BB day 91/95

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BB day 91/95

Post  Banjo on 2014-09-23, 13:23

He's very likely right about the outcome. The Canadian outcome while shocking, has little relationship to the U.S. outcome.

Big Brother 16: Will Derrick Get Neda’d & Be Evicted?
By: Matthew Boyer | September 23, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT

Big Brother 16 has been progressing along a predictable path mostly because of Derrick Levasseur’s iron fist control of the game, its players, and the moves made from week to week, but could we be about to get a giant shock on finale night?

Big Brother Canada Season 2 finale – Source: Slice

On the last season of Big Brother Canada which is now busily casting for BBCAN3, we arrived at an incredibly similar line-up for the Final 3 HGs. Jon and Neda had worked closely and silently all season as the biggest power duo in the house while dragging along the isolated and effectively incapacitated Sabrina to the season finale. (Sabrina was a power player at the start of the season, so the similarities mostly end there for her and Victoria.)

Neda had been the mastermind while Jon acted as the brawn winning comps and doing the dirty work. F2 was on lock for the pair but when the final eviction came Jon completely shocked me when he turned on his closest ally and voted her out so he could go to the end with the easily defeat-able Sabrina where he did just that. It was a stunning move by Jon but absolutely the only way he could win and it worked.

Right now we’re looking at Derrick the mastermind, Cody the brawns, and Victoria the pawn. Cody and Derrick have sworn allegiance to each other as they prepare for Round 3 of the Final HoH. If Cody wins R3 and takes Derrick I firmly believe he will lose while Derrick should win against either Cody or Victoria.

Does Cody realize he’s the Jon in this situation and will he be willing to “Neda” Derrick? I don’t think so on either count. I really don’t. Cody is solidly Hitmen and has said a win for Derrick is as good as a win for him since it’d be the Hitmen winning. If Cody wins R3 he’ll make a $450,000 mistake and take Derrick with him to the end.

Should Cody wise up and cut Derrick then he fully deserves the win just as Jon did on BBCAN2. Frankie likes to think of himself as the biggest player in the house this season, but we all know it was Derrick. Taking out the top dog and using that player’s pawn as your own would be a huge power move and a defining moment for the season.

It’s not going to happen though. Cody and Derrick will march on to the end where the Jury will crown Derrick as the winner of Big Brother 16 while Cody looks on in confusion.

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