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BB day 54/59

Post  Banjo on 2014-08-21, 16:09

The Zingbot finally made an appearance. I thought "his" (gender indeterminate) zings weren't as "biting" as in some past seasons. The personas of the remaining HGs may have had something to do with it...zeros.

We could have done without Kathy Griffin and her lame publicity attempt for her latest "comedy" CD.  Rolling Eyes

The Veto competition this week on Big Brother 16 features the return of the Zingbot and we’ve got your preview of the competition and the latest round of Zings.
Zingbot and Kathy Griffin on tonight's Big Brother 16

Zingbot and Kathy Griffin on tonight’s Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Players in the PoV had to connect a series of wiring to power up the Zingbot and run the circuit through a row of its most important functions: Sass, Zing, Wit, and one other that I can make out in the photo. The challenge was to figure out which path would create the circuit and light up each function along the way. First to finish would win the Veto.

Of course as with any Zingbot visit the HGs get a jab or two and this season’s were apparently rough enough to leave Christine in tears for most the night after it was over. Caleb caught a Zing over wearing make-up (he has curled his eyelashes, applied mascara, and used eye liner). Donny got one for his beard looking like Duck Dynasty, but a social game of Suck Dynasty.

It was Cody’s Zing for his near-constant touching, pawing, and hand holding with the very-much married Christine that caused all the tears.

Since CBS hadn’t included much of what Feedsters had seen of the pair doing this for most of the season I wasn’t sure if that’d get included tonight. Then on Sunday they finally included a segment on it and that cleared the path for it to show up tonight.

Check out the rest of the Zingbot’s Zings on Big Brother 16 to get ready for tonight’s Big Brother show featuring special guest Kathy Griffin who delivers a few Zings of her own.

click images to see full-size views

bb16-episode-25-zingbot-comp-01 bb16-episode-25-zingbot-comp-02 bb16-episode-25-zingbot-comp-03 bb16-episode-25-zingbot-comp-04 bb16-episode-25-zingbot-comp-05 bb16-episode-25-zingbot-comp-06

Update: CBS has released a quick video clip featuring one of Griffin’s Zings. I’d guess it’s about Christine, but maybe it’s about the fake ones Derrick wears around. Watch the clip below:

Big Brother 16: Derrick Advises Zach It’s A Lost Cause

Posted: 20 Aug 2014 10:00 AM PDT

The votes are stacked against Zach Rance this week and while he knows things are grim he hasn’t completely given up. Or at least he hadn’t until he talked to Derrick last night.
Derrick Levasseur and Zach Rance on Big Brother

Derrick Levasseur and Zach Rance on Big Brother – Source: CBS

Flashback to 2:20AM BBT 8/20 on Cams 1/2 to find Derrick heading outside to talk with Zach who is sitting alone on the hammock. They’re soon discussing the upcoming vote and Zach’s chances of survival. Derrick is blunt without being cruel and lets him down easy. It’s a very long talk.

Zach admits he knows there seems to be no chance or evading eviction but he’s torn between going out easy and full-on campaigning with any trick he can to convince HGs to keep him. This includes even going to Christine and saying he’ll put her on blast to her husband for how she’s been behaving with Cody. Derrick immediately shuts that down and points out that Zach isn’t a dirty player like that and it’d make him look very bad. Zach agrees but still wonders if it’d get him a vote. Derrick assures him it would not.

Derrick explains to Zach that a big issue for him was when Zach wouldn’t agree to go up on the block with Donny to throw the competition. Considering Cody wouldn’t agree to it either it’s hard to believe this is a sincere statement from Derrick. I think it’s more likely that he just doesn’t think he can completely control Zach like he can with Cody. I’d agree. Zach is far more volatile for Derrick’s game than “point me in the direction and tell me how to vote” Cody.

Zach insists that keeping him would be better for everyone’s game including Derrick’s. Derrick says that even if he voted to keep Zach, what would be the point? Derrick points out that Victoria will definitely not vote for Zach, Christine will not vote out Cody, and Caleb is sticking with the team. Even if Derrick were being sincere to Zach, Zach would need his, Donny’s, and still one more vote to make any difference.

Overall Zach is at peace with the situation and isn’t angry at the other HGs or himself. He knows he’ll be evicted and won’t be surprised by the vote on Thursday night.

Zach did mention that he already advised Donny to vote with the house and send Zach out so as not to make him any bigger of a target in the game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that happen on Thursday night.

The best chance for Zach at this point is to take the eviction plunge, square off in whatever competition awaits the first four Jury members, and fight for his return. Should be a wild Thursday night on Big Brother!

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