BB day 44/49

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BB day 44/49

Post  Banjo on 2014-08-09, 13:17

So with Zach and Donny still on the block this makes for some interesting possibilities come eviction time on Thursday. But ....with the POV comp still to come today, it's possible that Donny could win it again as he did in the second POV comp last Thursday and save himself again. But even if he remains on the block there are still enough HGs that want to see Zach gone, so we'll see the situation after the POV..... scratch And of course whoever wins POV will undoubtably use it to save himself, requiring the HOH to name a replacement, such choice causing new unpredictability.

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Battle Of The Block Results
By: Matthew Boyer | August 9, 2014 at 12:51 AM EDT

We have your Big Brother spoilers for this week’s Battle of the Block competition where the latest nominees faced off for a chance to escape eviction.

Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

The Nominations Ceremony was held earlier today, get those spoilers here or just keep reading on for all the details, and now we’ve got the results of which HoH remains and who escaped the Block.

I’ve got your Big Brother spoilers below so read on for more.

Big Brother Week 7 Battle of the Block Spoilers:

   Frankie and Caleb won the Battle of the Block!
   Zach and Donny remain on the block.
   Christine is still the HoH

Caleb’s big plan going in to this was that he was going to sit down and refuse to participate thereby forcing a loss on Frankie. Too bad we didn’t get to see it all play out, but that should make great TV for Sunday’s show. Obviously, it didn’t work out according to plan.

From the sound of it, Caleb did not participate as planned, but Frankie won on his own. Supposedly a HG suggested the comp would be easier playing solo than with a partner, which is hard to understand without us seeing it first.

The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday and the Veto Ceremony arrives on Monday. Keep with us for your latest spoilers all week as this game keeps going crazy!


Big Brother 16: Frankie Grande Reveals ‘My Sister Is Famous’
By: Matthew Boyer | August 9, 2014 at 10:45 AM EDT

Frankie Grande decided last night was the right time to tell the other Big Brother 16 HGs his big secret. It was also the time that Big Brother After Dark was on. Oh, and he was being cornered as the house’s main target. Perhaps he felt it was time to play his big card.

Frankie pulled the guys in to the Fire Room for the big reveal: “I have a famous sister!” Flashback to 10:00PM BBT (Get your Free Trial now) to watch as everyone comes together for the conference Frankie wants to hold.

The guys listen as Frankie tells them his sister is Ariana Grande and he is a “multimedia mogul” because of his YouTube channel. He plans to use the money, if he wins, for charity to build schools in Africa.

If Frankie thought this information was going to bowl everyone over he misjudged. Caleb is pretty excited about it because he thinks Frankie will get him in the studio with Justin Bieber. But the other guys are very annoyed with Frankie.

One, they think he’s locked down America’s Favorite. Considering it took three rounds of voting for him to get on Team America, I don’t think that’s the case.

Secondly, they don’t know what to make about his “playing for charity claims.” He hasn’t said he’s giving all the money to charity. Frankie has also told them he’s a struggling artist in New York, so they think he’ll keep most of the money for himself.

Outside of the house we had never heard that he was “playing for charity” so I’m not sure what to make of this either. I think he would have said in our interview if that’s what he was doing. Yes, I believe he’d donate money to the causes he discusses, but I doubt it’ll be $500K.

Jump to 10:30PM BBT as Frankie tells the girls. Victoria is shocked as she’s a big Ariana fan. Christine wonders if that means he could help her husband’s music career. Nicole thinks Frankie is a mega superstar now.

Later the HGs continue to discuss the news. Cody is furious and especially at Zach who says they should let Frankie win so he can give the money to charity. Derrick isn’t happy about that. Victoria is very upset about this too saying she’s playing to help her family.

Overall the whole reveal seems odd and attention-needy, but hey, I don’t think most people go on Big Brother if they don’t want attention. Frankie does have a lot of online followers, but his claims about 1.5 million of them is strange. He has about 250,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and he does have a lot of Instagram and Twitter followers, but during our preseason checks of his 1.5 million claim, I couldn’t get to that number in any scenario.

(Update: Readers sent over some numbers that have 700K on Twitter, 750K on Insta, and 300K on Vine – many of which would likely be repeat users. But there are some more numbers to see.)

Frankie has told the Houseguests that they can nominate him and evict him because of this information if they have to, but he hopes they don’t. Well, the HGs did nominate him and try to evict him before they knew about this, so, um. Yeah.

What do you think of Frankie’s big reveal? Would it effect your strategy if you were in the house or is Frankie still just a regular HG with a famous sibling?

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Re: BB day 44/49

Post  Banjo on 2014-08-09, 14:10

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 7 Battle of the Block?
Friday, August 08, 2014

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Inexplicably, the Battle of the Block twist continues on Big Brother 16. With only nine HGs left, one-third of them are guaranteed safety for the week after the competition is over. It's almost better to be nominated right away, because it gives you two chances to save yourself.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Christine and Nicole are the new HoHs. Christine nominated Donny and Zach, Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie.

