BB Day 78 9-3-15

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BB Day 78 9-3-15

Post  Banjo on 2015-09-03, 13:14

If Julia is voted out tonight then it will be the first indication that the Austwins are finally being targeted. If not, then expect Vanessa to become even more dominate and lead James/Steve/Johnny by the nose while the Austwins having survived the breakup will be floundering leaderless, even though Austin thinks he's in control, of something, and Liz and Julia are more worried about their mascara... Rolling Eyes Of course with the double eviction tonight the dynamics could change within the hour.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
'Big Brother 17': Why Is No One Targeting Austin and the Twins?

Derek Stauffer

Couples are dangerous in Big Brother, everyone says it. There is an alliance that is even more dangerous than a pair and it's a trio. Currently there exists a three-headed monster in the Big Brother 17 house. Their names fit together so perfectly for an alliance you could argue it was divine province. In reality they're so annoying and vain it's more like their bond was forged in the depths of hell. It's Austin and the twins, Liz and Julia, or more succinctly the AusTwins. Though the alliance between these three is incredibly tight no one, moronically, seems to be targeting them.

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds.

Vanessa Is The Reason They've Lasted This Long

The reason for the AusTwins continued survival is pretty easy to pinpoint. Their lives in the game can almost solely be attributed to Vanessa. Liz and Austin also had back to back Head of Households runs. Those two are also not bad at competitions in general. Julia is a different, much less successful, story. It's not their competitions skills though, it's all about Vanessa.

Is Vanessa Playing the Best Big Brother 17 Game?>>>

The AusTwins aren't playing a terrible game. They have a severely self-inflated sense of ego but they've done well for themselves. The biggest strength of their game is positioning Vanessa in front of them as a shield. Johnny Mac stated it well in his own stuttering and guffawing way when he was evicted. The AusTwins make deals that they're going to work with people and agree that Vanessa is dangerous. When it comes down to crunch time though they stab their "friends" in the back, send them out the door and leave Vanessa still in the game. Somehow for the past three weeks, this strategy has worked. The remaining players in the Big Brother house remain blissfully unaware of the AusTwins' treachery and blame everything on Vanessa.

Vanessa is a dangerous player no doubt and she probably should be voted out if other people stand a shot at winning the game. With only eight players left in the Big Brother house the solid trio of Austin and the twins are the far bigger threat for now. They not only have three shots to win Head of Household each week. (OK since Julia is one of the three it's more like two and a half.) They're almost half of the house by themselves. The AusTwins' numbers give them the controlling majority of who will be evicted each week for the foreseeable future.

Big Brother Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 10?>>>

Could Julia Go Home in Week 10?

The luck of the AusTwins might be finally running dry. We know from the live feeds, James won the Power of Veto and pulled himself off the block. Vanessa was forced to name a replacement so she nominated Julia but Vanessa still wants Meg out of the house. Vanessa knows she's at the bottom of the Austin Angels alliance but she's too paranoid to not have that option open for her in the future. What's best for Vanessa might not be in the best interest of the rest of the house.

There's very little argument to be had over if John, James and Steve should vote Julia out of the house over Meg. Even though there is no official alliance between John, Steve, Meg and James it's clear they've all been the Big Brother 17 outcasts for quite some time. If they evict Julia they could bond together and be the new voting majority. Though Vanessa has a final three alliance with John and Steve, the two guys would probably be better served making a final four deal with Meg and James. They would all have the best shot winning that way.

Big Brother 17: Could Steve's Emotional Manipulation Win Him the Game?>>>

There is no doubt from the Diary Room sessions and Jury House segments that Vanessa's game play has impressed the most people. It's unlikely that anyone could win against her in the final two. Against each other, John, James, Meg and Steve have a fighting chance. If James, Steve and John evicted Julia, it would not only break up the AusTwins but benefit their Big Brother game in the long run.

Is There Hope for the AusTwins Still?

