hasn’t won any competitions. He went to the University of Florida and he spelled “warning.” Are you kidding me? It’s not like he’s a better competitor than I am.

If Brittany hadn’t blown up my spot in the Veto meeting, then I think Zach would have gone home instead of me.

BBN: Frankie was very worried that you’d figure him out since you were both from similar circles back home. Did you ever have any suspicions of who he was?

Paola: No, not at all. I knew he was in theater or an actor, but I never thought he’d be Ariana Grande’s brother.

BBN: Speaking of surprises. What did you think when you discovered Derrick was a cop? Does it change about how you saw him playing the game?

Paola: I just found out about that five minutes ago. I had no idea that Derrick was a cop. I’m really hoping he wasn’t making up anything about having a daughter. [I assured her that was true.] I was really shocked. I believed that he worked in Parks & Rec. It was a good story, but the way he dressed was really nice, so I was like hmmm.

BBN: On the topic of daughters, did you know Devin has a daughter?

Paola: Yes, I knew that Devin has a daughter.

BBN: I’m just teasing. It was a running joke out here that he’d talk about it all the time.

Paola: ALL the time. It was his speech. I can’t stand it. Him and his five personalities. One day he hates everybody then the next he comes down… He gave me Ramen noodles and then he took them back. I think that when I was about to cook it he took it back to his room!

BBN: Now that you’re out of the house and learning more, have you changed your mind on anyone?

Paola: I’m definitely shocked with Derrick. I would have never guessed that he’d be a cop at all. Whatsoever. That’s going to be crazy. Now I’m thinking he’ll probably do well in the game.

BBN: What’s your early prediction for a winner? Will it be Derrick or does someone else have the best chance?

Paola: I’m rooting for Donny, but I think that after finding out that Derrick is a cop, I think he’s got a good shot at making it really, really far.

BBN: Walking away from the game, what’s going to be your favorite memory of Big Brother?

Paola: Definitely being friends with Donny.

BBN: What is next for Paola Shea?

Paola: I have NO idea! I’m still soaking everything in. Obviously I’m going back to DJ’ing cause that is my job so hopefully there are shows lined up cause I haven’t DJ’d in about a month.

BBN: Alright, well thank you Paola. Best of luck with everything and thank you for keeping us entertained!

Paola: Thank you!

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