An understanding of one of the Marvel universe timelines....

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An understanding of one of the Marvel universe timelines....

Post  Banjo on 2015-02-02, 15:54

.....which of course is vital to any geeks understanding of life. jocolor

I finally watched The Avenger movie that I DVRd and timed the commercials, 53 minutes added to the 1:30 length of the movie, and Cobie got a cut on her face when their lab blew up but since it was probably fake I think we'll be okay, fan-boy-wise.

So anyway we knew that Capt. America was killed in that plane crash into the ocean and in the current TV series Agent Carter, Peggy Carter is still mourning his loss because she is in 1946 shortly after he was killed. But in the movie, Capt. America, The Winter Soldier, we see that his body was recovered, but put into suspended animation for ~70 years along with his superhero abilities which had been given to him earlier as a 'lab experiment'. Which then come in handy after he is revived and appears in the present in The Avengers, with a brief mention of Agent Carter back in the day. Their 70 year gap prevents him and Carter hooking up in any subsequent Marvel productions unless they come up with some sort of time travel twist.

But at least I have it all straight in my mind now and am qualified to appear in a Big Bang Theory episode where they quiz each other on geek mythologies. two thumbs up

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