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Bridge of Spies

Post  Banjo on 2015-11-04, 14:18

This is very good. I was cool on seeing it until recommended by a friend.  I remember the events surrounding Gary Powers being shot down by the Soviets, but of course didn't know any of the 'inner workings' of what transpired, which this movie covers.

One interesting thing , to me , is that Eve Hewson plays Hanks' oldest daughter. It's a very small role, I don't recall she has any lines other than some screaming, but she does have a major role in The Knick where she plays Nurse Lucy. Being the daughter of Bono is always an interesting factoid.

There was one scene that has me a little suspicious..(the reproductions of the Soviet era cars were pretty good, the Pobedas, Zils, Zins, Wartburgs, etc. but that's for another rant)...the scene where the CIA agent told the pilots selected to be the first U-2 pilots. It took place in 1957 but the long sleeve tan uniform shirts that the 5 Lt.s were wearing looked like WWII era, or the shirts worn when the AF was still part of the Army Air Corps, it became an independent service in '47, and after that their uniform styles differed from the Army.  At any rate I was never issued that style of shirt in basic training in '57 and don't remember anyone wearing such a shirt, officer or enlisted. Our tan shirts were all short sleeves but we did have an abomination called a 'Bush Jacket' as part of the tan summer dress uniform which was long sleeve with a wrap around cloth belt. No one in their right mind would ever voluntary wear it.

Also, the scenes where Hank's younger son was influenced by his 'duck and cover' training in school sort of played into the 'mythology' of the time. While there was a govt. film telling students how to survive a nuclear attack by 'ducking and covering', in all of my grade school and high school career, we never heard of such a thing and of course never practiced it. Having gone to grade school mostly before the beginning or the height of the 'Cold War', but right through it in high school, and in 3 states and very different types of schools and districts, you would think it would have been brought up somewhere.... scratch ....but no, in my and contemporaries experience.

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