BB Day 72 8-28-15

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BB Day 72 8-28-15

Post  Banjo on 2015-08-28, 15:34

Vanessa's rantings are pure fantasy. The likelyhood of the twins getting to the final three let alone F2 are laughable.

Big Brother 17: Vanessa Starting To Worry About Final Four Against Austwins
By: Matthew Boyer | August 28, 2015 at 2:50 PM EDT

Vanessa Rousso has positioned herself in Big Brother 17 in the middle of two alliances that will be tighter and more difficult to break than anything she has to offer. Well, aside from cash apparently.
Vanessa needs a plan to make it to the end of Big Brother

On Thursday we heard Vanessa ask John what he thought could happen in a final stages scenario with the Austwins, but it was later that night that she went right to Austin to ask how that might go.

Look at what Vanessa has set herself up to work with. She’s got a showmance with Austin and Liz and a twin sisterhood between Liz and Julia. Neither of those players are going to break their bonds to take Vanessa to the end. If she gets to F4 she will have to win every critical comp to make sure she isn’t cut. So yeah, she should be worried.

Flashback to 10:11 PM BBT 8/27 as Vanessa and Austin are alone in the Lounge. She wants to know what he thinks would happen if the two of them and the twins got to the F4 and if they could work out some sort of financial deal.

Vanessa suggests to Austin that while she expects the twins to want to get to the end together doing so would only benefit them each an extra $25K. The math there is that $500K (1st) + $50K (2nd) combined is $550K. The twins have discussed splitting the money, supposedly not allowed by the rules, so that $50K split is an extra $25K. Of course that assumes one twin will win either way.

Vanessa tells Austin that $25K isn’t a lot of money and suggests a deal could be worked out to cover that. “It’s a difference of twenty-five thousand each. We can make that up in some kind of deal. Easily. Are they amenable to that kind of logic?” Vanessa asks Austin.

Again, not allowed according to the alleged rules restriction that discussion. Wait, if that’s not a lot of money to her and she’s saying a twin would win then shouldn’t they question why she’s saying to keep her? But now we’re getting off course and in to how it sounds like Vanessa is trying to use her wealth and money skills back home to buy her way to the end.

As for the F4 scenario Austin says there’s no way Liz will go against her twin sister. Austin says that while he’s never discussed it with Liz, he has assumed that if it’s the three of them at the F3 (Austwins) then he’s going home. That doesn’t answer her question though.

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