BB17 6-30

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BB17 6-30

Post  Banjo on 2015-06-30, 09:48

A wild early morning...if anyone on the live feeds was up to watch it...but all past times/events can be watched with the 'roll-back' function.

UPDATE: Just after midnight on Monday evening, Jeff did the one thing everyone told him NOT to do: He told Clay about how the entire house wants to evict Audrey next week. He made Clay promise not to tell anyone, even Shelli, or it would make Jeff look like a scumbag. Jeff has a Final 2 deal with Clay, so his intention was to try and help Clay get clean from the Audrey stink. It's also a test to see if he can trust Clay or if he's going to have to attack Clay and Audrey simultaneously.

After their chat, Clay went to talk to Audrey and Shelli, but it seemed like he didn't actually tell them about their alliance targeting Audrey. However, Audrey and Shelli definitely suspected something was off with him, but they think it's connected to some ridiculous bit of gossip about Jeff getting close to Meg to make it look like he's not so close to Jackie. Clay got very defensive.

And less than two hours after Jeff told Clay, he and Clay told Shelli as well that the entire alliance is targeting Audrey. They both gave her the hard sell that everyone in the house is against Audrey and she is the new Jace. So now EVERYONE is against Audrey thanks to Jeff. Clay seems solidly on board with the fact that Audrey is poison, but Shelli is more skeptical about completely abandoning Audrey. Jeff made it sound like he's giving Clay and Shelli a life preserver so they don't go down with Audrey's sinking ship.

To top off the insane night of live feeds, Jeff told Da'Vonne that he told Clay and Shelli about their group targeting Audrey. Da'Vonne then shared the news with Jason and James, who talked about how now everyone is going after Audrey next week. The problem is that even Jace seems to be in on the fact that the whole house is now against Audrey, though he thinks it might save him. That's just sad.

UPDATE #2: At around 3:30am, Audrey told Jace that everyone was in on the plan to backdoor him. Hilariously, Jace didn't believe her and accused her of being a master manipulator. He added that everyone in the house is against her. But Audrey DIDN'T believe him because she thinks he's crazy. It was the greatest moment ever as Audrey and Jace yelled truths at each other, but since they're both crazy and delusional, they didn't believe each other.

After that fight, Jace and Audrey went to bed. That left James, Da'Vonne, Jason, Meg, Jeff, Clay and Shelli in the backyard and they all had one long bitch session about Audrey, comparing notes on all of the many manipulations and rumors she started that divided them in the first place.

It's been a wild start to the Big Brother 17 live feeds. Audrey and Clay seemed to be in charge of the game for a while, but everyone has already figured that out. Hopefully this intensity can be kept up throughout the season.

What will happen in week 2? Will Audrey be evicted? Or will she win HoH like Devin did last year, forcing everyone to spend another week sucking up to her? Things have already changed and flipped a few times on Big Brother 17, so anything is possible.

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