BB 17 Day 31

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BB 17 Day 31

Post  Banjo on 2015-07-18, 14:52

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Big Brother 17: Shelli Begins “Backdoor Audrey” Routine Again
By: Matthew Boyer | July 18, 2015 at 11:15 AM EDT

Another week, another round of “maybe we should Backdoor Audrey” talks on Big Brother 17 as Shelli is faced with more important decisions as this week’s Head of Household.
Shelli Poole on Big Brother 17

Shelli Poole on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

No one has had more opportunities than Shelli to get Audrey out, but no one seems to be more afraid of doing it which makes for a lot of waffling and an unreliable set of threats against one of the sneakier Houseguests this season.

Things kicked off last night just after 8PM BBT, Flashback on your Live Feeds or get the Free Trial now to start your fun. James came up to the HoH room to talk with Shelli and Clay where he revealed things he heard from Audrey. They aren’t good things and include how upset Audrey is that Shelli told Jason that she was upset with him. Yes, Shelli screwed up there but she thinks she should be forgiven because she admitted it.

Shelli is there with Clay listening to this news from James and she’s getting very worked up. Shelli was already agitated by Audrey for interrupting her rest before the BotB to tell her she had another dream. As things piled up Shelli got more and more frustrated to the point of telling Clay that she was done trying to help Audrey and maybe now was the time to Backdoor her.

James and Clay leave the room after Vanessa arrives so the ladies can discuss. Shelli updates Vanessa on what she’s been hearing about Audrey while Clay is downstairs spilling way too much info to Audrey who has buried herself under blankets and is crying in fear.

Complicating Shelli’s decision is Austin. He comes up to the room (Flashback 8:40PM BBT 7/17), speaks of his heart longing for Liz, and then leaves. Shelli tells Vanessa she won’t talk game in front of him anymore after learning he was running info back to Jackie. Austin is on the outs as Shelli is concerned.

Once Shelli mentions how Audrey warned her that Vanessa had made a F2 with Audrey it seems to kick Vanessa in to action. She tells Shelli she is on board to BD Audrey and get her out this week. Vanessa is worried however that Audrey will expose Sleeper Cell, but Shelli doesn’t care since she doesn’t want to work with Austin anymore.

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