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BB 17 7-10

Post  Banjo on 2015-07-10, 11:39

So Da'Vonne is booted as expected and with Austin and Vanessa winning HOH some uncertainty has been injected into what will happen with their nominations. We will have to keep close tabs on the live feeds over the weekend to see who they pick.
Good grief ! On the fan blogs (many watch 24/7 so we know things that happened during the night) it's said that JohnnyMac, the dentist, has volunteered to go on the block as Vanessa's nomination. This is crazy. No one should ever volunteer for that as experience shows. Meanwhile we don't know yet who Austin will nominate.

Also, Last night Jeff said and/or did something with Liz/Julia that the fans regard as criminal and think he should be arrested but the prods. don't seem to be doing anything about it. It involved "bodily fluids", apparently.  scratch

'Big Brother 17' Recap: Second Eviction and the Last Laugh
Thursday, July 09, 2015

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Watching Big Brother 17 and watching the live feeds are two completely different experiences. So much is going on that it's impossible to accurately edit it together for three one-hour TV shows per week.
 So true, as last night's live feeds show.

However, tonight we will hopefully start to catch up. It's the second eviction of Big Brother 17 with Da'Vonne and Meg on the block. There's also Kathy Griffin's Last Laugh twist, which may or may not (but definitely won't) affect the outcome, a new HoH competition and possibly some major news on the Twin Twist.

BUT FIRST...this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

It's only week 2, but I feel like the voiceover guy has already run through every conceivable dentist pun in talking about John.

The third BB Takeover will be from New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. Ugh, I am just not into all of these random people, I'm a Big Brother superfan and I want to see veterans come back!

The Last Laugh

Da'Vonne is furious that the house is full of cowards and she knows she's going home. And everyone else knows she's doomed too. Shelli cries about her decision because she feels badly.

A phone booth appears in the house for the Last Laugh twist. Kathy Griffin will call all 15 HGs one at a time, giving them "tips" that are actually insults. She tells everyone about how the Last Laugh works, allowing the winner to prevent three people from voting. Clay says that he wants #7, but Da'Vonne wants it too. Da'Vonne takes it first and, as we know, the seventh tip is for the Last Laugh. She's excited and hopes she can use this to flip the house. Da'Vonne tells Jason about getting it.

She then campaigns to try and get four extra votes to go with Jason. She asks Vanessa, John and Audrey, who agree. Audrey seems to be the only genuine one because she knows keeping targets in the house helps her. Meanwhile, Clay and Shelli freak out about which five votes Da'Vonne could get.

The Twin Twist

After the seventh switch, Da'Vonne finally realizes that "Liz is a damn twin" and that "it's ridiculously obvious." She noticed that her body has changed over the past few weeks. She shares her theory with Jason and they compare notes and agree that Julia is the mean one and Liz is the nice one and the slightly bigger one.

Jason remembers when they did it in season 5. They share their discovery with Jeff, Jackie, Meg and James, pointing out all of the differences. Jeff thinks they might be crazy, but Da'Vonne and Jason are 100 percent certain.

Steve, Shelli and Clay are also in on the mass revelation. All nine of them celebrate and trade stories. The show makes it look like Clay and Shelli found out by watching the HoH screen, but in reality, Jeff came up and told them.

Da'Vonne then tells Liz that other people in the house suspect that she's a twin, using it to try and sway her to keep Da'Vonne to protect her. Julia is shocked that people have found out this soon. I'm not, especially when you put a trio of genuine superfans like Da'Vonne, Jason and Steve into the house who have seen every episode, watch live feeds and remember every detail from the show's history.

The Live Eviction

Da'Vonne chose to block Jackie, Becky and Jeff. However, Julie Chen does not reveal that Da'Vonne got the power. Those three go to the dining room.

Da'Vonne says that she's strong but the people in charge are cowards. She adds that if they keep Meg, she will be the beautiful pawn sitting next to them next week.

Meg is bubbly and says she's been loyal and keeps it light.

Jason votes to evict...Meg (bravely)
Clay votes to evict...Da'Vonne (Mama Day)
John votes to evict...Da'Vonne (Day)
Audrey votes to evict...Meg
Austin and Judas vote to evict...Da'Vonne (but they have no idea what is happening in the house)
Julia votes to evict...Da'Vonne
Vanessa votes to evict...Da'Vonne (sadly)
James votes to evict...Da'Vonne (sadly)
Steve votes to evict...Da'Vonne

Da'Vonne is evicted 7-2!

Da'Vonne leaves with grace and gives Jason a big hug. She's sad and cries. She's happy to learn that she was right about the twins and the other is named Julia. Julie Chen gets Da'Vonne to admit that going to Liz first would've been smarter. Da'Vonne straight out says the HGs are cowards since they don't want to nominate or evict Audrey because she's transgender and no one wants to be viewed by America as transphobic. Ooh, she is NOT wrong. Also, she has no regrets.

Goodbye Messages: Audrey's is mean and bitchy. Jason says he'll win it for her. When the twins reveal themselves, she points out "That's Thickums!" HA!

BB Takeover with the Gronk

Rob Gronkowski says it's Party Week, so there will be no Have-Nots.Ugh, this is gonna be a week filled with rewards and entertainment that will almost certainly have nothing to do with the game. It's just gonna be fun filler.

The HoH Competition

It's a luck/skill competition where the HGs must use a contraption to fling a ball into a bucket. Each bucket has a point value, and the two highest scores are the HoHs. The blue cups have the highest numbers. The numbers go up to 55.

Liz scores...23
Jackie scores...0
John scores...0
James scores...23
Audrey scores...17
Clay scores...6
Jeff scores...14
Becky scores...0
Austin scores...28
Jason scores...0
Meg scores...1
Steve scores...0
Vanessa scores...23

Austin is the first HoH!

There's a shoot-out between Liz, James and Vanessa.

Liz scores...22
James scores...35
Vanessa scores...52

Vanessa is the second HoH!

Well, that's a total consolidation of power on one side. They're in an alliance with Liz, Clay and Shelli. Will they actually target Audrey or will they be "cowards" like Da'Vonne says and maybe go after James or Jeff? Either way, I expect that a lot of people who've been nominated in the first two weeks will go up again.

Today, 12:03 PM
Okay. I'm going there. So Julie asked Da'Vonne why are you sitting here and not Audrey? And Da'Vonne says because everyone is afraid to vote out the transgender person. Seriously?
Perhaps some of the HG's may be thinking it and while I don't watch the feeds 24/7, I haven't heard anyone actually say it. Yes, Audrey needs to go, absolutely.
But only because she is playing a really messed up game. What Da'Vonne should have said is that I'm sitting here because as bad as Audrey's game is, mine was even worse.
Deflecting much?

2 - 4

Blogzie commented
Today, 12:09 PM
Yes, blaming her eviction on the fact that Audrey is transgender was way over the top.

DeeAnneG commented
Today, 12:09 PM
I was thinking the same thing. People aren't afraid of Audrey because she's transgender. I think Da is gone because she played with her emotions and her emotions only. As good as she thinks she was, I think she was at the other end of the spectrum. Audrey won't win, but it's not her time yet. There are other targets more dangerous...and icky.

Blogzie commented
Today, 12:11 PM
Let's hope they get rid of the icky ones first.

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