BB day 13..goofy things they say....

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BB day 13..goofy things they say....

Post  Banjo on 2016-06-28, 19:15

Big Brother 18: They Said What? Week 1
By: Branden | June 28, 2016 at 12:30 PM EDT

We all know Big Brother Houseguests are known for saying some outrageous things. Some things are funny, some are ridiculous and some are downright offensive.

So we’ve decided to keep track of the most ridiculous things we’ve heard from the Big Brother 18 Live Feeds and episodes in “They Said WHAT?” And it starts today!
We’ve already heard a lot from this batch of hamsters, mostly from Jozea, Paul and Bronte. Who would’ve thought Bronte would say things like she wants to bash out all of Michelle’s teeth? Not me, that’s for sure. For the record, that quote isn’t funny and is pretty harsh, so we won’t focus on that here. Hopefully we can stay away from the negative quotes and don’t end up with another Big Brother 15.
So lets go. Feel free to save and share the graphic!

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As I mentioned, these guys have said a lot, so it was tough to narrow it down to the four most ridiculous quotes this week. First up is Bronte. She and Paul were all touchy-feely on the couch but their conversation was anything but cute. They were dogging Tiffany and Michelle. Bronte said some things that made Twitter cringe, but what I found most ridiculous was that she and Paul think Corey is putting on a dumb jock act and that he’s really a genius. “I think he’s the secret nerd of the house,” Bronte said.
And we’ve got the king, or should I say the Messiah, of Big Brother 18 quotes, Jozea. When he’s not talking himself up he’s … well … that’s all he does. And usually he does so half naked. Aside from the messiah quote, the most ridiculous was after the veto competition when he compared himself to our commander-in-chief. “I feel like I’m preaching like Obama,” the messiah said.
It’s time for a geography lesson from Natalie. “Maybe I should just move to Cali and become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader,” she said. I have nothing to add.
And finally, we’ve got Corey. Oh “I’m not gay, mom, I promise” Corey. Saying things like “Alright, pull your pants down” to Victor is not helping your case.
What outrageous things have you heard the Houseguests say? Include Live Feeds times in your comments and we might feature your favorite HG quote next week!

Last night when some of the HGs were sitting out by the pool, right around the time there is a lot of activity at Burbank Airport, the BB house is 4 miles away and near an approach path...Michelle sees all the helicopters and says, "Why so many helicopters ? I hope there isn't a war, or something going on down in L.A."

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