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BB day 39/44

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It was unusual last night that the audio was 'bleeding over' into the HOH room when the POV was still going on and we could hear Zach screaming. They finally fixed it, or the comp. finished. looks like Jocasta is the one most in trouble, at this point, for eviction but there is still a long ways to go until Thursday. She is pretty much a 'non-entity' as far as being a strong player or strategic thinker, so her departure won't mean much in the overall scheme...

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 6 Power of Veto?
Saturday, August 02, 2014

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

In the first five weeks of Big Brother 16, the Power of Veto has been won by the HoH, the nominees and other people who decided to use it. Though fans who only watch the episodes don't even know who won this week's HoH competition, the live feeds are already finished with the PoV competition.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Donny and Nicole won the HoH competition. Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria, Nicole nominated Jocasta and Zach. Caleb and Victoria won the Battle of the Block. Christine, Caleb and Victoria were also picked to play.

Christine won the Power of Veto!

For the first time this season, it looks like the PoV will not be used. It's almost certain that the nominations will stay the same, which is bad news for Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden.

The live feeds were down for more than five hours. Big Brother: After Dark began before the live feeds returned, with the four HGs not involved with the competition (Frankie was the host) hanging out in the HoH room. During BBAD, you could hear Zach screaming off-camera about missing a piece of something as he tried to buzz in. He tried to give up three times, but production wouldn't let him.

It involved ziplines and trampolines in the backyard, each HG did it individually and was timed and it involved puzzles of the HGs in the style of comic books. Nicole finished in second, losing by just 30 seconds.

Nicole might try to talk Christine into using it, but I doubt it since Christine's true loyalty appears to be to the Detonators. Nicole wants Zach gone, but that's almost certainly not going to happen. Zach has the support of the Detonators and Caleb, which gives him five votes. Derrick and Cody may have formed a new alliance with Nicole and Hayden, but their real loyalty is to Zach and keeping him is best for their games.

Frankie and Christine know Nicole wants Zach gone and have already encouraged Zach to make up with Nicole. They want to avoid drawing battle lines by making Nicole and Hayden OK with evicting Jocasta. It doesn't really matter, because even if that doesn't work, Zach will still stay and the only problem will be that Hayden and Nicole will know for sure that they're on the outside.

This will make it very obvious that the original Bomb Squad (aka the Detonators plus Caleb) are still in control of the game, even when two non-B.S. members win HoH. Even if it's a split vote, it's another boring and predictable week in which the alliance that's been in power every week still gets what they want.

The Have-Nots

HoH Nicole had to pick three Have-Nots for the week. Once again, people volunteered, with Hayden, Frankie and Cody being chosen. They also get to eat "Pea Lime Pie," which means canned peas, limes and pie crust.

This is Frankie's first time as a Have-Not, the second time for Cody and the third time for Hayden. Since Have-Nots were introduced in season 11, Hayden is the 15th person to be one for three weeks. This season, Donny and Jocasta are the only HGs to never be Have-Nots. Frankie has been talking a lot about how he has some type of circulation medical condition, so he hopes he'll get a sleeping bag or something else to offset the ice-cold beds.

The Quad Squad The Rationale

Yet another new alliance formed this week, and while it was originally called the Quad Squad, it turned into the Rationale (because they're all rational, logical thinkers). That's the name of Nicole, Hayden, Derrick and Cody's new foursome, made official on Friday night (though the name was revised on Saturday when Hayden joined them for their first official team meeting).

However, this alliance appears to be in trouble. Once Derrick and Cody, aka the Hitmen, were alone, Derrick went off about how he thinks Nicole and Hayden are playing them and that they need to stick with the Detonators. He thinks Hayden and Nicole are trying to flip the numbers against the original Bomb Squad, but Derrick still wants to stick with it. Cody is more on the fence, not trusting Frankie, but it seems Derrick is completely behind Frankie thanks to Team America.

This is still in flux, because right before the PoV, Christine told Nicole that she should put up Derrick or Cody as a replacement if the veto gets used. Christine also said that Derrick, Cody and Hayden will all vote to keep Zach over Jocasta and that Hayden kissed Victoria. Nicole told Cody about all of this, then Cody shared it with Derrick. Derrick was incredulous, but Cody believed it. This has made Nicole and Hayden even more distrustful of Christine than they already were.

There's obviously a big divide in the Hitmen, with Derrick leaning towards sticking with the Detonators while Cody is eager to vote out Frankie and Christine and join the Rationale.But much like when Cody wanted to nominate Caleb as a replacement, Derrick is trying to talk him out of following his gut.


-Zach, Caleb and Victoria have all played in four out of six PoV competitions, the most of the season. With HoH, PoV and BotB, Victoria has now played in 14 out of 18 total competitions.

-Frankie and Hayden have only played in one PoV competition. Frankie has only played in six out of the 18 total competitions.

-Jocasta is the only remaining HG who has not won HoH or PoV.

-Jocasta and Victoria have both lost 11 competitions this season, the most of any HG. Zach is close behind, having lost 10.

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