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BB 17 7-7

Post  Banjo on 2015-07-07, 14:14

Oh-oh, looks like the jig is up for Liz/Julia.  I watched Jason last night at 8:30 PDT, as he told Meg that they had discovered that Liz/Julia are the twins.  She finally accepted the truth after he explained that he had noticed a difference in the width of their noses and thighs. Will have to watch the live feeds closely today to see how they approach Liz/Julia.

'Big Brother 17' Spoilers: Is the Twin Twist Exposed?
Tuesday, July 07, 2015

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

The Power of Veto ceremony may be over on week 2 of Big Brother 17, but there's plenty of paranoia left. Shortly after the ceremony on Monday, two HGs started to piece together the Twin Twist.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

After the PoV ceremony, Da'Vonne and Meg are on the block, with Da'Vonne as the obvious target. But even more importantly, Da'Vonne and Jason have totally figured out the Twin Twist.

Da'Vonne was talking to Jason and James in the Have-Not room and pointed out that Liz's face seems to change on different days. Sometimes it's thin, other days it's more pie-shaped. She's locked in on the Twin Twist!

Apparently Liz and Julia just made a switch on Monday afternoon, which has given Da'Vonne all the evidence she needs. She recognized that she looks different than she did last night. She and Jason are completely onto it, connecting all of the dots about everything Liz has done throughout the season. They even brought up that there are two other twins in the house, Shelli and Jeff, just like there were two other twins during season 5 when Adria and Natalie first did the Twin Twist (Drew and Diane both had twins).

We know she's 100 percent correct, but could this catch fire in the house? If so, it's going to make things very complicated. I doubt it will be enough to save Da'Vonne this week, but blowing up the twist on her way out would be epic. These HGs have frequently theorized about secret twists, including thinking that Audrey or Vanessa could be America's Player. But the Twin Twist seems to be getting the most attention, probably because Shelli and Jeff both have twins.

The Last Laugh Is Revealed>>

I'll update with more as we see how Da'Vonne and Jason play this out. For now, they seem to be sitting on the information in hopes that it might somehow save her this week. And if not, Da'Vonne wants Jason to have this secret to use in the future.

UPDATE: At 9:30pm, Jason began spreading the story of Liz being a twin. He talked to James and Meg about it. He keeps referring to them as "skinny Liz" and "heavier Liz" or "chunkier Liz." After half an hour, Da'Vonne joined them and also talked about the Twin Twist. Obviously they aren't going to try to use it to save Da'Vonne if they're telling Meg.

UPDATE #2: By 1:30am, Meg had overheard Liz slip up with a story about last night, so she is now 100 percent convinced as well that the Twin Twist is real and she's desperate to tell Jeff because it will blow his mind.

UPDATE #3: Around 3:30am, the quartet of Da'Vonne, Jason, Meg and James told Jeff and Jackie about the Twin Twist. They went on and on about how "the skinny one" is the mean one in the house right now, but "the thick one" is nicer and funnier. Their nicknames then switched to "Skinny Minnie" and "Thickums."

UPDATE #4: At 3:45am, Steve came outside and, because Jeff just kept talking about it, they all revealed the Twin Twist to him as well. And then Jeff went upstairs and told Clay and Shelli about it. Naturally, Jeff seemed to take a lot of credit for figuring it out while Da'Vonne got no credit. However, Steve got the truth and gave the credit for the discovery to Liz.

All nine people who know about the twist then joined forces to study Liz's Memory Wall photo and compare notes. They spent a lot of time comparing stories and they all put the pieces together.

After things started to die down, Clay and Shelli went back to the HoH room. Shelli told him that before she entered the house, the producers wanted her to call her twin brother and fly him out to see if he would be on the show. Ooh, she's sneaky, and that definitely convinces her that the show wanted to do a Twin Twist this year. This news also makes them happy because now they believe Audrey will be safe an extra week as Liz will be a target next week.

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