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BB day 36/41

Post  Banjo on 2014-07-30, 14:43

Oh brother ! (no pun) when this Caleb/Amber drama finally plays out (tomorrow when Amber is evicted) a lot of the entertainment will go out of the show.

Big Brother 16: Did Frankie Awaken A Sleeping Beast Mode?
By: Matthew Boyer | July 30, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Caleb Reynolds was completely fooled this week as Frankie Grande and most of the rest of the house manipulated him to get Amber Borzotra on the block under the guise of it being his own brilliant idea. It didn’t take him long to figure out that was a big mistake. Or was it?
Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16

Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Now that Amber is just a few days from eviction Caleb started to hit the panic button, but it didn’t take long for the guys to come up with a new plan.

As of Tuesday night Caleb thought he had the five votes to keep Amber. “For sure,” Caleb told Amber. He definitely does not. Amber will be evicted and the house was trying to decide how to deal with it the best way to let him down easy.

Flashback to 4:31PM BBT 7/29 as Hayden, Cody, Derrick, and Nicole discuss whether or not to tell Caleb. They all want to give him the heads up because they know how he could react and blow up over the situation. Cody says he doesn’t care if this falls on Frankie because of Frankie’s attempts to drop it on them.

Guess what Frankie wants to do? “Operation Brittany” is the mission to keep Caleb & Amber in the dark. Last night, 9:45PM BBT 7/29, Frankie tells Zach they need to blindside the pair. Instead the guys decided on another plan later in the night.

Flashback to 12:12AM BBT 7/30 as Frankie details out the new plan. They’ll lean on a new angle that Amber is coming after Caleb and blames him for ruining her game (not too far off). If Amber doesn’t blow up on her own at Caleb then they’ll tell him the story on Thursday. It doesn’t take that long.

Jump to 2:01 AM BBT as Frankie arrives in the HoH room where the guys have been telling Caleb what they “know.” Frankie lays it out bare for Caleb and says he wants to tell him something. Caleb jokes that he’s Amber’s target. Frankie just stares back at him. Frankie proceeds to tell him that Amber is going around the house and telling everyone Caleb is her target because he’s “ruining her game.” Caleb asks “how am I ruining her game? How am *I* ruining her game?? I’ve done nothing but help her game.” Caleb waits a moment and then storms out of the room pushing Frankie away who tries to stop him.

The guys panic and scramble to keep him from rushing to Amber. Caleb wanders around the house for awhile before returning and letting the guys talk him down. He’s now fully on board with getting her out. Caleb is very upset and wants to make her life hell and prank her. The guys are all relieved that this went way better than they thought it might for a bit there.

Had Amber gone home in a blindside for Caleb he would have been furious and bewildered. With HGs expecting an endurance competition we might have seen this mythical “Beast Mode Cowboy” arrive with a fury and a vengeance to come after Frankie and company. Now, instead, we’ve got a Tame Mode Caleb who is once again getting easily manipulated by his allies and he won’t have a clue.

If this season is in need of a power shift then an angry Caleb winning HoH and coming after Frankie and Zach could have been the shot in the arm needed to get things moving again. It won’t happen now though. At least not that way.

Are you glad Caleb found out that Amber is going home? Will he be able to keep his mouth closed about the guys’ plan as they suggested or will he tell her soon? How long before Caleb reverts to wanting to save “his queen?”

I doubt that Caleb would self evict, but production apparently thought there was a chance so had to warn Zach not to push the concept to Caleb. Self eviction is never a good thing, but there have been several instances where it happened because of a HG violating the rules to such an extent that production evicted them on the spot.

Did Big Brother Squash Zach’s Plans To Induce A Self-Eviction?
By: Matthew Boyer | July 30, 2014 at 3:15 PM EDT

Big Brother fans were starting to wonder just what might happen to Caleb Reynolds once his “queen” Amber Borzotra was evicted from the Big Brother 16 house. With that seemingly an inevitable event in just a few days it was interesting to speculate on the fallout. Zach wasn’t content to speculate though and considered options of action instead.

Zach Attack gets shutdown by Big Brother – Source: CBS

When it looked like Caleb might be blindsided by Amber’s eviction it didn’t seem unreasonable to consider some rash decisions like following her out the door. Even though I’d love for that crazy drama, I think we all knew that wasn’t likely to happen.

But what if he got a nudge in that direction? Enter another “Zach Attack.” It sounds like Zach was planning to be a bug in Caleb’s ear to see if he could make that happen. Flashback to 12:13AM BBT 7/30 Cams 3/4 on Live Feeds to find Zach returning to the HoH room and sharing Big Brother’s displeasure with his possible plan:

In the Diary Room, they were yelling at me, bro. They’re like, “If you do what you think you’re doing, you’re going to have a big problem.” He said, “you can not conv…” *Fish*

Could Caleb be convinced to leave the house for Amber? After all the manipulation we’ve seen so easily applied, yes, probably so, but there’s no way Big Brother would have let him.

Their better chance would have been to keep her eviction a secret, then let him continue to take the blame as he had been doing the past two days. From there they could tell him if he got out now before Jury (we still don’t know when Jury starts) then he could try to smooth things over while he stayed in town until the season finale.

Of course that doesn’t make any sense, but it doesn’t have to. Amber + privacy + time = love+marriage+babies. I bet they could have convinced him to willingly throw away his game just as easily as they did to get him to throw away a close ally like Amber.

Toss all that away though as Caleb knows Amber is going home and he’s upset at her. She might have finally caught a break if he’s fooled again by all this and doesn’t want to see her anymore.

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