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BB day 16

Post  Banjo on 2016-07-01, 12:43

So now that the first live, voting, eviction has taken place with the predicted result, a veneer of calmness has settled over the social order across this great land. How long will this last ? No one knows but as the Road Kill comp and POV take place over the next few days the potential for social upheaval rears its head once again. Nothing to be alarmed about, just the fairly 'normal' situation in the BB house at this point in the season.

We see that Paul, Victor, and Bronte are in the sights for the next eviction given that Paulie has won HOH for this week. The Road Kill comp and POV may change this to some degree depending on the winners. We can only sit and wait...keeping in mind the additional factor of the Battle Back. It's a good time to be alive..... sunny

Big Brother 18: Nomination Anticipation In Week 2
By: Matthew Boyer | July 1, 2016 at 9:30 AM EDT

Big Brother 18 has just begun and it ainít slowing down anytime soon with the latest spoilers revealing who won Head of Household and showing us which direction the house would go this week.

With the Roadkill twist in play and the comp set to take place on Friday that means we should expect earlier than normal nominations so without an extra time to spare letís see who is heading to the Block.
Soon after the Live Feeds returned we were watching the Eight Pack alliance gather round Paulie, the new HoH. He said he didnít care who went up but Victor was his target. Things would need to be some combination of Victor, Paul, Bronte, and Natalie. Those four voted against him on Thursday so itís an easy excuse to give.
Natalie and Bronte were immediately worried and ready to take action. Natalie told Bronte they had no choice but to pivot and go to the other side. Bronte isnít happy, but she doesnít have much choice. Natalie wants to make it very clear that theyíre detaching from the guys (Victor and Paul).
Meanwhile Paul and Victor know theyíre going to be top picks as targets. Paul was sticking close to his former enemies in hopes of getting in with them. Itís a smart move, but a little late as he should have played more evenly last week too. Whatís not smart is most of Victorís ideas. He really doesnít seem to get whatís going on here. Paul sees it and is trying to adjust, but like I said, itís likely too late for him. His best hope is that Victor goes up, stays up, and leaves this week instead of him.
Frank came up with an idea to Backdoor Victor instead of just going full bore from the start. James eventually came around to the idea when the two were talking in Storage, but weíve yet to see how itís officially received by the man who will be doing the naming of noms.
This talk eventually came around between Frank and Paulie as they had a long talk about whether or not to go straight after Victor or try to flank him for eviction. There were a LOT of talks last night actually with Paulie and Frank staying up until almost 6AM while going through scenarios.
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Earlier in the night Paulie had worked on Paul to convince him he was just a pawn in their game against Victor this week. Paul had no idea what a Backdoor was so Paulie explained it to him and blew his mind. Paulie believes he has Paul convinced heís not a target but he might have to go up to move things along. In reality, Paul is a contender for the target this week but right now heís a back up plan.
Frank and Paulie discussed their main goal was to get out Victor this week and it sounds like Bronte is the second choice. Paulie still doesnít know if heíll use the Backdoor route to get Victor out, but he thinks thereís a clear path to make it happen if he wants that. Itís not that easy and hereís why a BD plan is not a secure choice.
Scenario: Paulie puts up Natalie and Paul with the plan to BD Victor after Veto is used. Bronte wins Roadkill and puts up Corey. Corey wins Veto and saves himself. Hereís the fork in the road. Unless one of Paulieís noms is saved with the Veto then he doesnít have control of the renom pick. Paulie believes he can get whoever wins Roadkill to renom Victor for him, but youíre really telling me that Bronte will willingly put up her own ally, Victor, so Paulie can get him voted out?
Sure, Bronte might and she would if she wants to play with the other side, but sheíd just be waiting for the hangman to show. Maybe she would go along with the plan, but she doesnít have to and Paulie has no control over the situation. The bigger problem could be that Paulie actually does believe he could influence Bronte, or whoever, to do what he wants against their own best interests.
When someone can be nomíd or renomíd without your control and youíre relying on them to put up one of your opponents who happens to be their ally then youíre in a tough spot. Maybe it works out. Maybe it doesnít. One way to make sure your target is on the Block is to just put him there yourself.
Paulie should go with Victor and Paul as his noms, but we may see Paul and Bronte with a Victor Backdoor plan in place. The numbers are on Paulieís side, but nothing is guaranteed if he goes with the latter.
Weíll keep watching to see when the nominations are made official and if Paulie reveals any final decisions on his plan before the Ceremony. Who do you want to see up on the Block this week?

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