BB Day 90 9-15-15

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BB Day 90 9-15-15

Post  Banjo on 2015-09-15, 14:55

Big eviction show tonight, it was taped over the weekend and the live feeds have been down since then . It will determine the likely outcome for the finale. Most fans hope that Austin will be the one evicted. But all things considered it looks like Vanessa is still on track to take home the $500 K.

Tonight On Big Brother 17: Special Eviction & HoH Competition
By: Matthew Boyer | September 15, 2015 at 11:15 AM EDT

Don’t miss tonight’s special Big Brother 17 eviction episode on CBS at 8/7c when the Final 5 are knocked down to the last 4 Houseguests of the season and another player takes control.

Julie Chen hosts special eviction on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Yes, the BB17 schedule is shifting this week to Tuesday and Wednesday episodes, both at 8/7c, but no episode on Thursday night. If you don’t tune in tonight then you’re going to miss some big news.

Houseguests faced an eviction yesterday and the results of that vote are yet to be revealed, but we’ll soon know whether or not Austin or Steve was evicted. If Austin goes then that means Vanessa had to break a tie against him. If Steve goes then either John voted with Liz to keep Austin or he let it tie and Vanessa cast the deciding vote against one of her many F2 deals.

Tonight’s special episode won’t stop there though. Instead things will continue on and we’ll have a new Head of Household crowned with either Liz, John, or the surviving nominee taking over and locking down a F3 spot. That should wrap up tonight’s show at that point. Nominees and Veto will be part of Wednesday’s episode.

Feeds continue to be on blackout while we await tonight’s show and will then return after the west coast broadcast completes at 9PM PT (12AM ET). Once that happens we’ll see who was nominated (doesn’t really matter) and who won the Veto (very important).

What do you hope will happen on tonight’s show? Should Austin or Steve be evicted? What about the next HoH winner? Share your thoughts!

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