Caleb and Frankie won the Battle of the Block!

Well, this is an unexpected turn of events. Caleb volunteered to throw the competition to ensure Frankie gets evicted, but something went horribly wrong and now Nicole is dethroned, Christine is the permanent HoH and Donny and Zach are on the block.

It sounds like Caleb just sat out and Frankie did it by himself, making it impossible for Caleb to really throw it (like the chess BotB from week 4), as opposed to every other one where the pairs had to work together. So Frankie won it all by himself. The BotB didn't start until around 8pm, which is about four hours later than usual. I'm not saying the producers altered the game after hearing about Caleb's plan to throw it in order to give Frankie a chance, but I am fond of Big Brother conspiracy theories.

For winning, Caleb, Frankie and Christine will all get to leave the Big Brother 16 house and attend a pre-season NFL game.

After the feeds came back, Frankie and Zach were yelling at each other. Zach called Frankie a liar and Frankie basically admitted that he is because this is Big Brother 16. Zach says Frankie betrayed him and Caleb confronted Frankie about telling the girls to nominate the four guys. Frankie admitted to it and it's very contentious.

Zach totally called Frankie out in front of all the guys for screwing him over. Frankie essentially owned it that he's a big liar and just got called out for it. Zach admitted that he loves Frankie as a person, but he hates him as a game player because Zach was completely loyal to him and Frankie didn't respond with that loyalty. Zach even called him out for the lie about the Detonators being started this week.

Derrick tried to get them to go behind closed doors to hash it out, but Zach doesn't care. He has no problem blowing up everyone's games and exposing everything to everyone, and no one seems to know how to handle it.

This will require a dramatic change for almost everyone in the house, as Christine and Frankie were public enemies #1 and #2. Will they finally get Zach out for his big mouth after saving him last week? Will Donny get cut as the Bomb Squad reunites once again? Will someone like Cody or even Derrick get backdoored?

The possibilities are endless and there will be a lot of scrambling now. The Power of Veto is crucial.

The Ariana Secret

After the fight, Frankie took Zach, Derrick Cody and Caleb into a bedroom and told them that he's a YouTube star with 1.5 million followers. He then told them that pop star Ariana Grande is his sister. The secret is out!

He said that his grandfather's death made him ultra paranoid about his secret possibly coming out and that ate away at his soul and led him to turn on people. That's when he started to question everything Derrick and Cody were saying and it drove him crazy. Frankie attempted to use this as an apology, admitting that he was the mastermind of the plan to evict Zach.

He claimed that it switched at the last minute, but Derrick and Cody stepped in to take the actual credit for flipping the game to save Zach. Frankie then piled on that he's playing this game to get money to build schools in Africa for a charity he works for.

Frankie added that he told Nicole that she should put up Cody as a replacement, but only to ensure that Zach would go home. He admitted that he did try to flip to the other side of the house against the guys.

Derrick asked him why he's telling them this now and he's just trying to clear things up. All Zach was able to hear is that Frankie wanted Zach out and wanted to flip to the other side. Derrick asked the million dollar question, about how close Frankie is to Christine. He didn't really answer the question.

Derrick added that he feels betrayed because Frankie wasn't who he said he was like everyone else (obviously still hiding the fact that he's an undercover cop). Frankie then said that he's just playing the game as himself from now on.

The general consensus is that they all like Frankie as a person, but they just didn't like his lies and his game. The funny part is that most of the guys have no idea who Ariana Grande is.

Um...WTF just happened? There was a whole lot of truth just spilled and I have no idea where it goes from now on. This is like a total reset on the whole game.

Frankie then said he wants to work with the boys moving forward (aka Zach, Cody, Derrick and Caleb). It ended with hugs for everyone, but Zach is still mad, but the other guys seem to forgive him.

After all the guys knew, Frankie brought the girls to the living room and told them that his sister is Ariana Grande. Victoria screamed and freaked out the most. As expected, they were more interested in it than the guys, especially since Victoria is a huge fan who has been talking about Ariana quite a bit this season. He repeated the same story he told the guys, almost word-for-word about how his grandfather's death was eating his soul away. The whole thing was obviously very rehearsed.

After the big reveal, Derrick talked to Cody and Caleb, warning them that Frankie's big reveal was obviously strategic and it now means that Victoria will never vote against Frankie now. They still don't completely trust him, with Derrick calling Frankie out for doing this at this time.


-Caleb and Frankie have each won four competitions, one behind the five wins of Donny and Nicole.

-Zach has now lost 14 competitions, the same number that Victoria has lost. That's the most out of anyone.

-Amber, Caleb, Nicole and Victoria are the only HGs to win two BotB competitions.

-Christine is the only HG this season to win BotB, PoV and remain permanent HoH for the entire week.

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