Steve, James and John should evict Julia but that doesn't mean they will. John and Steve would be foolish to appease Vanessa and vote out Meg. They would leave a major threat to their game and just momentarily please someone who is notoriously fickle. They, Steve in particular, might be too scared of Vanessa to go against her though. John and Steve know the wrath of a Vanessa scorned better than anyone in the house. Vanessa probably needs John and Steve more than they need her but the guys might not want to anger their new ally by evicting her pawn.

Even if Julia does go home, Austin and Liz still have a solid chance of making it to the end. Of the remaining pairs left, they have the most combined Head of Household wins. They're egomaniacs but Austin and Liz do have some competition wins to back up their inflated sense of self. Julia was nothing but a number to their cause, she's never won a PoV or any competition really. The only time Julia was Head of Household when she was posing as her sister in the beginning of the game. Liz is the one who actually won earned that position. Liz and Austin are the real threats of the AusTwins. Losing Julia would weaken them but only a bit, the core of the AusTwins remains.

Maybe Vanessa will flip and Julia going home will be all but certain. It wouldn't be the first time Vanessa stabbed an ally in the back. Maybe John and Steve will decide it is in their best interest to align with James and Meg. They've talked about doing it before. Maybe Julia will persuade her fellow Big Brother houseguests to keep her. Yeah... probably not.

The AusTwins have been more lucky than shrewd up in Big Brother 17. If the house doesn't recognize them as a threat and starting targeting them maybe one of the AusTwins deserves to win Big Brother 17. Everyone else would just be too foolish to earn the cash prize.

But what do you think? Is Julia going home in Week 10? Are the AusTwins the new public enemy number one? Or are they collectively playing the best game? Could one of them win Big Brother? Or is a new power alliance of John, James, Steve and Meg about to form?

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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Re: BB Day 78 9-3-15

Post  Banjo on 2015-09-03, 15:05

The "guide a ball down a curved ramp into a hole" is a common competition. It takes too long to be shown on the live CBS show so we'll have to watch the live feeds afterward to see who wins.

Big Brother 17: Head Of Household Comp Preview Practice [PICS]
By: Matthew Boyer | September 3, 2015 at 2:00 PM EDT

Big Brother delivered a surprise for the BB17 Houseguests with a new toy to keep them busy on Wednesday afternoon. That toy was a rough draft of an upcoming competition, presumably an HoH comp for after tonightís Double Eviction.
HGs practice for an upcoming HoH comp

All of the HGs were encouraged to participate in the practice rounds, including Vanessa, the current HoH. That should be a good bit of a tip off about the upcoming DE, but the HGs canít be sure of anything until Big Brother tells them itís happening.

In past seasons weíve seen HGs get a practice comp that was then used for the late night HoH battle after the Double Eviction was over. This could be for part of the live show, but Iím guessing itís the second one of the night while the first HoH comp is a Q&A since those are more controllable in their duration.

This challenge required HGs to roll a ball up a curved ramp while avoiding having it fall off the sides before it turned the bend and landed in a gutter at the far end. Some HGs thought there may be numbered buckets and theyíll have to target days and events with those numbers. Interesting idea, but it was just a guess.
A wrong guess. The comp. is just to get the ball in the one hole at the end of the ramp.
Later we heard some HGs mention that both James and John did well during their practice turns, but itís so hard to tell what the final product will be and how the stress of competition will impact their performance. Weíll have to wait and see how it turns out but in the meantime you can preview the upcoming comp in the pictures below or Flashback on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to 9/2 at 1:20 PM BBT to watch them in action.

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Re: BB Day 78 9-3-15

Post  Banjo on 2015-09-03, 21:11

I was able to †find a Canadian network that streams Big Brother live on each of the 3 CBS shows so now I know an hour earlier that Meg was voted out in the first eviction, then Liz won HOH (oh the horror !) and nominated James and Johnny for the second eviction. Then Julia won POV (oh the horror !) and didn't use it to take either of them off the block, and James was voted out. † This puts Vanessa in power in terms †of best strategy but the Austwins have the most solid 'team'. With only 20 days to go it will be interesting. I would have preferred to see James win but now I'm pulling for Steve just so another geek can slide into the win....


