BB Day 68 8-24-15

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BB Day 68 8-24-15

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Vanessa had better be evicted before they have to haul her off to the funny farm. Rolling Eyes

'Big Brother 17' Recap: Austin Picks a Side
Sunday, August 23, 2015

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Last week on Big Brother 17, Liz (and Austin) were in charge. This week, Austin (and Liz) are in charge. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

But what makes this week interesting is that, since the AusTwins have deals and alliances with EVERYONE, they're forced to pick sides. They've got a deal with Vanessa, but they don't trust her. Then they have side deals with Steve/Johnny Mac and Meg/James. In this episode, Austin and the twins are forced to pick one of those two pairs.

The HoH Competition

The inventive and new track meet comp concludes. Meg was out first, followed by Julia and Vanessa, both of whom false started. So in no time at all, it's down to the men. The girls are followed by Johnny Mac (too slow) and Steve (a third false start) on the sidelines, bringing it down to Austin vs. James. I like that they tried a new comp, but the fact that half of the rounds featured false starts is a problem.

James wants to win to protect Meg, but Austin wants to win to save the twins and get some more alone time with Liz in the HoH room. Austin wins and he is the new HoH!

Johnny Mac immediately realizes that getting rid of Vanessa isn't great for Austin's game, so he's worried about something fishy going on. Austin debates whether it's time for Judas to play the game and betray someone. Well, seeing as how he has deals with everyone, he really has no choice but to betray someone.

The AusTwins Pick a Side

Austin and the twins aren't so excited about winning HoH because it means they need to get more blood on their hands and it's making them a bigger target. Austin goes through his four different alliances he and the twins have (with Vanessa, Steve and Vanessa, Steve and John and Meg and James).

Austin chooses Meg and James because James could win an HoH and he and the twins like hanging out with them. Yes, apparently people he has fun with is a legitimate reason for his nominations. He decides to pretend that he made a deal with James before the last round of the HoH not to put up Meg or James, which is his excuse for not putting them up.

That leaves him with Vanessa, Steve and John, all of whom think they're totally safe. Vanessa immediately throws Steve under the bus to the AusTwins about how Clay and Shelli told her Steve and John have a Final 2 deal. However, this makes Austin question her because either Vanessa is lying or she's been withholding that info for a long time.

Johnny Mac becomes the target, but Meg and James still really want Vanessa gone because she has controlled everything. Austin initially resists because taking out John is the easy way out, but going for Vanessa appeals to the part of him that wants to make a big move.

Steve vs. Vanessa

When Austin talks to the Scamper Squad, he tells them that he needs to use Steve or Vanessa as a pawn sitting next to John. Vanessa wants to make Steve do it, but he doesn't want to. Then Austin and Steve have a private conversation about how Vanessa is pushing her own agenda. Austin says he won't let her control his HoH.

Vanessa claims Steve isn't being disloyal because he won't agree to be a pawn, but Austin correctly points out that Vanessa is being just as disloyal because she doesn't want to do it either. Seriously, Vanessa has NEVER been a pawn, neither have the twins and Austin has never been nominated. How does it all fall on Steve?

In addition, Vanessa straight-up lies to Austin and the twins by saying she doesn't know if James threw the Battle of the Block with Liz (aka the Dark Moon plan she orchestrated because she's the one who literally asked James to throw it). This infuriates Austin.

The next day, Steve insists that he not be a pawn against Johnny Mac and he begins to put together that the AusTwins might be working with James and Meg more than he thought. Austin acts like an asshole, whining about how Steve won't just agree to be a pawn to make his job easier. Liz is an even bigger asshole about how rude Steve is being for not doing it.

Vanessa then goes to Austin right before the nominations to spin her magic about how she's willing to be a pawn, just not this week. That's the phoniest offer I've ever heard. In private, Vanessa confesses to knowing about James throwing the BoB.

The Nominations

As always, Vanessa gets what she wants as Austin nominates John and Steve. Congratulations on not letting her control your HoH, dude.

Austin, wearing his stupid Judas top hat, gives some absurd speech about how we're all going to die and knowledge is power and we're all victims. It's the single dumbest thing I've ever heard, though Vanessa's eviction inspirational poem from law school is a close second.

Steve is in awe of Vanessa's phenomenal game play for not getting nominated. Meh, when you're working with an egomaniac famewhore like Austin and a pair of twins whose combined IQ is probably in the double digits, it's not that impressive.

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