BB17 Day 39 7-29

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BB17 Day 39 7-29

Post  Banjo on 2015-07-29, 15:08

So Jason will be evicted on Thursday. He is somewhat resigned to it but is bitter that he has to go home penniless to live in his mother's basement, again. On tonight's CBS show we will see how things arrived at this point, they happened last Sunday, and meanwhile this stuff happened:

Big Brother 17: Vanessa Shuts Down Operation Save Jason
By: Matthew Boyer | July 29, 2015 at 3:30 PM EDT

Jason Roy is facing his toughest Big Brother hurdle yet as he prepares for an eviction vote against Becky Burgess, but could a last ditch effort to save him work or will it fizzle as fast as it sprung up?

Vanessa Rousso controls the plan on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

The votes are stacked against Jason which meant it was time to try a vote-flip plan that took him and his allies straight to Clay and Shelli if they had any hopes of pulling it off. Unfortunately for them, things don’t look good.

Overnight we saw Meg corner Clay and work on him on behalf of the Operation Save Jason plan. She was at least getting through to him enough that after thirty minutes of that they both went to Shelli for another thirty minute chat. Afterwards Chelli discussed and decided they’d still be better off sending Jason home, but they’d talk with Vanessa about the idea. It didn’t go well for Jason.

Flashback to 10:56AM BBT Cams 3/4 this morning to find Shelli sitting down with Vanessa in the HoH room to run through the current situation.

Vanessa was quick to point out to Shelli that by sending Jason home they were breaking up a 4-person alliance between him, Jackie, James, and Meg. If they sent Becky home they’d only be breaking up a side pair or two with any alliance deals she has with others. She’s absolutely right about that. It really wouldn’t make sense for them to keep Jason over Becky even from our vantage point of seeing all sides of the talks.

Vanessa considers Jason to be that side of the house’s strategist so by taking him out they can weaken the rest of his group. She always worries that Jason would be killer at any endurance competitions and they wouldn’t want to give him that opportunity.

Clay arrives at 11:10AM BBT and Vanessa begins anew. She loops through all the same talking points to catch him up. They discuss what to do about leading Meg and Jackie on to think Chelli will vote to keep Jason. Vanessa thinks that’s not a bad idea, but Clay worries it’ll just leave two angry players coming at them. That may decide to just remain vague with Meg on this.

Perhaps the funniest moment in this conversation is when Shelli tries to assert that John and Becky are the strongest duo in the house. They’re coupled by default in that they have no real allies in anyone else, but Shelli sure does hope people believe her story rather than paying attention to her and Clay.

Another noteworthy part of this conversation is when Clay lists out his preferred order of eviction for their opponents. Jackie, James, Becky, and John in that order. Vanessa questions flipping the order of John and Becky since she believes Becky relies more on John than vice versa and she might be lost without John. Clay also thinks Meg trusts them and will ride with them.

Any hope Jason had of staying this week was shutdown during this talk. I think we all knew Jason’s only possible path was through Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa even if it was a highly unlikely. Now we know it’s not going to happen. Jason will in all likelihood be voted out on Thursday, but at least he’ll be well rested as Jason is currently sleeping through his last full day in the house.

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