Thursday, September 03, 2015
'Big Brother 17' Recap: The Second Live Double Eviction

John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

It feels like only yesterday that Shelli and Jackie went to the jury house in the first double eviction of Big Brother 17. Actually it was three weeks ago, but it's still a little crazy that we're already facing another double eviction. Julia and Meg are on the block and before the night is over, one of them and another HG will be heading to the jury house.

Interestingly, three of the last four double evictions have featured two women getting voted out (Amanda/Elissa in season 15, Nicole/Christine in season 16 and Shelli/Jackie earlier this season). Could that trend continue, leaving five women in the jury house and all four men still in the game? Or will a guy finally get eliminated for the first time since Clay?

BUT FIRST...this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

Is There Hope for Meg?

Meg knows sitting next to Julia essentially dooms her. James is more optimistic that some of the HGs might be willing to break up the AusTwins. Julia also sees it that way. They're right, these people would be IDIOTS to keep Julia over Meg.

Johnny Mac wants to make deals and break them to alienate people in the jury so he won't be seen as such a threat. He makes a Final 2 deal with Vanessa, joining Austin, Steve and Julia as the people who have Final 2 deals with Miss Solo Dolo. James pitches evicting Julia to Johnny Mac. He seems on board with it, except that it would go against Vanessa.

John talks to Steve about maybe flipping the vote. Steve isn't sure what to do, he just loves that he has to make such a hard choice in this game. Steve talks to Vanessa about making the move against Julia because he doesn't want them to go to Final 5 with the AusTwins. Steve thinks James would agree not to target them if they save Meg, but Vanessa shoots it down. Steve has a nervous breakdown because he knows he should vote out Julia, but he doesn't want to.

The First Eviction

Meg wants everyone to vote independently. Julia talks about how challenging it was to pretend to be Liz.

Liz votes to evict...Meg
James votes to evict...Julia
Steve votes to evict...Meg (the audience groans)
John votes to evict...Meg
Austin votes to evict...Meg

Meg is evicted 4-1!

Meg is happy James is still in the house. She doesn't regret evicting Shelli. She was scared of Vanessa, but she probably would've been her target. She emphasizes that James has NO SHOT with her.

The HoH Competition

It's a question game where they look at a pair of photos and must answer a true or false question about them. If you're wrong, you're out.

Question 1: Everyone is right
Question 2: Steve and James are out (crap)
Question 3: Austin and John are out

Ugh, we're down to the twins. This is the worst.

Question 4: They're both right
Question 5: They're both right
Question 6: They're both right

Why is this still going on?

Question 7: Julia is out

Liz is the new HoH!

Well, I fully expect James and Johnny Mac to go on the block, with Steve as a replacement if the PoV is used. I really just don't care anymore.

The Nominations

We hear a brief bit of Liz saying James is her target.

Liz nominates James and John!

No duh. She's sticking to the people she's been loyal to since the beginning. Also, one is her boyfriend and one is her twin sister, so obviously she had limited options.

The Power of Veto Competition

Vanessa is the only one not playing. One at a time, the HGs roll two balls along a boomerang into holes with points. The highest combined score wins.

Steve: 0+0=0
John: 0+0=0

Well, this is stupid.

Austin: 6+9=15
Liz: 15+0=15
Julia: 13+4=17
James: 0+0=0

Julia wins the Power of Veto!

Well, that was truly awful and now the twins win BOTH comps in the double eviction. When more than half of the balls go off the board, you know it's a poorly designed comp.

Julia does NOT use the Power of Veto!

Again, no duh. Will they take out Johnny Mac again or just get rid of James like they wanted to last week?

The Second Eviction

James says he's only there for his daughter. Johnny Mac doesn't have anything funny and wants to stay.

Austin votes to evict...James
Julia votes to evict...James
Vanessa votes to evict...James
Steve votes to evict...James

James is evicted 4-0!

Well, that's a depressing night where the two most likable people are both gone. Now the world must root for Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac to take out the AusTwins. On the bright side, I will be shocked if James DOESN'T win Fan Favorite. Inside, Vanessa is already crying. And Johnny Mac is obviously the odd man out with the Scamper Squad. James knows he doesn't have a shot with Meg.

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Re: BB Day 78 9-3-15

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