BB day 73/78

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BB day 73/78

Post  Banjo on 2014-09-05, 14:39

I updated the day count to agree with the real number. I got out of sequence because of not posting in the thread every day. Inexcusable for a Powerful and Influential Member of the Viewer Class, such as myself. I grovel for your forgiveness..... Embarassed  pale  beatdown  Shamebag  peeking  :tomatododger:

This "rewind" twist is new. It's never been used in any previous season and should prove interesting when the HGs learn next Wednesday when all their efforts from yesterday to then, are for naught. tongue

Big Brother Rewind Twist Is In Action – Houseguests Press Their Luck – Update: Julie Chen Clarifies

Posted: 05 Sep 2014 08:00 AM PDT

Last night Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed to us the latest BB16 twist with the “Big Brother Rewind.” A large gold button twist that if pushed would wipe out the entire week of events & force the HGs to start over. But would they push it? What do you think!

Big Brother Rewind twist unleashed – Source: CBS

I went back through all the Rewind twist details from the show last night and saw that we’d soon be seeing the button come in to play, but I didn’t think it’d all wrap up this quickly. Flashback to 8:27PM BBT 9/4 as the HGs rush out of the Hive and head for the previously sealed Have-Not room.

Inside the newly redesigned twist room with more mirrors and red walls covered in the word “Game” there stood a podium with the sealed golden button. A screen greeted them with a message: “The Choice Is Yours.” That’s all the HGs had to go on and they immediately started speculating. Cody contributed with “it’s a twist!” Someone get that kid a gold star.

What the Houseguests don’t know is that this button will reset the entire Week 11 in the game. We’ll be right back to the start of the night’s HoH competition if the button is pushed. The HoH will have been dethroned, his nominations would be undone, and any Veto results nullified. Everything would be wiped away like it never happened.

Later when the HoH competition was complete the HGs again raced to the old HN room to find a change. The previously sealed box was now open and the message had been updated to “The Choice Is Yours. It Only Takes One.” Flashback to 10:24PM BBT as they try to decide what to do.

Frankie, who has just won HoH and has the most to lose here, is pushing hard for the button to be pressed. Derrick strongly advises against doing it and suggests no good will come of this. Caleb thinks they’ll miss out on a chance a trip to Hawaii if they don’t push it.

Derrick relents and they all lean in to push the button together. Why not, they do everything else unanimously all season so might as well do this together too. The Big Brother Rewind button is pressed and the message screen immediately changes over to a countdown clock. “Uh oh,” says one of the Houseguests. Heh.

The Houseguests still have no idea what they’ve done. They do the math on the countdown timer and decide something is going to happen next Wednesday at 5PM BBT (8PM ET). Yep, that’s the special live eviction show next week on the new Big Brother 16 schedule.

Frankie and Caleb think maybe they’ll get to play a special game during the regular Wednesday show’s broadcast time. Victoria, the surprising voice of reason, tells them that’s very optimistic. Derrick tells Frankie he fears this will dethrone him. Yep.

So the Houseguests will carry on with their week. Nominations will be held later today and we know who will be going up. Then the Veto comp is on Saturday and the Ceremony on Monday. None of this will matter.

When Wednesday arrives Julie will announce the news. Frankie will lose his HoH and the nominees will be removed from the block. It seems like we could get another Double Eviction styled night of fast paced competitions to replace what was all just undone. Should be wild.

Ultimately I don’t see how this can help Frankie. At best he could win the comp again and be right back where he is now as HoH. At worst, for him, he could lose the comp and end up on the block where he’d likely be evicted.

What do you think of this new Big Brother twist? Should the HGs have pushed the button? Now that you know Frankie is HoH and this could make him vulnerable after all, does that change your opinion of the twist? Share your thoughts!

Update: In an interview with EW, Julie Chen says that ALL Houseguests will get to compete in the rewound HoH comp. Considering it’s a rewind of the week I’m surprised Derrick would be eligible as the outgoing HoH, but that’s certainly a nice perk for him.

Big Brother 16 – Week 11 Nomination Anticipation – Not That It Matters

Posted: 05 Sep 2014 07:00 AM PDT

The dust has settled from Thursday’s Double Eviction on Big Brother 16 and after a new HoH was crowned late last night we can now look ahead to the next round of nominations. Well, until that new twist undoes the whole thing.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

When the Feeds returned from the Head of Household competition, which once again ran well in to After Dark, the HGs were racing to the new twist room. Their conversations focused first on how to handle this giant golden button while nominations still lingered in the not far distant.

There aren’t many choices left for nominations this week on Big Brother and the new HoH, Frankie, knows he will have to put up at least one of his own allies. So who will it be?

