BB day 77/82

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BB day 77/82

Post  Banjo on 2014-09-10, 11:39

At the moment everyone is still sleeping and will be for at least a few more hours. Then production will wake them and they will get ready physically and emotionally for tonight's live show. They have no idea of the "rewind twist" that will impact them.

However, we do have a critical problem with tonight's show in that it will occur at the same time as the Dear Leader usurps the public airways yet again to flog his political CYA messages.

Will we be able to find alternate online video feeds that will enable us to watch BB live ? In the past there have been such sites, some in Canada, that allowed us to view the west coast live feed rather than wait for the local feeds one to three hours later. So far, I have seen no such possibilities. If worset comes to worset we can see the recorded show on the 3 hour "catch up" series on TVGN channel which runs every Friday night.

Also, it's possible, we hope, that Xfinity will run tonight's show as early as tomorrow rather than waiting the usual two-three days.

Of course a review of what happens tonight will be available on the fan sites, Twitter, Buddy TV, etc. but that's not the same as a live view.

We stand by in nervous anticipation.... Suspect

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