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BB 52/57

Post  Banjo on 2014-08-19, 14:18

I'd like to see Nicole come back, but Hayden or Zach are more likely if it's a physical comp., but if it's a mental/memory comp. then Nicole has the advantage.

Big Brother Network: "Big Brother 16: Returning Juror Scenarios As Twist Approaches [POLL]" and 6 more

Big Brother 16: Returning Juror Scenarios As Twist Approaches [POLL]

Posted: 19 Aug 2014 12:00 PM PDT

This week on Big Brother 16 an evicted Jury member will be returning to the game in the latest twist of the season. While the HGs suspect something is happening they don’t know that for sure, but other than “when,” we really don’t know much more than them.

A Houseguest will return on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Last season there were four Jury members up for the return opportunity and they competed in one large endurance competition. The last remaining Jury member in the competition, Judd, won his way back in to the house. Judd also had the chance to be that week’s HoH if he had won overall, but it didn’t come to that.

I think we could expect a similar situation this week. If so, then Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and Zach, as this week’s presumed evictee, could face off to return to Big Brother 16 in an endurance comp.

Endurance competitions are obviously very tough by design. Jocasta could have the biggest challenge here as she has struggled in many comps this season. So sorry Jocasta fans, but I’d put her as most likely out of the running. Many endurance comps have favored the smaller framed women so there’s an advantage for Nicole, but don’t write off the guys just yet.

Hayden came in second place behind Caleb in the very first HoH commpetition of the season when they had to hang on to the rolling column. He’s strong and tough, but he’s also been sitting on the bench for two weeks with his head out of the game.

Zach will be coming straight in to this competition hot but feeling defeated with his eviction just moments earlier. He’ll have the adrenaline as his advantage and maybe that’ll be enough.

Now as for what could happen with each of them if they got the chance to return. Jocasta would team back up with Donny. Heck, I think they all would do that, but it’d likely be a 2 vs 6 scenario all over again. This might not be a long-lasting situation.

What about their targets? I asked all three in their eviction interviews who they would go after if they had a chance to return to Big Brother. Jocasta said she’d go after Frankie, Christine and then Caleb. Hayden wants a chance to target Derrick and Cody. Nicole said she’d go for revenge with Christine. I think we can guess that Zach might be after Frankie for this.

It’ll be an exciting night on Thursday and the week to follow, but honestly, unless that returning player gets HoH it could be a short-lived return. Then again, with Frankie unable to compete and no more Battle of the Block then the BB16 House may finally take their chance at evicting him.

Who do you want to see back in the game with this twist? Vote in the poll & share your thoughts!

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