Flashback to 10:57PM BBT 9/4 as Frankie meets with Derrick in the Storage room soon followed by Caleb. Frankie tells them he wishes he could use Skittles again to decide the nominees. Seriously. Both Derrick and Caleb are certainly trying to avoid going up which leaves Frankie with the two options he’d need.

Frankie says that both Caleb and Derrick have kept him safe twice each while Cody has only done it once. He supposes that could be his rationale though he adds that maybe he should say something about trust. They advise against that.

A half hour later Frankie confirms to Derrick that he’s going to put up Victoria and Cody, but he (Frankie) might suggest he’s considering Derrick since he’s never been on the block this season.

Then again as the HGs wind down for the night Frankie tells Derrick and Caleb that he’s planning to put up Cody with Victoria. Frankie tells them what Cody has been told so they can be prepared for conversations and still act a little surprised or uncertain.

Frankie tells the guys that these nominations do not have anything to do with next week’s planning since with so few HGs left it’s most likely that they’ll all be taking a turn on the block. Frankie says if he has to do a renom then he’ll flip a coin between Derrick and Caleb.

So there you go. Later on Friday the nominations will be revealed as Cody with Victoria.

Oh, but wait. Remember that “Big Brother Rewind” twist button? Yeah, well they pushed it. Frankie’s idea. This entire week won’t matter and these nominees can’t be evicted. At least not until they redo the whole thing.

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Re: BB day 73/78

Post  Banjo on 2014-09-05, 17:14

'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Final 5 HoH Results and the Rewind Button
Thursday, September 04, 2014

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

There are only five HGs left on Big Brother 16 and at this point winning competitions is the only way to ensure your safety. Well, that and pushing a button. Following the evictions of Nicole and Christine after Derrick won HoH during the double eviction, the four other HGs competed for HoH.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Frankie won HoH.

However, it doesn't matter. When the feeds returned, the five HGs were in the Have-Not room with the Rewind Button, and they all agreed to push it after Derrick finally relented.

In other words, nothing that happens this week will matter. Once the button was pushed, a clock started counting down to the next live show on Wednesday, though they don't know what that means. We know that this week will be reset and neither of Frankie's nominees will be evicted.

The only joy will be that Frankie will have to nominate two people and expose his real alliances. Will he put Cody, Caleb or Derrick on the block with Victoria? If he starts scheming and getting sneaky, it could backfire in a major way.

So this week is pointless. It doesn't matter that Frankie won his fifth HoH (the most ever, though it doesn't really count since he was dethroned in two of them). It doesn't matter who he nominates. It doesn't matter who wins the Power of Veto. No one will be evicted on Wednesday's show and the Top 5 will play out once again.

The only mystery is whether Rewind means it goes back to how it was, meaning Frankie will get to play for HoH again and Derrick won't? Or will it be like the Coup d'Etat from season 11 and the Coach's Reset from season 14, with all five HGs being eligible to compete for the next HoH? It seems unlikely that there's a scenario where Frankie doesn't get to play for the next HoH again. Julie said that all 5 will compete again.


-Derrick is only the seventh person in the history of the game to make it to the Final 5 without ever being nominated. April Lewis from season 6 is the last person to do it.

-Derrick has made it to Day 78 (Friday) without being nominated. Season 3's Jason Guy is the only other person to go that long without being on the block. If Derrick is not nominated on Friday, he will break the record.

-Derrick and Frankie have both survived 12 rounds of nominations without ever being eligible for eviction. The only other HGs to do this are season 5 winner Drew Daniel and last season's McCrae Olson. With this week, Frankie will tie McCrae's all-time record of lasting 13 nominations without ever being eligible for eviction.

-Victoria received her sixth nomination during the double eviction, making her one of only 10 HGs to be nominated that many times in a single season. Donny and Nicole also did it this year.

-During the double eviction, Frankie became only the 15th HG to get the double-double, meaning he has won two HoHs and two PoVs. The last three winners are all on that list.

-With his PoV and HoH wins, Frankie is only the third person to ever win seven HoH and PoV competitions in a single season, the others being season 7's Janelle Pierzina and season 8's Daniele Donato. However, since he was dethroned for two of his HoHs, it doesn't really count.

-Frankie is the first person ever to win five HoH competitions in a single season, but with the double HoH twist and the fact that he got dethroned twice, there's an asterisk next to that record.

-In the double eviction, Frankie became the fourth HG this season to cast 10 votes for eviction, the others being Derrick, Christine and Victoria. They have all voted with the majority every time.

-There have now been nine unanimous house votes, the most ever in a single season. The previous record was seven from seasons 12 and 15. Coincidentally (or not), these are the only three seasons to feature four men in the Top 5.

-With the two this week, Victoria will have played in 22 HoH and PoV competitions. Only four other people have ever played in that many.

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