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BB day 90/94

Post  Banjo on 2014-09-22, 12:06

There is nothing happening in the house, nor should we expect there to be with only 3 HGs left and the results of the finale on Wednesday (other than the final jury vote for the winner)  already known by the fans or any thinking person (the same group of course). Now they just lay around, very bored, waiting for Wednesday. I'm not sure what production can do to improve this situation, it happens at the end of most seasons, but this one seems more cut and dried than most. scratch

Big Brother 16: Hitmen And The Final Two – One Last Contract
By: Matthew Boyer | September 22, 2014 at 9:30 AM EDT

The Big Brother 16 Hitmen have an important choice ahead for one of them and at this point it’s the only thing they have left to discuss after a season of hard work mixed with lucky breaks for the duo. So which way will things go?

Derrick and Cody on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

We can break it down in to just two scenarios with two outcomes for each if we’re considering all the possibilities, but talks between the guys have made it easier than that. Here’s what they’ve told each other and the cameras so far.

As soon as we reached the Final HoH round of competitions Derrick and Cody were telling each other they’d be the other to the end, but there was still work to be done. Now we’ve got the first two rounds completed with Cody owning the first and Derrick dominating the second. It feels a little like a BB10 repeat all over with the Renegades facing off against Jerry, but this time their 70-year old competitor is Victoria. Just wait till you see their times in the second round.

I have zero doubt that Cody will take Derrick with him to the end. On Friday night during the Round 2 competition we watched Cody alone on the Feeds go through the Jury votes, realize it was going to be hard to beat Derrick, and still say excitedly that he wanted Derrick to win Round 2 so they could own Round 3 together. Cody is so gung ho about getting to the end with Derrick that he won’t take Victoria, even though he might see an easier path to victory with her.

Derrick is the mystery, or at least so he seems. He’s carefully kept Victoria safely in the game as his personal Big Brother pet and it seems the obvious choice to take her to the end. He’d clean up and carry that giant check right out the door. So why won’t he?

Over the past several days Derrick has spent the time suggesting to Victoria that he will not take her. Meanwhile he’s been telling Cody they’re going to the end together and how great $50K (2nd place $$) would be for either of them (he means how great for Cody).

For someone who has carefully guarded his words and actions all season this would be a terrible build up and let down to Cody should Derrick win Round 3 and take Victoria. You’d have a very hurt and dejected Cody heading to vote in the Jury with no time for recovery. That wouldn’t make sense.

Sunday afternoon around 2:20PM BBT Derrick and Cody took a moment while Victoria was in the DR. Derrick asked Cody if there were any doubts in his mind about what they would do as for the F3 to F2 downselect. Cody assured him they were solid, knew what he would do, and had no worries about what Derrick would do either. That’s good enough for me.

Wednesday night at the finale we’ll see either Derrick or Cody win Round 3 and evict Victoria. It’d be easier for Derrick to throw it and let Cody evict Victoria so Derrick wouldn’t have that blood on his hands, but she won’t hold it against Derrick. She wants Derrick to take her, but then says she wants him to win either way.

Derrick’s best plan of action is to win the third round so he’s got that last HoH win on his record to tie Cody’s comp wins and then evict her himself. Well, actually his best plan would be to take Victoria, but you know.

Derrick and Cody will be our Final Two where Derrick will win the big prize. Then again, maybe Derrick has been lying to everyone and we’ll get a surprise. I just wouldn’t count on it.

Big Brother 16 spoilers
It’s Big Brother 16 Finale Week & Survivor 2014 Premiere Week
By: Matthew Boyer | September 22, 2014 at 12:15 PM EDT

The Big Brother 16 season finale is just a few days away as we prepare to wrap up the 2014 season and say goodbye. Luckily we’re also about to say hello to another great season: Survivor!

Big Brother 16 Finale Week – Source: CBS

On Wednesday night we’ll get a mix of beginnings and endings as the Survivor 2014 Blood Vs Water season kicks off at 8PM ET/PT with a 90-minute debut. Once that episode ends we’ll be rolling straight in to the Big Brother finale with the Final Three Houseguests starting at 9:30PM ET/PT.

Cody, Derrick, and Victoria have been competing since Wednesday night and now have two of the final three comps completed. We’re just one step away from knowing who will be in the Final Two.

The third round will be held live and decide both the final HoH of the season and the last HG to be evicted and sent out to the Jury. Soon after we’ll learn who won Big Brother 16 along with the hotly contested America’s Favorite Houseguest race likely between Donny and Zach.

While we may be saying goodbye to Big Brother until next summer we are preparing for a new and hopefully awesome season of Survivor! Although it’s tough to cover any other show as in-depth as we do with Big Brother there will still be daily updates and discussions on Survivor along with live recaps and fun chats with other fans.

I hope if you’ve enjoyed our Big Brother coverage then you’ll consider checking out our fan site and hanging out with us there in the off-season. Amazing to think we’ll have TWO seasons of Survivor before Big Brother 17 arrives!

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